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2020.10.24 03:30 throwawayDec132018 Online sex cam

The police officer’s association for my city has come out in support of the current mayor running for re-election and another person running for city council. The man running against the current mayor is the city attorney, and the police have been using information from cases to campaign against him.
An anonymous letter was sent out to citizens in our city smearing the city attorney, which began a chain of events. The local police officer’s association (LPOA from here on out) denied any connection to the letter, but an initial draft of it using the same images and very similar phrasing was leaked with their letterhead. In this, the chief, a sergeant, and a councilman were all shown to be involved in the email chain. The chief denied everything at first, then when he was presented with this, he claimed that he was aware of it but had nothing to do with it. This is what started their retaliation, which delves into some things which I believe are illegal but would like clarification on.

  1. The LPOA released a statement saying that the city attorney (CA) was “unfit to be mayor”, as they had 29 separate times in the past 5 years pulled him over for speeding and using his phone. They haven’t kept records of anyone else this long.
  2. Speaking of not keeping records this long. CA requested body cam footage from earlier this year in regards to a domestic violence case. He was told that they don’t kept footage for more than 90 days. The next day, body cam footage of him being pulled over from last October was posted on Facebook. I doubt lying to him was illegal, but I figure the footage being leaked online is.
  3. This is the most important one. In their first non-anonymous letter, the LPOA also claimed that CA wasn’t fit to be mayor because 5 years ago (right before they started keeping record on all his traffic stops), he pushed to prosecute someone in a sexual violence case that they’d claimed there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest him for. Enough evidence was found to prosecute him, though the charge was dropped to “perversion of a minor” on a plea deal. The LPOA initially did not name any names, but released enough info that it was very easy for people to figure out who it was regarding (small town). The LPOA later confirmed this, which is another thing I figure is illegal but am not sure about. (Something else I feel is important to the situation but may not affect the outcome in a legal sense is that the officer which investigated it was later arrested for soliciting sex from a minor). Additionally, I have heard this case was sealed (but can’t confirm it).
  4. At our early voting polls at city hall, the sergeant has parked his pickup truck and setup a one of their large “LPOA endorses Mayor” signs. From what I’ve gathered online, the legality of this depends on how far away they were from the entrance. Is this correct?
  1. Police leaked body cam footage of traffic stop from over a year ago (despite saying they don’t keep footage for more than 90 days).
  2. Police released info from a possibly sealed case regarding a minor to assist a political candidate.
  3. Is the police department allowed to keep info (traffic stops, body cam footage, etc.) on someone for longer than they do others without probable cause?
  4. What’s the legality of the police campaigning outside of the voting station?
I may have more questions come up, but thank you.
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2020.10.20 00:14 gottaopenupagain Online sex cam

First of all, I'm just gonna say: I'm aware that sex work calls for a degree of manipulation, and I've got nothing against that. So yes, I'm fully aware that perhaps I was being used, but recently, I've come to realize that maybe I was more to blame than I wanted to fully admit. Now for the context.
Last year, I was having a shitty July, and honestly, a shitty year as a whole. I'm not saying any of this to garner pity, just explaining everything in detail because I feel it warped my perception. The girl I had feelings for for 5 months and had told as such turned me down once we finally met earlier in the year, and I went spiraling down into my worst depression years, which ended with me violating her boundaries. Just when I was getting back on my feet, I found out my dog was diagnosed with cancer. That summer, I went searching for and found a good-paying job. I worked there for about a month, making good money, and around the same time, I was really looking into online dating again, only for that to completely flop, with everyone either turning out to be unstable or completely ghosting me for no valid reason that I could tell. Shortly after I gave up the online dating scene, I was laid off.
Then I started looking into camsite, and becoming close to one girl in particular. We chatted each other up a bit, realizing we had a lot in common, she followed my Instagram, we starting chatting on Whatsapp, and she even told me her real first name. She'd also asked if I wanted to date her and, well, I didn't exactly say no, but I didn't say yes, either. Later, I found her Facebook account kinda accidentally, and found out she was already dating a guy. Otherwise, we seemed to hit it off alright. Until it became an addiction. I kept sending tips. We had a few cam-to-cam sessions, and I was eventually broke, having lost almost all the money I made at my old job.
My anxiety started to kick in, especially since I would be moving into an apartment soon. I was kicking myself for being so impulsive, but I also kinda unloaded on her. Wrote some really lengthy messages telling her I'd be taking a break, really just trying to explain my reasoning and being honest without trying to come off as entirely blaming her. I feel like my loaded messages were a huge part of the problem, looking back. After that, things really started to sour between us. We'd frequently get into arguments, I'd just keep making myself look bad by sending her tips AFTER telling her I was broke, in part because I wanted to help her out (she kept giving reasons why she needed the tips, like family members being sick). But I also think I was kind of in denial about what it really was: an addiction. She wasn't the only one I'd send tips to after all had been said and done, either.
A bit later down the road, she asked me to send a tip to another camgirl she was friends with, since I wouldn't send any to her, and then later asked if I still had anything left over after that that I could send to her. Which I didn't, because I'd sent it to yet another girl. When I told her as such, she was pretty upset. She asked me to leave her chatroom, and I did, though she texted me shortly after and everything seemed to be alright again for the time being.
