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Utah Redditor is first to reach mysterious monolith
Austrian village of 'Fucking' decides to change its name
Capitalism happens:
Trump is about to hand over sacred Apache land to a mining company
Amazon workers to stage coordinated Black Friday protests in 15 countries
Britain to curb Google and Facebook with tougher competition rules
Health and Science:
Measles vaccine may help protect against COVID-19
Liberty & Justice for all:
Border Patrol pays undisclosed settlement to American women arrested for speaking Spanish in Montana
Inside the hidden campaign to forcibly sterilize thousands of inmates in California women's prisons
Indiana asks the Supreme Court to let it strip rights from same-sex parents
Minneapolis cops charged in George Floyd killing turn blame on one another
Trump's Justice Department issues new rules allowing execution by firing squad, other means
Stupid & loud:
Trump still claims "massive fraud," sidesteps whether he'll concede [video]
Rep Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-NJ) files complaints seeking disbarment of Giuliani and 22 other lawyers working with the Trump campaign
Yes, Trump can pardon himself — but it's a risky move that won't protect him from all prosecutions he could face
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My father used to export all of our photos onto the mac that I now own. Because it's 30GB, I moved it to an external hard drive using Mounty.
Now my mother wants the photos back and I'm the only one with a mac so I copied them back. The only problem is, that I can't export them. Every time I try to export a single photo (or edit) it tells me an unknown error occurred and gives me a random error number.
I can still see the photos in the app, just can't edit / export.
I've tried opening the photos library and can't see anything in the originals folder (with hidden files enabled).
Screenshots and video: https://imgur.com/a/o2JfAz1
EDIT: If I can't save anything, I have a backup plan of writing a bot to cycle between the photos and screenshot them.
EDIT2: Videos don't play and the photos seem to be low quality.
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2020.11.27 07:04 JNYDTH Recently bought a 5.1 Player.

Recently bought a 5.1 Player. Everything else is hand-made, from the wood that sits on top of it and the shelves for the Rear speakers along with the tubes to hide the wires (What could be hidden, not everything sadly). I painted them so they don't clash out too much with the speakers. It's for my TV/Gaming Setup, and damn they are good for 100€ (Black Friday Price, they go double of that usually) I snatched the last unit that was available in storage. Every component can be adjusted manually, and there are a few options along with different AUX depending on what you want. They support Dolby and DTS and the Upmixing is also superb. Before that i had a Hi-Fi system with BIG speakers, each having a subwoofer on it that i found in a trash yard. Everything worked perfectly and whoever put them, didn't throw them, just placed them there. Even had a bass boost (But that was too much) and a Surround Option along with music presets that sounded awesome. But the AUX card got broken and i had to get new speakers. Then someone gifted me some super cheap 2.1 ones, but everything is better than TV speakers, even if your TV supports Dolby/DTS and has a small Woofer and Fake Surround (I played both the 2.1+TV sound to enrich it). Now i put those on my CRT for old video games such as PS1, PS2, GC, Wii. They are still useful.
Well, what can i say, i am happy about my speakers. I could have used my Home Theater that my PC uses with Dolby Pro Logic II, but then i wouldn't have anything to use on my PC apart from Headphones, plus that is a bit outdated for new games for surround (But they are perfect for music with Bypass XTS-2). All in all, i think this was a good deal, and the placement is far better than ground level or directly on the ear level (Even tho i can adjust the main shelf).
Rear Setup with Custom Made Wood and Shelf, painted.
Rear Speakers with Custom Made Wood Shelf and Cable Isolation, painted.
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Hello all who may read.
I may have a big lead on easter eggs within the CW multiplayer maps.
In this post I created during the beta, I noticed a potential easter egg for several maps. Given how elaborate the MW mp easter eggs were, I wouldn't be surprised.
There's this ongoing theme here about some type of bird that was hand modeled being placed around maps (Cartel has 11-13 chickens hidden around, Moscow has 7-8 pigeons, and Nuketown '84 has crows).
I've tried hunting all except Nuketown, but have not concluded anything (yet).
This theme has now been reignited after seeing the one of the final details mentioned in MrDalekJD's video.
I'm kinda hoping someone within the cod yt community could see this to bring some attention to it.
