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2020.11.13 15:29 rndmblkman Hide cam porn

Recently I started NoFap again after many redos and on Day 20 I relapsed because I was on OmeTV ( almost like Omegle).I was using it to study another language and then I came across a woman who was stripping for me. In the beginning I showed my face but then when I was about to pull out my pants I hide my face. I showed a little bit of my dick but then I couldn’t because I realized it felt wrong. Then I watched porn afterwards. Now over some days I’ve been going on random video chat websites to find a woman. I’ve also been googling Ometv turkey because the woman was Turkish just in case I was recorded. I feel terrible, I just feel like I’m not even a regular human anymore idk. I can’t understand why I would do something like that on cam online. It’s making me a little afraid of showing my face in public/ interacting with people. I don’t think the person posted a video but I just feel stupid and like a loser and want to quit this addiction to porn. Any advice/help? This is my first time using Reddit. I just need a community now.
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2020.11.12 21:26 Mrswizardwizard An update from somebody who left their PA. 2 years later.

Hi guys. I'm still in this community because the porn culture still affects me, I enjoy speaking to and helping other women, and it helps to have a community who understands the lingering trauma that I have.
I was with a PA for a year. Our relationship started out pretty normal. I was 17, he was 20. I spent a lot of time at his house and didn't notice anything 'off' other than his lack of sex drive. We were a new couple and we were only having sex maybe once a week, and that number continually, steadily dropped the longer we spent together. He also could never 'get there' with me out entire relationship, which I found odd.
We hit the 6 month mark or around there. He proposed. I was on top of the world and felt like I had truly met who I was meant to be with. He was so kind. We were having sex about once a month at this point and we had occasional arguments about it, but other than that everything was good.
Then I found the porn. He flipped over apps on his Xbox and there she was. It was a video of some girl blowing a guy. It really upset me because it wasn't even her body, just basically neck up, and he was getting off to it. It felt way too personal, especially when I was asking for more intimacy regularly. I thought on it for a few days and with him promising he only watched it once a month or so, I decided it was okay to continue even though it made me feel sick to my stomach.
Cut forward a couple of weeks. The sick feeling wouldn't leave. I looked at his internet history (he had given me the password to his phone previously and didn't care if I used it/looked through it). The history indicated he had lied to me and he watched it every single day for the past few weeks, an hour+ at a time, and multiple times a day.
I confronted him and asked him to stop watching it. He promised me he would stop. Move on.
I find out about Google Activity about a month later. Cue me finding more, and more, and more. I unearthed something every single time I checked his phone. He routinely lied to me about what he was doing (he was unaware I could see his Google Activity bc he didn't know it existed). If I ever found anything, he would try to say he didn't know how it got there. 🙄
Once I asked to use his laptop as he left for work. He flipped a switch on the side of it and thought I wouldn't notice it. Of course I noticed him try to discretely do this. It turned out to be a switch that cut off the internet. Upon flipping it back on, I found cam sites where he was cheating on me. He refused to call it cheating and we broke up for a day before he begged me back.
When I was 18 we moved in together. This is where a large downward spiral began from the small one that had already started.
He could no longer hide how much he was using. I knew what the hour long bathroom trips were for. I knew why he wouldn't touch me anymore. After a while he usually slept in a different bedroom because he'd play video games and jerk off until he fell asleep in there.
The insults came regularly. I was too hairy was the main complaint. I needed to shave every inch of hair on my body. I needed to dress like a goth. I wasn't wearing makeup enough. I was too loud. My chest was too flat. I was around too much. Etc, etc, etc.
Once I tried taking the advice someone gave me and watching it with him. He immediately typed 'big tits'. I have 32A cups. He couldn't understand why I was upset and didn't have sex with him.
He destroyed every ounce of confidence and self love that I had. He was not faithful but since it was through a screen and keyboard, it didn't matter. He did not care about me. He cared about hiding it so I wouldn't be mad. He made me crazy, an expert spy and researcher. I never truly felt safe and content in the relationship anymore.
Two weeks before our wedding, I got onto my Playstation after a long night shift. MY Playstation. He had the night off. On the screen was a video of one of his favorites, Lexi Pantana 'twerk lesson'.