Things continued to be on and off between us. Sometimes she'd ask for tips (she told me it was a bad habit of hers), other times she would message me just to talk, still other times I would (accidentally) guilt trip her for my situation, digging myself deeper, and at one point, she messaged me to tell me she'd gotten a place on one of the site's contests. I didn't really know how to respond, since she wasn't ranking very high and I figured she wanted to be a bit higher up, but she later messaged me "u r rude".
Our final interaction was, once again, her asking me for tips. I asked how much she wanted. I was unable to respond right away, because I was at my mom's and didn't want her finding out about my ... habit that I'd picked up. She was pretty mad, took it as me ignoring her, and I later said I couldn't give her anything. That was pretty much the last straw for her, and she decided we'd never speak again, though she did send me one last message on the camsite, apologizing and saying she was thankful to me. And we haven't spoken since, except when I sent a semi-anonymous message apologizing for my moods and wishing her well.
I know she wasn't entirely innocent in this situation herself. Like, asking me for more tips after she'd told me she wouldn't? Asking if I had anything left over from the tip I sent her friend? Asking if I wanted to date her despite her having a boyfriend (I'm assuming she's not polyamorous)? That's all really rather suspicious. But now I realize that maybe I might have actually fucked up something perfectly good. Again, I am NOT naïve. I know that the entire purpose of sex work is for you to think with your dick (or your vagina, of course) so you can pay to get off, and that getting loyal tippers is even better. Believe it or not, I have nothing against that. But I do feel like MAYBE going the extra mile to ask for tips might have been a little too much, and that she probably told a few extra lies on top of the usual flirtatious banter. However, despite all that, I feel like there was something authentic about her. She very well might have actually liked me as a friend, given the nature of our interactions that weren't just about tips. The same is true for all sex workers. At the end of the day, they're no less human than you or I, and I really do feel like I definitely went overboard, too, even coming off as borderline abusive at times without really trying to. Without trying to sound like I'm justifying myself, I'm really normally not like that at all when I'm in a better place, and I hate that I allowed myself to get that bad. Wish I could give her a proper apology and closure, knowing what I know now.
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2020.10.19 09:12 okmo9 Is pornography worth of money?

Nowadays pornography is everywhere and every second people watching anywhere from the world. Porno helps people to release from depression but not below 18 years kid should watch pornography. Nowadays it's easier to watch porn because now all pornos are available in online even there also have live sex cam, which mean someone can see live sex through the internet.
There are more than a thousand porno sites available on the internet, some are free and some are paid. Well, as far as I know all porno sites have premium platforms. If anyone purchases a premium subscription they will have a better collection than free mode.
Now the topic is is really pornography worth money?
Well, From my mind it's worthy, because of pornography cost a lot their have pornstars, cameraman, productions or more and these all costly like making a short film. In a pornography people can see and enjoy which is not allow until married. So it makes sense to worth money.
If you see from the other side you will see that a premium subscription user has a better playlist than a free user. Here is some advantage:
Quality: A premium subscriber will get the best quality like 4k porno videos and these are not available in free mode so the premium user will be the best quality of platform.
Special scene: In a free mode the user won't get all pornstar videos available but the premium subscriber will get the best scene of available pornstars.
Full videos: They will have full scene videos of a porno videos and can watch every category of porno.
Customer support: A premium user will get 24/7 customer support and I think it's worth money.
Everyone has a personal opinion and all opinions can't be the same. I just share mine. Thanks.
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2020.10.17 18:36 arniesk Online Dating Translation Guide...

After talking to matches and responding to personal ads over the past two years, I have worked out some useful translations...

"Don't waste my time.", "Sugar baby", $$ emoji in profile.
All of these kind of posts have been sugar posts. Wanting financial support to enter and sustain a relationship. Some of them also offer sex for hire.
"Looking for a casual encounter"
So far, everyone of these is selling... pics, onlyfans, camming, etc.
"Want to find someone online only for exchanging dirty pics/video"
Camming advertisement, obviously.
"I don't check this often, find me at"
Then they have snap or insta link. Sometimes a masked phone number. Always a scammer. Normal people might actually want to chat for a few minutes. They don't want a phone call from hundreds of horny guys, for certain.
Snaps almost always seem to be sellers. Instagram is usually just a grab for followers or camming ads.
"Cashapp me at ..." "Venmo me at..." for a surprise
At least it's obvious what they want!

Obviously this is my experience. Your mileage may vary, especially if you aren't a crusty old hobo.

Women have a very different experience with online dating than men. They have to wade through a ton of potential contacts to find anyone worthwhile. Most men have a very different experience.

Please add any amusing translations you've found.
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2020.10.13 02:22 EnjoyingSoberWorld Past the shame.

Good evening. I am ESW and I am a sex addict.
I actually created this account to perform AA service about a year ago. I have been alcohol- and drug-free for 2 years and 6 months, but I don't think I could ever refer to myself as sober until I work the steps and get sober from the addiction I realize I now have.
I have been interested in porn ever since adolescence -- I am in my 50s, so my first introduction was magazines, which moved to video tapes, then DVDs, then online. I was extremely shy with women -- to the point where I didn't lose my physical virginity until I was 29.