I under that this easter egg may be a stretch, but I've learned my lesson with doubting Treyarch secrets.
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I became sexual attracted to my daughter when she was 10. She developed curves and a pretty little body early, at first it was just me fantasizing about her but then I bought hidden cameras and put one in the bathroom and her bedroom I recorded her doing everything. later I would watch the videos and Jack off to them. I would also go in her closet and get her dirty panties and smell them. I loved doing that. This went on until she left for college
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2020.11.27 04:44 Imchoosingnottoexist I want to make my own fan campaign of boneworks, what would that take?

Basically it follows a Monogon agent sent in to the closed Myth OS to quickly and silently dispatch viruses and rogue Nullmen and Ford's. He soon realizes there's a treasure hidden in Myth OS and he goes rogue to break the system and find it. I only really want to change the videos on the monitors, and the clipboards. Can I do this? If so, how?
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Before reading
Hello SPE! I would first of all like to introduce myself to this community. Despite not being an honorable elitist, I have been a long time lurker in this subreddit. I enjoy reading the “same two or three recycled jokes” from time to time, and appreciate the dark sense of humor and strong irony in these memes. However, what I find most interesting is the unexpectedly serious discussion that sometimes sprouts between the jokes, leading to a conversation that combines both fair critique with a sort of cynical humor. I like that a lot. Moreover, a relatively big group of people seem to agree that, although great at times, some Fire Emblem plots (specially those from three games) could be much better with some fixes. In particular, and you can blame me for being a FE3H baby and not remembering barely anything about Awakening, I feel like the latest entry has the most wasted potential.
My point is that I decided to make something moderately fruitful out of this sense of frustration, but that doesn’t mean I intend in any way to be disrespectful to the writers of the original storylines. I imagine they must have had a tight schedule, and considering how many things they have gotten right given the circumstances, their skill is admirable. I just wished it was the whole of it. In the light of this, bored and procrastinating, I wondered how I could alter a story with so much more to give, with so many tales to be told, so that a shitposter could feel once again enthralled by its dramatic twists and vibrant worlds of wonder. For this purpose, I resorted to a popular narrative trope that I considered to be quite fitting. The following short story aspires to portray a once in a kind playthrough, as faithful to players' wild imagination as I could, while mocking some of the game’s flaws. I hope you enjoy it.
In case you do not want to read this as a long text post, I prepared a video that recounts the story in another format, featuring a first time narrator with a weird accent, a low quality mic, and Windows Movie Maker. You should find it here.
The actual post
White Clouds, Horsebow Moon Rumors of a Reaper
Laying back on bed, I turned on my Switch and greeted my dear anime cardboard box. I was on edge that day due to a bad discussion at work, and had resorted to the peacefulness of Garreg Mach to find some comfort. As I let my head seek more and more strongly the softness of my pillow, my armor became heavier, my hair turned a dark blue, and my hands gripped on to the Sword of the Creator. All around me, imposing medieval architecture rose from the void, emptiness was filled with a bright night sky, and a few white pegasus gliding over the Fódland woods crossed swiftly by my side, bringing together a landscape of miracle and fantasy. Turning my neck, I could see the ancient stone floor of the monastery getting steadily closer and closer, threatening a conclusion to my never-ending fall. Eventually, I hit the ground and landed comfortably on my feet, unharmed. I took a few seconds to breathe in.
It was perfect silence.
Then, as if waiting for the most inconvenient moment, a slim figure of purple eyes and white hair sneaked around the corner.
-Ah, it’s you. Out late again, I see. What brings you here?
Sometimes, there are moments that are exactly tilting enough to make you lose your temper. They are that one teabagging Ness that just pk'd fired you to oblivion, that one Super Paper Mario trick you have been trying to pull all weekend, that one Hollow Knight boss you just can't get through. Had it been only twenty one, instead of twenty two teabags, thirty seven instead of thirty eight failed attempts, six instead of seven tries of this chapter on Maddening, I wouldn't have furiously thrown my Switch to my nearest piece of furniture. Rising up from bed, all the bottled up emotions I had gathered throughout the day just took the wheel.
-I am so damn tired of your shit, Edelgard. I have listened to your support seven times and I still haven't heard a good reason for people to follow you like sheep into your psychopathic crusade against crests. I’m so glad I played Verdant Wind and Azure Moon before this unfinished mess.