I was so upset and exhausted. I had caught him and had this same argument dozens of times. I grabbed the shit I needed and left. He woke up as I grabbed the keys and we had maybe a two minute argument, I told him what I found and that I did not have the energy to argue, then I left. I drove around for an hour and got myself breakfast. I calmed down. When I arrived back to the house, he was packing the last bit of his stuff into his car. I asked him where he was going and he said 'none of your business'. I said 'yes it is my business, we are getting married in two weeks.' And he just responded 'no we're not.'
He told me he knew this was his fault but he didn't want to deal with it (exact words) so he was leaving. I mentioned he proposed to me and he said 'yeah, clearly that was a mistake.'
I begged him to stay and just stop. He would not. He left. Like typical in an abusive relationship, he came back three hours later trying to gaslight me. He said he just says things when he gets mad. He tried to have sex with me and I ended up sobbing in the middle of it, rolled over and went to bed.
We stayed together for a few more days until I finally couldn't let the words he had said naw at me any longer. He had said a lot of nasty things to me, but I couldn't imagine walking down the aisle to someone who had said they regretted proposing to me. I told him I was leaving him because of what he had said. He puked in my mom's driveway (I went to her house and he followed me, where I broke up with him). He told me he was scared of living without me. I told him I didn't care and he needed to leave.
He stayed in my house for a few days before moving out. He tried a few times to win me over. I kicked him out and told him no.
Now it's over 2 years later. I am 21. I met a man about two months after ending things with the PA. My boyfriend (soon to be fiance) is so wonderful.
He complimented my breasts and told me they were perfect when he saw them the first time. If we aren't having sex, he communicates why instead of leaving me to fend for myself. The sex we have is loving, tender, hot. He cares about me and wants to make me orgasm too.
He takes me on dates. He is loving. He listens to me. He has never insulted my body, asked me to dress a certain way, asked me to do my makeup, asked me to shave. He does not care about those things.
He hangs out alone with women friends and I have no doubts. I know he is being respectful. I know he doesn't ogle at our friends. I know he doesn't think about them while he is with me. I finally have the security.
And the best part is that he doesn't watch porn. At all. Ever. No once in a while porn, no porn because you weren't here, no 'we won't see each other for a while' porn, no changing him. He is a former PA who realized the damage on his own and stopped watching before he met me. He is honest about if he has urges and how he ignores them. He is honest about how he's rearranged his brain to only think of me. He asks me for nudes if he needs 'material' while I'm not around.
He never treats me like an object. He is everything I could want in another person. There are no gross sexual comments or jokes with others. He is respectful and faithful.
I just came here to say: if you aren't tied down by children, gtfo right away! It isn't worth the heart ache, constant anxiety, sinking feelings and snooping. You CAN find someone who shares our values, insecure men and women say these men don't exist so you don't expect more out of men. Don't listen! You CAN have a happy, healthy relationship with someone who adores every inch of you inside and out. There is a better future waiting! It is NOT selfish to put yourself first before somebody who is being selfish and abusive themselves. It is worth the pain of ripping away from someone you love. It is totally worth every feeling. I wish I had left sooner so I wouldn't have had so much lingering trauma and issues to work through. However, I would much rather be working through them in a safe place with my soulmate than working through them with the person who caused them.
Anybody who wants to talk, has questions, or wants advice I am here and my inbox is open ❤❤
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2020.11.10 19:14 SnooSuggestions5856 Hide cam porn

Hi everyone. My boyfriend has a past history of serious porn/cam girl addiction dating back to years before he met me. He has since quit but it used to rule his life and he spent more than $5000 paying for private sessions. He installed a porn blocker and had me set the password which I did 6 months ago, but he’s been acting strange lately and hiding his phone from me. I left the room and came back while he was “asleep” and his phone was moved to a drawer, he hid it when I was over yesterday, he never has it out in front of me anymore when he used to all the time. I know it’s my paranoia and the past causing me to worry but I’m really scared he’s relapsed and not told me. What should I do?
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2020.10.29 15:49 MansA126Octl Hide cam porn