More than a decade ago, I met my wife and it truly was love at almost first sight. Our relations were healthy and strong, but I was still using porn. By this time, I had begun playing with camgirls. She found out, and told me in no uncertain terms, this was a non-starter. I would have to stop.
And so that part ended -- along with all porn for about 5 years. Slowly, as with many addictions, the porn insidiously began coming back. First the free videos, then 2 years ago, the cams. I haven't spent a lot -- but recently I fell afoul of a site that tried to scam me. This scared me to death and I came clean after several nights of anxiety.
In addition, I have been actively avoiding sex with my wife for several years. I have every reason to believe the two actions are related.
I actually do love my wife deeply. She doesn't believe the two things -- avoidance/porn and my love for her -- can co-exist, and I'm not so sure myself, frankly, sometimes.
Much like my alcohol addiction -- I see the road that I'm heading down. I do not like it. I want to have God remove these feelings from me -- it happened with alcohol, and I am willing to do whatever it takes for it to happen here.
Thank you.
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2020.10.07 07:40 wordsofwlash Discovered My Long Term GF (34f) Is A Former Cam Girl. Is it a total Red Flag dealbreaker she never told me and that it's now becoming increasingly public knowledge?

Have been with my present gf for many years but recently made a shocking and unwelcome discovery. It was brought to my attention by a random third party that despite her current high profile and very respectable career (WSJ), she actually previously worked as a cam girl. She had never told me this!
Evidently someone managed to identify her on one of her old cam site profiles and although those pages have now seemingly been deleted, pictures and presumably videos have been circulating on porn sites and 4chan with her real name attached. Some remain up now.
I now have three main issues...
Firstly I'm concerned that she never told me about this or warned me about this part of her life. It makes me worried what else she might have omitted to mention or might still be hiding. It feels like a bodyblow to my trust levels.
Secondly I am unsure how to deal with the reality that this information is increasingly public knowledge. Aside from the obvious awkwardness with friends and family I worry specifically about how it might affect us both in a professional context.
Thirdly, while this was something she did before our relationship started I'm finding it impossible to get past the idea that she performed graphic sex acts on camera for money and that some of this content remains online today. It feels different to just having a romantic past because it's so public and in some sense ongoing. Appreciate many will rush to convince me i should't judge or allow myself to feel jealous or think less of her because of it. I can't seem to change the way I feel and how it honestly affects my opinions of her on many levels. Though open to advice from people who's had partners with similar online exposure issues.
Appreciate any advice on how I navigate the situation and whether I'm right to consider both the fact she hid this from me and the current exposure of the truth to be a tragic 'dealbreaker' for a previously healthy long term relationship.
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Maybe I haven't come across it yet or maybe it just doesn't exist?
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  12. @ yo fav spam ?
  13. would you fw the person who send this ? DROP A EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS 🦋
Let’s be honest: Innocent Freaks Edition 1. ever had a fuckbuddy?👥 2. Had a bf/gf before? 3. Are you bold through the phone?📲 4. Had a sneaky/nasty linkup before? 5. Your friends call you a freak? 6. Have options? Side hoes? 7. Virgin?🤭 8. Ever snuck anyone in/out before? 9. Daydream? 💭 10. Ever gotten a hickey? 11. Caught feelings with someone you know you shouldn’t have?🤷🏽‍♀️ 12. Ever regretted linking up?❌ 13. Do you have strict parents? 14. People tell you they “didn’t know you were like that” 15. Call yourself a child of god?👼🏽 16. Have an eyes only?👀 17. Ever done something bold under the influence? 18. Made out with anyone?💋 19. What’s your weak spot? 20. Would you fuck the person who sent you this? DROP AN EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS🥵‼️
😳 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE... lowkey wild edition NEW ONE
  1. have you snuck out?
  2. have you lied to your parents about where you’re going?
  3. made out on public?
  4. made out in a car?
  5. done freaky shit at school?
  6. done freaky shit inna bathroom?
  7. given/received head?
  8. given/received hickeys?
  9. done anything smoking/drug related at school?
  10. drank underage without permission?
  11. given someone a fake number?
  12. been bold over the phone?
  13. thought about hooking up with any of your friends?
  14. put one of their initials
  15. thought about what itd be like to date any of your friends?
  16. put one of their initials
  17. innocence level 1-10 (10 being very innocent)
  18. turned someone into a freak?
  19. been turned into a freak by someone?
  20. would you kiss the person who sent you these questions? and rate em 1-10
comment an emoji for the questions and answer em 😤😤
Turn offs in a partner ! ✅=yes ❌=no 1. bad odor 2. smoking 3. swearing 4.drinking/smoking 5.drugs 6.bad breath 7. ear piercing / face piercing 8. bad teeth 9. cheating 10.acne 11. aggressiveness 12. clumsy 13.lazy 14. friendly 15. secretive / private 16. overprotective 17.loud 18. cry baby 19. arguments 20 toxic 21. clingy 22.unfit 23. accent 24.attitude DROP EMOJI FOR QUESTIONS!