My brown-haired, unimpressive self was already unplugging the charger and hastily preparing to get out of the room, but then heard something.
Something strange.
A cry of despair that would shatter everything I knew into pieces.
-W… what did you just say, Professor?
I hurried to my bed and grabbed the shoulders of the machine. “Now, quick, think”, I said to myself. I had watched plenty of these so-called “isekais” and I remembered how the main characters always made me cringe trying to amuse people off their fuck-ups in the first episodes. Therefore, I could not back down.
-Edelgard, I know you are the Flame Emperor. Let me finish. I have seen you die many times. You will bring this land nothing but suffering for poorly justified reasons. I know you made a deal with TWSITD (awfully long name btw), and that you will die soon anyways. Just leave this world in peace and make the Dark Spikes girl some company.
… maybe I had made a mistake. Her lavender gaze became the reflection of the purest form of disgust and horror I had ever witnessed, her sudden retching indicating she was about to puke out of shock. She stared at me a few seconds in utter disbelief, before running off to her personal quarters covering her mouth. Truly a gruesome experience.
-Can’t believe I made a girl cry at her first moments of self-awareness. Anyways, -I said while quickly turning away and closing my eyes- Bites za dusto!
As expected, nothing happened. I tried again.
-Divine pulse! -Nothing.- By the power of Sothis, Divine Pulse! -Nothing at all- Take me back, goddammit!
I crumbled down to my knees and started laughing and crying at the same time. Who knew karma would keep track of how dumb I think time rewind is.
I gained my composure back as quickly as I could and stood up. I wept some dust and tears off my anime tunic and proceeded with my isekai routine. If I couldn't avoid it, I figured I could at least try to take as much advantage of this as I could. There was one location in particular I had always set my eyes on.
-Hello Bernadetta! Ready for some more rounds of social anxiety parodied for comedic purposes?
The poor thing could barely speak.
-W-wah! D-don't sneak up on me like that, Professor! W-why are you here anyways?
I looked up and pointed to the source of an ethereal pale light.
-Nothing in particular. Have you ever looked at the moon, Bernadetta?
Surprised, she awkwardly muttered a reply.
-Of course I have! It's so nice to look at this time of the month. But why are you interested in it right now, Professor?
-Well, I do believe in the power of the stars, Bernadetta. They are vital for the understanding of all kinds of magic, both dark and beneficial.
-Hmmmm… I find it very interesting what you are saying, Professor, but weren't you a mercenary? What is your background on the study of magic?
She got me there.
-I… uh… above all, I am your Professor, and I'll have your respect, student!
Those loud words made her go back to her quirky, relatable self.
-Y-yes, Professor! I'm sorry for asking!
-Anyways, -I coughed- As I was saying, knowledge of astronomy is necessary for further learning of any sort of magic, Bernadetta. And there is no way to get better started than with a little counting exercise.
She was exceptionally mesmerized this time around.
-Y-you want me to count all of the stars in the sky tonight, Professor?
I smiled with satisfaction.
-Sharp mind. I want you to give me an accurate approximation of how many celestial bodies and other entities are visible at the current time, yes. You ought to have started by now.
-R-right! I think there are more than a thousand at this hour, Professor!
As she began her task, I stealthily infiltrated into her room.
-Come on, you haven't even spent a minute! Give it a real go.
-O-of course!
It was surprisingly tidy. I remembered from previous playthroughs that she liked knitting and writing, but I wondered if the developers actually took the time to write something into her notebooks, now that my actions weren't restricted. Digging through her personal belongings, I found a seemingly old and small book. I started reading.
Day 26, Horsebow Moon.
Today I am going to bed in complete darkness. It has been following me since sunrise. The void chases me around everywhere, and spreads infinitely in every direction until I am nothing within nothingness. My words are lost within, never to reach its destination, and the silence causes scorn to those living among the light. Oh, why me, great Goddess, why should I be the recipient of such punishment? Why should I keep trying to carry on this good for nothing burden? I beg to you, Goddess, to give me a reason to not give in to darkness.
"Ok, this is heavier than I imagined"- I thought. Another suicidal was in my ranks.
-Hey, Bernadetta… are you feeling okay? Do you need help with something?