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2020.10.12 19:59 sexysadex Hide cam porn

I (24F) am in a relationship with my boyfriend (32M). I have caught him multiple times using websites to sext or cam with other people. He had done it for almost a year before I found out and I felt cheated on. He explained to me that he went through a long period of watching porn and would spend hours and hours edging and that now he just talks to people instead. I know when I was gone the other day he edged for somewhere between 6-8 hours. This story is so much longer but I just know he continues to lie and hide it. No part of me is angry. I love him and I am worried for him and I just want him to be able to tell me the truth and share things with me. He told me he will quit completely but could use my support. I told him he doesn’t need to quit he just needs to be honest with me but he still insists on quitting. Does anyone have any advice on what has helped them? I truly want the best for my partner and to help him in any way that I can. I have no experience with situations like this and have no idea what to do but I know I want to be supportive and help.
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2020.10.08 19:02 Leftwithoutanswers Cam hide porn

My Husband fetishes other women’s bodies. Looking at their Instagram and masturbating to porn. Lies to me tells me he has no Instagram and that he doesn’t watch porn. Gets his friends from work texting him his female co workers numbers. He has zero time to cheat he works 16 hour days but when I pick up his phone it’s a history of fuckmate, onlyfans, fansfree, and a bunch of other basically cam-girls and IG girls. I had a beautiful body when I met him I was the yummy-thick-and-curvy and now I’m- the not so yummy doughs and Rollie’s. Like my body is bad and I’m super over weight. He begged and begged for another child. I wanted to wait until I lost 100 pounds first (which I was working towards) but he was so persistent so I let it happen. Huge mistake becuase since I’ve been pregnant he has only flirted with his co workers got their numbers and been secretly hiding his Instagram use and locking himself in the bathroom to masturbate. We have sex like everyday or every other day and I work at it too. Give him the head he wants and get on top still. We move positions and he always reaches climax. The problem is him always hiding it from me. And now I’m thinking back on occasion where he said or did something that makes me think like maybe he has stepped out on me. Maybe after 6 years (3 of me being a fat ass) he has just decided to go fuck around with other more attractive women.. some of the sex was weird like we never did that before and he just kept doing it like he loved it but he never did it with me? So who showed him to love that?
In the last year he has also started lying to his mom regularly, having his phone on silent and always near him, and not practicing or even acting like he has a religion when I met him he was practicing everyday.
My problem is that I don’t value myself and I have a super low self esteem and I don’t know if I’m just overreacting and most men do this behind their Wife’s back or if this is the first or final step to cheating.. I just want to pack my bags and walk away but I don’t know if that’s my best decision.
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2020.10.07 17:17 TBP420 Hide cam porn