Crazyy Secrets😘... (finsta edition) 1. where did you lose your v-card? house/caetc 2. virgin? 3. @ someone you miss 4. ever went w/one of friends ex? 5. ever cheated? 6. who’s your cutest friend?(be honest no one will ever know lol) 7. @ someone who’s playing 8. what is the name of the last person you fw or who you fw now? 9. @ someone who’s for the streets 10. what’s your snap score? 11. how many niggas/bitches in your phone? 12. @ someone you want a relationship with? 13. ever watched porn? 14. is your butt big or little? 15. do you like to be talked to during sex🧐? y’all know the drill, drop an emoji & ill dm you the questions 🤧
how heartless are u ? 💔 .... 1. ever got back with someone to break their heart ? 2. do u still follow your ex’s ? 3. do u still talk to your ex’s ? 4. would break up with / not fight for someone even if they are your happy place ? 5. would you answer if your ex called you ? 6. do you let people explain themselves ? 7. do you argue ? block ? or mute messages ? 8. lead people on with no intentions of pursuing them ? 9. last time you told someone you loved them ? 10. how long does it take you to move on 11. Would you fw the person who sent you this ? drop emoji for questions
1) Do you think anyone in your spam is fine 2) Have you ever daydreamed about fucking someone in your spam 3) Do you think the person that sent you this is cute 4) Is anyone you hate in your spam 5) Has your spam ever gotten you caught up 6) Do you make indirect post at someone 7) Has someone in your spam ever hurt you 8) Have you ever hurt someone in your spam 9) Are you comfortable with who follows you 10) Would you have sex with the person that sent you this
comment emoji for questions ✍🏽
never have i ever innocent edition😳
🥺 - never 🥵 - i have
  1. smoked or vaped
  2. skipped school
  3. snuck out of the house
  4. failed a class
  5. gotten a dentention
  6. drank alcohol
  7. had a bf/gf
  8. had sex
  9. kissed someone
  10. gotten high
  11. been to a club
  12. gotten a fake id
  13. got kicked out of class
  14. cheated on a test
  15. started a rumor about someone
  16. Would you fuck who sent you this ( 🥵 for yea and 🥺 for no )
drop an emoji for the questions🙊
IN THE PASS TWO MONTHS HAVE YOU 👀👀 1. have you had sex ? 2. gotten a hickey ? 3. snuck out ? 4. did anything sexual ? 5. had a nasty kiss ? 6. flirted with someone ? 7. went to a party ? 8. cheated on someone ? 9. gotten head ? 10. talked to your ex ?
drop an emoji for questions
Let’s admit it ... dumb bitch edition 🤣!...
  1. regretted sex ?
  2. cried over somebody who didn’t give a fuck about you ?
  3. who was your first heartbreak ?
  4. were you ever used as a rebound ?
  5. have you ever rebounded ?
  6. fell for somebody who didn’t like you back ?
  7. went back to somebody who fucked you over multiple times ?
  8. hooked up with an ex ?
  9. have you ever gotten cheated on ?
  10. cheated on somebody ?
  11. talked to somebody who was already in a relationship ?
  12. got with somebody to make somebody else jealous , but they didn’t care 🤣?
  13. have you ever fw your ex’s homeboy/girl ?
  14. double texted and still got left on read ?
  15. fought over a boy/girl ?
  16. lost friends over a girl/boy ?
  17. if your ex hit you up .. would you take them back?
  18. fucked with your friends ex ? DROP AN EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS 😌
Message to:
  1. To ur ex/last crush
  2. To ur haters
  3. To ur future bf/gf
  4. To ur friends
  5. To the one who secretly loves you
  6. To ur crush
  7. To ur future kids
  8. To all the nosy ass people
  9. To me
  10. To ur ex friend
Drop an emoji for the questions!
FOR THE STREETS don’t ask for questions if you aren’t gonna do them😛😛 1.)what’s your body count 2.)how many girls/boys have you kissed 3.)single or taken 4.)what’s your type 5.)last person you kissed (initials) 6.)have you ever been in love 7.)how many kids do you want 8.)are you in love Right now 9.)what’s your snap score 10.) if ur a girl- how many boys on ur snap bff list 11.) Do you miss your ex? 12.)who was your 8th grade crush (initials) 13.)have you ever sent nudes 14.) are your parents divorced 15.) who do you have your eye on (initials) 16.) have you ever cheated 17.) do you like the person who sent you these questions ? drop an emoji for the questions😅
Lets get personal👀
  1. Was the last person you kissed a good kisser?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Do you miss an old relationship?
  4. What was the last text you sent?
  5. Ever sexted?
  6. Are you a virgin?
  7. Do you currently like somebody?
  8. Have you ever had a one night stand?
  9. Favorite position?
  10. Are you gay/straight/bisexual?
  11. Would you have sex with the person who sent you this?
Drop an emoji and i’ll DM the questions.