She ignored me and looked at the opened doors behind me. Then, she approached in an instant, gave me the slap of my life, and ran away at speeds unbelievable. When she slapped me, I felt it in my cheek, not my anime cheek, but rather my real life, flesh and bone one. It was both painful and unexpected.
-C support achieved…?- I said while rubbing my cheek with one hand.
I started pondering what happened. Would this “damage logic” apply to bigger wounds? Could I be mortally injured? What would happen then?
Could I die?
Could I die? Could I die? Could I… die? What would happen if I turned my Switch off? I could really die.
Life won't give you time to assimilate things that can require centuries of introspeccion, and on this occasion, I had barely seconds.
Everything went dark. Like, really dark. Not as in the nocturnal way of going dark, more like being knocked out by a blunt hit on the head kind of going dark.
When I woke up, I was tied to a chair, from which I tried to struggle myself out in vain. A single oil lamp turned on, and that light was enough to help me recognise a familiar face lurking in the shadows.
-Yo! Hubert! Am I gonna get a two for one supports combo?
He punched me in the face. The recoil made me flinch to one side, and blood was spilled in both worlds.
-Shut it, insect. Lady Edelgard has brought me up-to-date on what happened. You have upset her. I should have killed you for that reason alone.
As he spoke, he cleaned the blood off his white gloves with a silk scarf.
-Using my fists is not something that suits me, but I might otherwise tear you to shreds on accident. They are still very persuasive, don’t you agree?
He then pulled a wooden chair into view and sat on it. He was scarier at eye level.
-Listen. You are still alive for two reasons. First, lady Edelgard has explicitly ordered me to not kill you, an order that I will uphold until you fall out of grace with her, which, given how you have treated her so far, will happen very soon. Second, I am extremely curious about what sort of spell you have used to gain such knowledge of lady Edelgard's ambitions. Of course, it couldn't have been advanced dark magic since you cannot be more than a beginner at best, but I fail to imagine any other way.
He leaned forward after making this statement, causing his ophidian features to stand out even more at the oil lamp's light.
-Answer me, insect, how did you do it?
I decided to give him an honest answer.
-You wouldn't understand.
I barely understood it myself. He didn't like the answer very much. After a strong jab to my guts, he replied with that typical calmness of his.
-I have no other duties pending this night, or the whole month for that matter. You will not be walking out of here until you talk.
He really didn't give me another choice.
-Hubert, I… I have a strange talent I was born with. I can see glimpses of the future when I close my eyes and set my mind to it. I know it doesn't make sense, but I can't really understand why or how it works myself, so I can't possibly try to explain it to someone else. You'll have to believe me in this.
-That is fair enough…
He smirked.
-However, that does not explain how, as you said, watched lady Edelgard die “many” times. Also, having a deep understanding of hypothetical Adrestian policies classifies as much more than just “glimpses”, does it not?
With each word, Hubert pressed me more and more and I felt the heart in my chest pounding faster and faster. The whole truth must be something I take to the grave with me.
-Sometimes, my predictions aren’t so accurate, and I can imagine multiple different versions of the same outcome. They can vary in length and content, being as short as a scream of terror, or as long as a nice walk along the ocean breeze.
I looked to one side and tried to appear as gloomy and mysterious as I could when saying the following.
-I can see people that I have never met and never will, and I know I won’t ever be able to touch them, talk to them, or save them from the imminent doom I’ve vaticinized. My chest hurts at the mere thought of how many lives have slipped between my hands, and how many others could have been shared with me, the Oracle. This is both my blessing and my curse.
I could see the skepticism growing in Hubert’s face. Despite that, he untied me immediately.
-I believe there is still more to this than you say, Professor, but lady Edelgard will be satisfied with what little information you have provided.
More lamps turned on and I realized that the room wasn’t nearly as big as I initially thought. A decrepit wooden door indicated the exit.
-Before you go, Professor.
I turned around and took one last glance at his eyebrowless profile before getting my freedom back.
-I suppose your intelligence is great enough to deduce that this conversation stays between these walls. The farce must continue, Professor.
I didn’t reply and just headed out. Looking around outside the creepy hut I was held in against my will, I saw tall trees and suspected I would have to walk a long way to get back to the monastery. By the time I got back to my room, I was exhausted.