The title explains it all, I’ll explain everything to the best of my abilities. Im not sure ill make it so I am posting this story as a cautionary tale to others to hopefully prevent future deaths.
It was in the middle of the night, I was in a voice chat with 4 of my friends. Since I was going to be home alone for the next week I could stay up and have fun without any issues. Around 4 AM we had run out of things to talk about so there was an uncomfortable silence for the next few minutes. I was just looking around my room when suddenly my phone turned on with a bright flash. I had gotten a notification telling me I had joined some random group I never heard about.
After some initial confusion I opened the app and saw that the one who invited me was one of the friends in the voice chat with me. I asked him why he did that and he just said he was bored and thought it would be fun for us to raid some random group chats. We thought about it and decided to try it out. We invited the other 2 friends and all checked out the group. There were over 1000 members. And right up until we joined there was a conversation going on. They were talking about random stuff. The best way I could describe it was like a Facebook group full of middle aged moms talking about boring stuff.
There were a number of topics, the best detergent to remove carpet stains. Auctions for phone cases and chargers and a bunch of other usual stuff. There was nothing unusual going on so we decided it was the perfect time to start. As teenagers we began doing a number of weird stuff from sending porn links to those dumb “Speed up your PC” tutorials. After a while of doing random shit to annoy the members there was still nothing. The friend that joined first said right as he joined he saw that people were still typing but after that it all stopped.
We saw that out attempt at a raid had failed as we weren’t getting any angry messages or anything along those lines. As we were about to call it quits the friend that was the first to join gasped in excitement. He has gotten a private message from the owner of the group.
We all got really excited and told him to start sharing his screen so we could watch along. He got a message from the owner that boiled down to a welcoming to the group. The owner saw all our messages and asked what our intentions were.My friend then started role playing as a grandmother in her late 80’s. We all had a good laugh from it when suddenly within seconds of the last message he sent the owner replied back with a screenshot.
It was a screenshot taken from google maps. It was the front of his house. Although my friend was quiet as soon as he saw it the rest of us started laughing our asses off. We reassured him it was google maps so he wasn’t there obviously. Then another message from the owner 10 seconds later. “Parker Williams, 14 years old.” “Brian Sanders, 15 years old.” “William Aston, 14 years old.” “Adam Smith, 14 years old.”
He was reading all our private information back to us. At this point nobody was laughing. Even though we knew we got doxxed we still thought he wasn’t gonna do anything else. For the next minute it was pure silence. All 3 of my friends went to check if their doors were locked while I kept looking through the group messages. After 5 minutes there was finally another message from some random person in the group. It was another screenshot from Google Maps. This time it was my house, then another one of William’s house then Brian’s house. I got another notification on my phone.
The owner sent me a private message next, it was a 39 second video. The footage was really blurry and the camera was shaking, most of the sound was heavy breathing until the last 9 seconds. The camera zoomed in and although blurry I saw Parker. The owner was outside his house. I yelled at Parker but no response. Brian and William came back but not Parker. The group chat started getting flooded with messages like “Parker has left.” There were so many I was convinced they were chat bots.
I had gotten another picture from the owner. This one was really high quality but the room was dark. The only light was from a computer monitor. In the corner I saw something, it was on the ground with some sort of liquid next to it. Then another picture closer to the thing on the ground. Then another, and another. Eventually I could tell it was Parker. This wasn’t a joke anymore. The group chat started getting spammed with pictures of mutilated bodies and gore. Then more pictures depicting satanic rituals.
All our face cams got turned on by themselves. In the background of Brian’s room I saw something moving, I asked him what it was but he said he didn’t see anything and yelled at me to not make stupid jokes at a time like this. Before I could even say a word I realized that behind him was a window. It was being opened by someone outside. I yelled at him to run but by the time be realized what was going on it was too late. He got pulled away into the darkness. For the next 3 minutes we still heard faint screaming
It was only me and William left. I had enough and went to call for help. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. After a few seconds someone finally picked up.
“911 what’s your emergency?”
“Please help, someone is breaking into my house.”
The sound of someone banging on my door startled me, it kept getting louder and louder. Then the sound of shattering glass sent chills down my spine. I hid under my bed and tried to calm my breathing.
“Stay calm sir, we need your address”
I couldn’t reply because I heard footsteps getting closer
“Newcastle Street, Panama City. 8698. Please help.”
“Help is on the way sir, where are you right now?”
“I’m hiding under my bed, I may not be able to respond if he gets too close.”
For a moment there was pure silence, no sounds at all.
Then a brief and quiet sound, of laughter. It got louder and louder. It was all coming from my phone. Soon enough I could hear the same laugh coming from downstairs. I snuck my way to the closet. I hid inside there. As im writing this I hear him getting closer. He went from room to room. He is almost here.
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2020.10.07 07:40 wordsofwlash Cam porn hide