Spread to all SPAMS!!!🚨 ( whoever doesn’t complete is pussy🤷🏾‍♂️) 1. had sex in a public place? 2. regretted giving someone head? 3. kissed someone of the same gender? 4. swallowed cum? 5. had sex in a car? 6. had a threesome? 7. where did you lose your virginity?/ what age? 8. fucked raw? 9. got caught fucking? 10. used toys? 11. weren’t satisfied with sex? 12. Ever masturbated? 13. gotten nutted in/nutted in someone? 14. didn’t cum? 15. would you fuck the person who sent it to you? 16. Craziest place you’ve had sex? 17. Body count? 18. Freakiest thing you’ve ever done? 19. Cheated? 20. Favorite position? 21. Last time you had sex? 22.Freaky or innocent? 23.Ever sent nudes? 24.Ever recorded sex? 25.Phone sex? 26.Prefer to give or receive head? Comment an emoji for the questions 🥴
12 secrets 🤫 1.) @ sb you think is fine 2.) @ sb you are close to 3.) last message you sent ? 4.) number ? 5.) iPhone or droid? 6.) first letter of the person name u would fuck? 7.) first letter of sb you love ? 8.) last time you masterbated ? 9.) last time you got head ? 10.) first time getting head? 11.) have you ever had hoes ? 12.) would you fuck the person that send you this ? drop a emoji for the questions 🤭
Your Love Life Questions🥰👀 1. Taken, Single, or Talking? 2. When was the last time you were in a relationship? 3. Are you in a relationship now? 4. @ your crush 5. You know somebody who want you? 6. Rate your love life 1-10. 7. You be screwin? 8. Are you happy in your current relationship? 9. You miss one of your previous relationships? 10. Are you the jealous type? 11. Do you consider yourself controlling? 12. Your parents know about your relationship or the person you like? 13. Do you want a relationship? 14. You want to get married? 15. What song you want to dance to with your husband/wife at your wedding? 16. What age range you want to get married at? 17. What age was you allowed to start dating? 18. What is the oldest you would date? 19. What is the youngest you would date? 20. What’s the hardest thing about dating you? 21. Why you not in a relationship now? DROP EMOJI FOR QUESTIONS!😗
  1. have feelings for anyone ?
  2. single ? if so why ?
  3. do you like your body ?
  4. do you have a lot of friends ? yes or no & why ?
  5. what happened to your old friends ?
  6. do you miss them ?
  7. why is your ex bestfriend your ex bestfriend ?
  8. how many people you talk to ?
  9. why did your last relationship end ?
  10. who’s your favorite person ?
  11. who’s your favorite female ?
  12. note to yourself ?
  13. are you toxic ?
  14. do you hold grudges ?
comment an emoji for the questions💞
  1. would you give head?
  2. are you loyal?
  3. would you take ya ex/last boo back?
  4. are you single?
  5. do you like kissing?
  6. yo peoples fw your boo?
  7. you like ya relationships private or public
  8. would you rather have a relationship or 1 night stand?
  9. do you fw ya last boo/ex?
  10. when the last time you been onna date?
  11. would you be down for 5 rounds in one night?
  12. How long was your last relationship?
  13. what’s your favorite position?
  14. would you make out with a stranger for $100?
  15. would you rather be drunk or high?
  16. would you care if your significant other wanted to have a 3 some ?
  17. would you date someone with a body count over 6?
  18. would you rather give head or receive head?
  19. would you kiss and tell?
  20. would you have sex with the same sex?
  21. would you fuck the person who sent you this?
questions for the girls🤯 1. sexuality? 2. if you were a man for a day.. what would you do? 3. virgin? 4. do you prefer tampons or pads? 5. would you suck diCk? 6. have you ever sent someone a ‘naughty’ picture? 7. are you interested in “netflix & chill”? 8. what is 1 thing that gives you butterflies? 9. where is ur favorite spot to be kissed? 10. would you ever go skinny dipping? 11. hot showers or bubble baths? 12. where do you like to be touched? 13. do you like your hair pulled? 14. do you like giving or receiving hickies? 15. what age did you loose your virginity? 16. is there anything you’re too nervous to tell someone about? 17. what are you thinking about right now? 18. would you fuck one of ur closest friends family members? 19. ever cheated? 20. whats your favorite pair of underwear? 21. what is your biggest turn on? 22. what is your biggest turn off?
26 Letters, 26 Answers😝✌🏾 A-Are you a virgin? B-Bestfriend? C-Can you remember the last time you got high? D-Did the person that sent you this ever did you wrong? E-Ethnicity? F-Forgive and Forget? G-Good vibes with the last person you texted? H-Hate anyone? I-If you could go ANYWHERE, where would you go? J-Jealous of anyone? K-Killed anybody? L-Last time you smoked? M-Married or single? N-Now don’t be cappin, are you a virgin? O-Ohh, what’s your favorite movie? P- Be bold, tag the person you want to fuck. Q-Quarantine, how is it? R-Remember the last time you partied? S-Simply explain where you see yourself in 10 years. T-Tag the last person you sent a DM to. U-Uncommon thing you do? V-Very nice or very mean? W-What are your future kids names? X-Xrays for a broken bone? Y-Does the person you want to fuck want to fuck you too? Z- Would you fuck who sent this to you?
