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2020.10.31 19:12 ifyodawastall Перепланировка 75 серии

The combined GDP of the 57 member states of the OIC is 7.5 trillion with a GDP per capita of 7300+ which would be a higher then what 75% of Muslims countries currently have. As mentioned previously we would control world naval travel and could reap the profits from taxing goods and services going through Muslim lands and water.
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2020.10.31 19:11 jib4jabs Перепланировка 75 серии

Babied lightly used Canon 6D body with all that is pictured. Shutter count in the 20,6XX range. Lens is brand new and never mounted. Glass protectors on both back and top LCD displays.
EF 75-300mm f/4 - 5.6 III
700$ shipped or best offer. Great feedback on all selling sights and will pack secure.
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2020.10.31 19:10 zero_cool_513 Серии перепланировка 75

[WTS][USA] Vans Sk-8 Hi 11 $75, New Balances 580 10.5 $65. Supreme Gatos 11 $150 submitted by zero_cool_513 to sneakermarket [link] [comments]

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I recently watched a HMRC webinar regarding NMW and how employers make mistakes regarding deductions and how this effects NMW. It was super informative and actually provided insight into my previous employment.
In 2012-2016 I worked for Next. The Next Dress Code Policy (at the time) required employees to wear Next Branded/Affiliated clothing each season (this was heavily enforced by the management to spend this even when unaffordable and would be checked on future shifts that we were wearing this) and although they offered 75% discount, this still may have brought my gross pay below NMW as stipulated by the guidance HMRC sets out.
“If a worker makes a payment to a third party for required uniforms the payment will also reduce national minimum wage pay since it is expenditure incurred in connection with the worker’s employment.”
I contacted their HR department by email who said I have to call payroll.
I’m not confident by phone so wanted to make sure I was correct before pursuing..
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I don't mind building or buying a pre built, I just want to know the cheapest possible way.
Specs required are:

Cheapest I've seen is the keychron k2, but the ISO-UK version is sold out everywhere.
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2020.10.31 18:48 Kawaii_Hentai_Senpai Перепланировка 75 серии

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Website: Fantrax
Chat: Discord
We have two opens teams in our 16-team dynasty league. You can view the two open rosters here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sOltcz3bTcH1P203e3354ThEQNkAzcBeU3DtPhsHDjg/edit?usp=sharing
Team #1 has all of its FYPD picks. Team #2 is missing its Round 1 pick for the upcoming FYPD.
Scoring categories (5x5) = R, HR, RBI, OBP, SB - K, ERA, WHIP, QS, SV+HLD

We're in year two of this dynasty and ready to open trading when the league is full again. If you have questions or want to join, reply to this post or send me a DM.
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Old Timestamp for switches
Hi, I have some stuff to clear out, items are not fcfs. Bundle have priority.
Price include shipping conus and I could only ship within the us at this time, thanks for your understanding.
The table is a list of the items for sale, the detailed descriptions are below the table with number referencing to each item
If an item is sold, its name would be crossed out
Please leave a comment below before PM, you can click on this link to send a PM if you are on mobile. Chats will be ignored, thank you!
Item List
# Name Price (Shipped)
1 NK65 Blumen $140
2 NK65 Frost $140
3 Obliterated 75 Clear Polycarbonate B-Stock Millmax Hotswap $380
4 Leopold FC750R PD Millmax Hotswap $85
5 Leopold FC980M PD Outemu Silent Linear in Cherry Housing $110
6 CM Storm Quick Fire w/ Rapid Frosty Flake Controller Millmax Hotswap $80
7 Durgod Taurus K320 Mx Silent Red $75
8 GMK Cafe Base Sealed $310
9 Epbt Dolch Missing Novelties $60
10 Epbt WOB New $90
11 Epbt White Purple $70
12 JTK Orange on Black Incomplete $35
13 Lubed Holy Gsus x100 $85
1. NK65 Entry Blumen

2. NK65 Entry Frost
3. Obliterated 75 Clear Polycarbonate B-Stock Millmax Hotswap
4. Leopold FC750R PD Millmax Hotswap
5. Leopold FC980M PD Outemu Silent Linear in Cherry Housing
6. CM Storm Quick Fire w/ Rapid Frosty Flake Controller Millmax Hotswap
7. Durgod Taurus K320 Mx Silent Red
8. GMK Cafe Base
9. Epbt Dolch Missing Novelties
10. Epbt WOB New
11. Epbt White Purple
12. JTK Orange on Black Incomplete
13. Holy Gsus Desoldered Lubed Plate Mount x100
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Shipping not included. Usually around $5
Pictures being added slowly...ask to see something that is not up.

UNOPENED Whitman 2 pack polybag Mickey Mouse 217 and Super Goof 72 - $20
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I'm planning on getting Skyrim and RE7 this sale but I only have 20$ in my wallet so I'm wondering if it's possible for the game to be sold for 10$ this Christmas. Is there a chance?
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