Have been with my present gf for many years but recently made a shocking and unwelcome discovery. It was brought to my attention by a random third party that despite her current high profile and very respectable career (WSJ), she actually previously worked as a cam girl. She had never told me this!
Evidently someone managed to identify her on one of her old cam site profiles and although those pages have now seemingly been deleted, pictures and presumably videos have been circulating on porn sites and 4chan with her real name attached. Some remain up now.
I now have three main issues...
Firstly I'm concerned that she never told me about this or warned me about this part of her life. It makes me worried what else she might have omitted to mention or might still be hiding. It feels like a bodyblow to my trust levels.
Secondly I am unsure how to deal with the reality that this information is increasingly public knowledge. Aside from the obvious awkwardness with friends and family I worry specifically about how it might affect us both in a professional context.
Thirdly, while this was something she did before our relationship started I'm finding it impossible to get past the idea that she performed graphic sex acts on camera for money and that some of this content remains online today. It feels different to just having a romantic past because it's so public and in some sense ongoing. Appreciate many will rush to convince me i should't judge or allow myself to feel jealous or think less of her because of it. I can't seem to change the way I feel and how it honestly affects my opinions of her on many levels. Though open to advice from people who's had partners with similar online exposure issues.
Appreciate any advice on how I navigate the situation and whether I'm right to consider both the fact she hid this from me and the current exposure of the truth to be a tragic 'dealbreaker' for a previously healthy long term relationship.
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2020.10.03 14:39 PurpleEnt Cam porn hide

Porn allowed me to distract myself from my depression and anxiety.
Porn allowed me to be lazy. I couldn’t do my university work or clean my bedroom because I would need to masturbate or I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.
Porn allowed me to sleep although but due to having to find the perfect video or webcam stream to finish masturbating to I would often be awake through hours of the night unable to to find something to climax to.
Porn and cam streams allowed me to have relationships with women I was not able to have in real life. I was so anxious about to talking to women. I would use cam rooms to build relationships. This never cured my loneliness just instilled my belief I was not good enough for connection in real life.
Porn allowed me to distract myself the fact I had no motivation or aspirations in life. It made me comfortable with doing nothing.
Porn allowed me to hide my insecurities about connecting with women because in my head women were just sex objects.
Porn allowed me to escape from the world and fantasise unfortunately this gave me a unrealistic views of the world and relationships.
What did porn do for you?
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2020.09.26 20:32 gsmk1 Hide cam porn

Just a random prediction, which is fun to discuss about, IMO.
In a few years, deep fakes will be so good and made automatically at a scale that we won't be able to identify videos as "real or true" anymore. This way, hiding the face in cam chats won't even have a point, since porn with our faces and bodies will be made instantly on demand.
IDK, call me crazy.

(perhaps blockchain could be adapted to validate these kinds of things)
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2020.09.10 02:34 Opening_Treat2677 Husband /porn / addiction

My husband (M33) and I (F31) have had some ongoing trust issues regarding his addictions (recovering drug addict) and porn usage. While I won't lie and say I love porn, the issue isn't so much the porn itself. It's more so the lies and how much he consumes and it has negatively impacted our sex life. He can no longer maintain an erection w/o a cock ring and has had this issues for 5 or so years.
I found out last year he was paying for live cams which he still vehemently denies despite there being proof. He did own up to watching it a lot and hiding sex toys in couches and using pretty much any lotion I acquired for masturbation.
I'm not perfect and I know that maybe I shouldn't have such an issue with his porn use. Maybe that's a me thing. Anyways, I basically told him so just keep it to yourself. You know I don't like it. Keep it to yourself. I don't snoop his phone. I iust don't want to find lotion and sex toys shoved in the couch or on the bed. Or searches on family electronics.
We almost split up over this and have two children. Tonight i went to search some YouTube videos for our kids and it was filled with searches of Selena Gomez undressing.
I realize that isn't porn. And we all are attracted to others. But I was instantly hurt but didn't say anything out loud. He saw I saw it and knew I was upset. I turned on the videos for my kids and walked to the bathroom to take a few breaths. He followed me and kept trying to barge in. Insisted it was an old search. I know it wasn't an old search, though. I know this. Then started saying he was having a panic attack.
I'm upset. I didn't yell or scream. I just walked away and he is playing the victim. I am willing to admit I'm insecure. But I don't ask much from him but to not make it blatantly obvious. Then he lies so much. Am I wrong for feeling hurt over this? I can't help but be worried about what else he lies straight to my face about.
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