my abc’s 🤪 a: are you single? b: boy best friend? c: crushes initials? d: drink you had last? e: ever said ily without meaning it? f: favorite attribute of yourself? g: girl best friend? h: have you ever said something you regret? to who? i: in love? with who? j: job you want? k: known as which friend in your friend group? l: longest relationship? m: memory you love? n: (in) need of what? o: opportunity you want in life? p: person you know a secret about q: question you wanna ask the person who sent you this r: regret any relationships? s: song you last listened to? t: time you woke up today? u: ugliest person you know? v: virgin? w: who do you dislike (initials) x: xylophone? yes or no? y: your last hug&kiss? z: zodiac sign? COMMENT AN EMOJI IF YOU WANT YOUR ABC’S
GET INTOOO IT ! 🙊💦💕 1. ⁠single , taken , or complicated ? 2. ⁠you a virgin ? 3. ⁠last time you got a hickey ? 4. ⁠last time you tongue kissed ? (with who) 5. ⁠best kisser ? 6. ⁠ever had yo titties sucked/sucked titties? 7. ⁠top or bottom? 8. ⁠IF you ever cheated who would know about it ? 9. ⁠sexiest girl on your spam ? 10. ⁠sexiest boy on your spam? 11. ⁠would you eat coochie ? 👀 12. ⁠would you suck dick ? 👀 13. ⁠craziest place you wanna have sex? GO AHEAD AND COMMENT AN EMOJI FOR THE QUESTIONS ❤
So far in 2020 have you: 1 ⇾ kissed someone 2 ⇾ smoked 3 ⇾ got drunk 4 ⇾ had sex 5 ⇾ went to a party 6 ⇾ hugged someone 7 ⇾ got back with an ex 8 ⇾ kissed someone of the same gender 9 ⇾ lied to someone 10 ⇾ snuck out 11 ⇾ lost a friend 12 ⇾ got in a fight 13 ⇾ been sick 14 ⇾ gave head 15 ⇾ got head 16 ⇾ done something you regret 17 ⇾ got a new job 18 ⇾ got into a relationship 19 ⇾ made a new friend 20 ⇾ been on a date Comment an emoji for the questions𑁍
HOWS LOVE FOR YOU... 🥰😼 don’t ask for questions if you aren’t going to do them (finsta edition) 1.Do you like someone? 2.Have you and the person ever kissed? ^ 3.How many real relationships have you been in? 4.Have you ever been in love? 5.Are you in love now? [email protected] your crush(if you have one) 7.If you dont^ @ someone who’s cute 8.Are you ready to be in a relationship? 9.How long was your longest relationship? 10.How toxic are you in a scale from 1-10? 11.Whats the most toxic thing you’ve ever done? 12.freaky or innocent? [email protected] someone you want to be freaky with [email protected] 5 people that you love 15.What sign do you think you’ll last with? 16.Have you ever messed with someone the same sign as you? 17.Do you have trust issues 18.If your crush/person you think is cute was to ask you out rn what would you say? COMMENT AN EMOJI FOR QUESTIONS 😼
the hardest questions you’ll ever have to answer! 1. Are you happy? 2. Are you single/taken? 3. Are you a bad person? 4. Do you get mad easily? 5. Do you get annoyed easily? 6. Do you get easily attached? 7. Do you cry easily? 8. Do you miss someone right now? 9. Would you call yourself toxic? 10. If yes, name one toxic thing you’ve done? 11. Are you in love? 12. Crush? 13. Best friend? 14. Would you be friends with yourself if you could? drop an emoji for the questions
No pussy’s🤪 (FOR THE GIRLS) 1.where’d you lose your virginity 2.ever have a pregnancy scare 3.condom or no condom 4.ever sent nudes 5.have your nudes ever been exposed 6.least favorite position 7.most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done during sex 8.spit or swallow 9.rather send ass pic or tit pic 10.have you ever sexted 11.have your parents ever caught you having sex 12.have you ever had a hook up that you regret 13.initials of that person 14.ever said wrong name during sex 15.scale of 1-10 how painful was losing your virginity 16.ever sent nudes to the wrong person 17.what is the longest you’ve had sex many times have you had sex in one day 19.ever faked it 20.initials of the worst kisser Drop an emoji if you’re a girl and wanna play🥵🤪
DROP THE @ YOU WONT! [email protected] person ur currently crushing on [email protected] last person you kissed [email protected] ur number one on snapchat bestie list [email protected] ur favorite person [email protected] a random so they can wonder why they @ [email protected] someone you wanna link with [email protected] the last person u texted [email protected] someone u ghosted [email protected] someone who ghosted u [email protected] one girl u trust [email protected] one boy u trust [email protected] someone u fell off with [email protected] someone you wouldn’t talk to again [email protected] your first body [email protected] someone who sucks at replying [email protected] your fav ex [email protected] someone you love [email protected] the funniest person to u [email protected] someone u miss YK WHAT TO DO, COMMENT FOR THE QUESTIONS
simp or pimp addition ! 1. cried over a boy/girl 2. wrote more than 3 paragraphs to the same person 3. went back to the same person after they cheated 4. curved boys/girls while in the “talkin” stage 5. talked to more that one person at once 6. been stuck on one person for more than 3 months 7. had sex with an ex while dating someone new 8. can get your ex back with one “i miss you” text 9. can’t see yourself without one specific person 10. miss your ex 11. got more than 2 options 12. have a list of hoes to ft every night 13. cheated on someone and they took you back 14. made someone fall in love and curved them 15. parents met more than two of your “partners” 16. flirted your way into a relationship 17. dated someone for clout 18. been a sugar baby 19. visited more than one of your hoes in a day 20. been on more than one date in a day
drop an emoji for questions !