A brand new fictional day. Right in the entrance of my room, I was met with Hubert and a slightly recovered version of Edelgard. I noticed she was still upset and reluctant to establish eye contact. I felt a bit guilty. Hubert talked first.
-Professor, there is some news in the monastery that I think would be of your great interest. Come with us, please.
I followed them up to the superior floors of the church and we went to Hanneman's office. There, an overexcited crestologist talked to me with a mixture of sadness and badly hidden enthusiasm.
-Professor! I have been trying to contact you all morning. There has been a series of events that must be brought to your attention. First, sadly,-
He put a face of genuine sorrow when giving me the news.
-Professor Manuela has been stabbed by a mysterious figure whose true identity may be related to Jeritza. She has been critically injured, and her wounds will take long to heal with magic, if they ever will.
-I'm so sorry to hear this, I will take over her duties while she's recovering.
-On that note,-
His enthusiastic side nonchalantly took over.
-There is another figure who claims to have been a mercenary just like you, that managed to rescue a past year's student and bring Manuela back to safety. She also appears to have defeated the so-called "Death Knight" in a legendary standoff and is willing to take over Manuela's duties.
Could it be…? Honestly, anything was possible now.
-Did you say a "she"?
A woman wearing an anime tunic with dark blue hair entered the room. Her belly button was exposed and she was wearing gothic leggings.
-Yes, he did. I'm Byleth. It's a pleasure to meet you.
After Reading
I wish you've liked it! If this post is well received, I'll try to make uploads as frequently as I can, but it'll be hard to keep a constant pace because I'm studying a lot (or I am supposed to). Please leave your impressions down below and be as harsh criticizing as you need to be sincere! I greatly appreciate feedback because it helps improve my writing, which is the point of all of this.
P.S I'd be glad if you hadn't noticed yet, but although I have been learning English for quite a while, I'm not a native speaker, so I may have made grammatical errors or written things that sound strange to you. Please, tell me any times this happens, so I can edit the post and improve my English as well :D Have a nice day!
tl;dr: You don’t have to actually read this as a text post! Just click here and you should be able to enjoy probably the poorest video you have ever seen.
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2020.11.26 22:22 RubberComputer [TOMT][VIDEO] A video where the Youtuber explores an unfinished game containing the dev's unfinished projects. It's like a 3-part video, with each part being 20 minutes or more. The game explains each unfinished level and its would-be purpose, from an alien world level to a realistic home scenario.

It's like a documentary video. The youtuber found this game and explored it, finding lots of hidden easter eggs. The whole (unfinished) game tells a story overall, of how the game dev lost motivation on each level. The game is in 3D and First-Person

It's such a specific video, but I can't find it because the keywords are "unfinished game" and "secret easter eggs" and all I get is WatchMojo top 10s...
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2020.11.26 22:12 njrebecca Hidden camera videos malayalam

Thank you to fy-nct's translations! Here's the spreadsheet if you want to see it graphically.
1. Most NEO?

  • Jungwoo - 6
  • Shotaro - 4
  • Taeyong, Ten, Sungchan, Jisung - 3
2. Hidden dancing machine?
  • Shotaro - 7
  • Taeil - 6
  • Johnny - 3
3. Lots of aegyo?
  • Kun, Shotaro, Jisung - 3
  • Ten, Lucas, Jaemin - 2
4. Want to know better?
  • Shotaro - 7
  • Sungchan - 6
  • Johnny, Xiaojun - 3
5. Best chemistry?
  • Mark - 4
  • Lucas, Jisung - 3
  • Jungwoo, Renjun, Haechan - 2
6. Take a trip with in 10 years?
  • Lucas - 4
  • Haechan - 3
  • Taeyong, Ten, Mark - 2
7. Late night walk buddy?
  • No-one, Renjun - 3
  • Jaemin, Mark, Lucas, Doyoung, Kun, Johnny - 2
8. Same taste?
  • Jungwoo, Lucas, Xiaojun, Jeno, Jaemin, No-one - 2
9. "I want to live as this person"?