I would do/wouldn’t nasty edition.. would : 🤣 wouldn’t:😬
  1. have sex in a car?
  2. suck someone’s toes?
  3. give head in the movies?
  4. kiss your partner after giving head?
  5. swallow cum?
  6. have a threesome with one being the same sex as you?
  7. rather give head than receive?
  8. have shower sex?
  9. fuck somebody even though they were in a relationship?
  10. fuck somebody who has a STD even if still have protection?
  11. free ball for a whole day?
  12. would you fuck the person who sent you this?
  13. fuck one of your homeboys/homegirls ex?
  14. fuck someone who you are in-law to ?
  15. fuck at a outside public place?
Drop a emoji for the questions 😗
16 OUT OF 16‼️ 1. miss your ex? 2. have you ever got high/drunk 3. favorite ex? 4. first initial of crush ? 5. last time you cried? 6. favorite friend? 7. have you ever cheated? 8. ever had an heartbreak? 9. got hoes? 10. have you been cheated on? 11. hardest breakup? 12. worst mistake? 13. birthday month 🎁? 14. favorite holiday 15. have you done anything sexual lately? 16. worst fear?
Drop an emoji for questions
expose yourself extreme edition
1) who is your number one on Snapchat? 2) Ever received or gotten a hickey? 3) initials of the last person you made out with 4) have you ever liked multiple people at once? 5) have you ever cheated? 6) ever like someone 2+ years older? 7) weirdest place you hooked up with someone? 8) favorite place to be kissed? 9) something you miss about your last relationship 10) ever dyed your hair after a break up? 11) fake cried? 12) ever been skinny dipping ? 13) would you say you have hoes? 14) what do you most like about yourself? 15) How long have you known the person who sent you this?
drop emojis for the questions
wild side pt 3 🤪 
  1. ⁠Biggest pet peeve?
  2. ⁠Biggest turn on?
  3. ⁠Best bang ?
  4. ⁠Where you lost your Vcard?
  5. ⁠Weirdest place you’ve banged?
  6. ⁠Ever cheated on a test?
  7. ⁠Ever sent nudes?
  8. ⁠Ever sent someone the wrong text /snap?
  9. ⁠Worst driver?
  10. ⁠Worst place you’ve thrown up while drunk?
  11. ⁠Ever get blackout drunk?
  12. ⁠Have you ever done anything to make someone jealous?
  13. ⁠Ever stolen anything?
  14. ⁠Worst drunk?
  15. ⁠Ever have car sex?
  16. ⁠Comment an EMOJI for the QUESTIONS😋... you gotta answer
GETTING GREASYYY🤣 1. initial of the last person who gave you head 2. ever had a pregnancy scare ? 3. do you miss your ex 4. message to the person u fw now 5. ever got on top? 6. ever made a sex tape ? 7. tag a random person to make them wonder what u tagged them for 8. what’s your ex from middle school name 9. ever took / bought a plan b ? 10. tag everybody who’s in your favorite group chat 11. initials of your last sneaky link 12. initials of the last person who fingered you / you fingered 13. when was the last time u kissed somebody 14. ever got head from the same gender ? 15. tag someone with a fat ass
y’all know the drill, drop an emoji & ill dm you the questions 🤣
The last time you ___ edition👀😳
  1. when’s the last time you smoked 💨?
  2. when’s the last time you got head 👅?
  3. whens the last time you texted yo ex 👀?
  4. when’s the last time you crushed on somebody 🌚?
  5. when’s the last time you cheated on somebody 😳?
  6. when’s the last time you did something bold 😏?
  7. when’s the last time you cried 🤔 ?
  8. when’s the last time somebody checked on you😐 ?
  9. when’s the last time you actually loved somebody? 🥺
  10. when’s the last time you was toxic wit somebody 👀?
  11. last time you had a hickey? 👅 Don’t be pussy 🤷‍♂️drop an emoji for the questions
  1. are you in a relationship rn?
  2. are you “talking” to someone?
  3. ever liked a girl/boy who was taken?
  4. waited on someone to get out of a relationship to date them?
  5. how many boys/girls have you’ve cried over in the last year?
  6. ever sent someone a heart-felt paragraph?
  7. do you say “I love you” first?
  8. how long does it take for you to get over someone?
  9. missing anyone rn?
  10. ever been placed in the friendzone but continued to pursue them?
  11. ever sent an “i miss you” text?
  12. ever made a playlist for a crush?
  13. would people consider you as “sensitive”?
  14. talked about marriage with someone you don’t talk to anymore?
  15. ever been cheated on and took them back?
  16. been played before?
  17. ever fell asleep on the phone with someone?
  18. ever made a post on your spam about someone you liked?
  19. first initial of your worst heartbreak
  20. ever stayed up late night thinking about someone?
comment an emoji for the questions 🤝
DO IT NASTY😏💦 1.) rate your freakiness 1-10. 2.)ever fucked with music on ? 3.) ever had or wanted a fuck buddy? 4.) ever had car sex ? 5.) weirdest place you got freaky? 6.) ever made someone nut off head? 7.) @ someone you wanna fuck or want head from? 8.) have you ever came / nutted? 9.) when was your last sneaky link ? 10.) ever had a boy sleepover yo house ? (girls) 11.) ever wet the bed ? (sexual) 12.) u dirty talk in bed ? 13.) light on or off ? 14.) ppl know bout yo sex life 15.) on cam or phones locked away ? 16.) fav sexual song? 17.) would u do anything nasty with the person that sent u this ? comment a emoji for the questions 🌬💖
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2020.09.30 15:58 ChocoMilk100 Online cam sex

Hello, I wanted to make a confession of what I did when I was 19 years old two years ago, this is a mistake that I've tried to make peace with but I just can't. I have these thoughts lingering in my head every day and I question if I even deserve love and respect. So here goes: Ever since I was 12 years old, I became extremely drawn to pornography. It has pretty much consumed my life and still struggle with to this day, I always turn to it when I'm upset, or even bored, I am on the autism spectrum so my mind is very vulnerable to addiction. So because of so much porn I consumed, I became desensitized to it and got bored watching a man and a woman. Eventually I started watching lesbian porn, then gay porn (I'm straight and have no interest in having a relationship with a man, but I see nothing wrong with being homosexual), then it escalated to rape porn, threesomes, trans porn, and even incest pornography. These are things I was never interested in, but my addicted mind became so drawn after it became desensitized to normal pornography. So eventually, I turned 13 and started downloading dating apps and talking to cam girls. I was absolutely craving sex so bad, that I texted my address in the live chat in a cam girl website, I even followed a woman once at 15 but walked away because I didn't like what I was doing, and never truly planned to do anything. And on dating apps, I always tried to find a girl my age or around my age to sext with, then eventually Ivgot frustrated and bored, and got to the point that I ended up not caring and wanted to talk to anybody. Older women, boys my age, older men, trans women, you name it. I even told girls or women that were nearby that I wanted to meet up and have sex, but never did. Simply the concept that it COULD happen is what turned me on, but I never engaged in sex with anyone I met online luckily. At one point, I talked to a pedophilic man and did not care one bit. We sexted and we both talked dirty the whole time. It was a time where I simply didn't care who I talked to, all that mattered was that a person online wants to do something sexual with me, so I went for it so I could get that dopamine rush. Like a drug. Every time I climaxed, I hated it and didn't want to keep doing it with the person I was talking to. The only times where I climaxed and never felt shame, was when I sexted with a girl my age and legitimately was attracted to them.
Eventually I turned 19 and was trying so hard to keep this severe addiction out of my life, but there was this one incident that occurred that really woke me up to what exactly I was doing. I ended up getting a random message for someone on instagram. Apparently they were a 13 year old girl and wanted a boyfriend. I was in a state trying to find a person to sext with so I shamefully went for it without really grasping what I was doing. We flirted and I wanted to video chat, so she called. Suddenly I hear a man's voice telling me I'm a disgusting human being, which completely turned me off and frightened me immensely. He told me he was gonna call the police, and I seriously thought my life was over. I called some family members and was worried they would see me as a pedophile and a freak, but I'm glad to say that they didn't think that at all, and simply gave me emotional support and told me to stay away from these dating apps and sites. I was somewhat relieved but was worried the police would come at my door and take me to prison. My family and friends seeing me as a sick individual who likes children and should rot in a cell. I've never touched a child and I was never tempted to neither. There were plenty of opportunities where me and a child were alone, but I had absolutely no interest in doing anything to them, and the simple thought of me and a child engaging know what, made me grossed out and uncomfortable. All of my fantasies were crushes I had in school, even when I was talking to a guy on a dating site, I never pictured him in bed with me, I kept imagining him as a woman every time. I'm very proud to say that I have no interest in engaging in an activity like that with children, and never brought harm to kids in my life, but my OCD causes me to question myself everyday, and I'm always worried that my reputation will be ruined by this. I want to have an amazing career as a writer, but don't want to be famous. I don't want cancel culture to dig through my past and expose my mistakes due to the chat between me and that person on instagram being screenshot. There are days where I contemplate suicide, but I realize how much I would hurt my family by doing such a thing. I'm confessing all of this now because I can't take it anymore, I want to live an amazing life with a wife and kids, and a super fun career to make me happy. I have no desire to harm anyone or have a relationship with a child, and the people who do should be ashamed and seek help. I just want to hear from all of you and your thoughts. I want to get reassurance that I'm not a creep and I want to do good for everyone. I just felt so desperate in my teen years because of my severe porn addiction, and the desire to be in a relationship with a woman. I've had no luck, so I made mistakes out of desperation and loneliness. It doesn't excuse the mistake I made, it was wrong, stupid, and not ok. I will never justify it. I'm 21 now and never made this mistake again, I'm still addicted to porn but I never try to view anything repulsive or visit dark websites. I'm always talking to girls that are 18+ and am not interested in kids or teens. But I just want to ask, am I a bad or creepy person? I just wanna know, I need closure.
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