  • Johnny, No-one - 5
  • Jisung - 3
  • Yangyang, Lucas - 2
10. NCT bias!
  • Lucas - 5
  • Winwin, Mark, Chenle - 3
11. Unique first impression?
  • Taeyong, Haechan - 4
  • Taeil, Lucas, Jeno - 3
  • Winwin - 2
12. Hidden weirdo?
  • Jungwoo - 8
  • Hendery - 4
  • Jisung - 3
13. I want to see everyday?
  • No-one - 5
  • Winwin - 4
  • Mark - 3
14. Someone who keeps being amazing/interesting?
  • Jungwoo - 5
  • Lucas - 3
  • Taeyong, Winwin, Jisung - 2
15. Cutest 5 year old?
  • Jisung - 5
  • Taeyong, Winwin, Chenle - 3
  • Kun, Ten, Mark, Haechan - 2
16. Laughs the most?
  • Mark - 9
  • Jeno - 4
  • Lucas - 3
17. Name matches appearance best?
  • Lucas - 5
  • Hendery, Jaehyun - 3
  • Winwin - 2
18. Real sibling?
  • Jaehyun, Lucas - 5
  • Ten, Winwin - 3
  • Mark, Xiaojun, Yangyang, Chenle, Jisung - 2
19. Someone who comes to mind right now?
  • Doyoung - 4
  • Mark - 3
  • Lucas, Jeno, Yangyang, Sungchan - 2
20. Looking forward to the most?
  • Shotaro - 11
  • Sungchan - 8
  • Doyoung, Lucas, Hendery - 2
I thought some of the answers were pretty obvious, but there were some surprising or interesting ones! Like why were so many people thinking about Doyoung? Also so many people don't have anyone they want to see everyday (prob bc they see each other more than enough LOL). I thought everyone was Winwin biased but looks like Lucas is the NCT bias wrecker for NCT!
Interesting points:
  • People who put the same person for "someone who comes to mind right now" and the question immediately preceding it (real sibling) aka people who fell prey to recency bias lol: Johnny, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Haechan
  • People who put themselves as their bias: Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Lucas, Yangyang
  • Other questions that got a "myself" answer:
    • Looking forward to the most (Shotaro, Kun)
    • Most NEO (Jisung, Winwin)
    • Take a trip with in 10 years (Jaemin)
    • Laughs the most (Jeno)
    • Name matches appearance best (Hendery)
    • Hidden weirdo (Jungwoo)
    • Aegyo (Kun, Johnny)
    • Cutest 5 year old (Kun)
    • Hidden dancing machine (Taeil)
    • Someone who comes to mind right now (Jaemin)
    • Literally every single question (Lucas)
  • People who put "no one" or "alone" for late night walks: Chenle, Jaemin, Jaehyun
  • People who put "no one" or "me" for "I want to live as this person": Chenle, Jaemin, Renjun, Xiaojun, Kun
  • People who put "no one" for who they want to see every day: Jisung, Chenle, Yangyang, Xiaojun, Kun
  • Other questions that got a "no one" answer:
    • Real sibling (Chenle - prefer friendship)
    • Keeps being amazing/interesting (Jaehyun)
    • Same taste (Ten, Yuta)
  • Questions that got an "everyone" or "all" answer:
    • Take a trip with in 10 years (Chenle, Taeyong)
    • Want to get to know better (Renjun - all except Dream, Johnny)
    • NCT Bias (Renjun)
    • Looking forward to the most (Renjun, Xiaojun - all of vocal line, Jaehyun)
    • Real sibling (Jaehyun)
    • Want to see every day (Taeyong)
    • Name matches appearance (Johnny)
Logistics: I didn't add a vote when a member answered "everybody" but I added a vote for each member of a unit if a specific unit was answered. I counted when someone said "me" or their own name as a vote for themselves for certain questions, for others I counted it as a vote for "no-one" (it should be clear which questions are which but lmk if you want to know which ones!). I didn't list members who only got one vote, bc there were a lot! And I felt like it didn't show consensus in the same way that two votes or more did. You can check the spreadsheet for which members got one vote! (Also, I might've made mistakes so pls feel free to correct me if I did!).
Also, this was all in good fun! It is by no means a popularity ranking or anything like that. I just thought it would be interesting to see how much the members agreed or disagreed with each other!!
Here are the Enquete 2020 videos for anyone who wants to watch them!
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