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PART 3 - FINALE. I wasn’t sure if what he had said had really gotten through to my traumatized mind so I jumped in and interrupted.
'MEN?!!? PEOPLE?!' I questioned, not letting him get a response in before going off on a tangent.
In all honestly, I felt like I was responsible for not telling my parents about ‘Dave’ in the first place so I was desperate to get Jess home safe.
Agent Johnson held his hand up dismissively to calm my outburst and made sure I was listening before he continued.
'The man you described..’ He sighed, in what felt like a bit of shame.
‘His name isn’t 'Dave' .. His name is Damian Ramsey...’ He took another pause and sighed again as if trying to find the words whilst his gaze was aimed at the floor
‘He is a criminal informant of the bureau'
Our eyes all widened, this was getting more and more bizarre. My mum went ballistic as you can imagine.
Saying that this man tried to force his way into our home last week, to do god only knows what to me and now we find out he works for the FBI!
She was appalled and outraged but my father managed to settle her down. He, as well as everyone else,wanted to know more.
The agent waited for the room to settle again before he continued.
'He was originally a part of the gang we are investigating. They are known as 'The Swarm'.
I couldn’t help but think back to the butterfly symbol when he said their name. A knot tightened in my gut.
‘They are a ruthless clandestine network of human traffickers who are responsible for a large percentage of violent crime all over the country. Kidnappings, Child Abductions, Murders, Torture, Extortion, Blackmail.. you name it.'
He sighed once again and took on a defeated look the more he delved in on the subject.
‘They have kidnapped over 700 people some as young as 18 month, and that is just what we know of. The victims mainly are traded, for large amounts of money, to some of the sickest people on the planet.
The ones who cant be sold are often traded into prostitution or modern day slavery. In some of the more high profile cases, They have slaughtered entire families if their target couldn’t be taken quietly, unlike Jessica was this evening.’
I, along with everyone else, listened with pure disgust. I really thought it was bad Jessica being taken by this Ramsey character. But oh my god, this was becoming so much worse.
The agent spoke again.
‘These monsters don’t stop there. Some people are taken and are made into torture or snuff videos to be sold on the black market.’
‘or if its a kid from a rich family they even use these horrific methods to extort ransom money from the victims family.’
Jessica’s mum gasped and a little more of her soul left her body as her imagination tortured her already fragile mind.
'So what was this Ramsey character doing trying to assault my daughter if he’s a government asset!' my mum blurted out in a rage.
'Ramsey was what we call a 'spotter' for The Swarm. He would identify and stalk potential targets that seemed lucrative. ya know the types? Home-aloners, Tear-aways, Run-aways.’
‘These people would be trafficked and he also knew of people who scout for Rich Families to extort and blackmail by threatening their loved ones.’
‘Ramsey himself, was mainly part of the trafficking side of the operation. He told us the Gang would scout kids they could potentially take before obtaining photographs to advertise the target on the black market and secret online forums. If these adverts met a Buyers specific 'tastes'...’
The way he said that made the parents in the room recoil with nausea.
‘...Then the buyer would then offer to pay an obscene amount of money to the gang on delivery of the Target.’
‘And believe me it gets worse...with Ramsey’s information, we have discovered that these buyers aren’t what or who you’d think they’d be.’
He bit his bottom lip and clasped his hands together as if anticipating the impact of what he was going to say next.
‘They aren’t mentally disturbed sex offenders. Most of the time the Buyers are god damn CEOs, Judges, Senators, Politicians.. Jesus we even have some circumstantial evidence some high ranking cops are involved.’
‘We believe this organised group have direct links to some of the countries most rich and powerful elite. This is why this investigation is top secret and any links to it, at all, have to be kept internal. We have assets in the field who we need to keep safe.’
We couldn’t believe how dark this was turning. I could tell everyone was having a hard time grasping the reality of it all.
'Most of the members of the group tend to be extremely violent and all of the high ranking ones have a lot of sociopathic tendencies but ultimately together they are a well organised unit, who will do anything to further there interests.’
‘However, Ramsey.. well.. he was different. He didn’t care about the money or the power. That sick bastard had a 'taste' for the young ones himself. He often used his line of work to ‘satisfy’ his twisted needs. This eventually got him in some personal trouble with the law. He was arrested on suspicion of the rape and murder of a 5 year old boy in Atlanta a few years back.’
‘Oh boy, We had DNA evidence, Damning CCTV footage. We had that bastard dead to rights, literally. Georgia has the death penalty'. He said this like a soccer player who had just missed a last minute penalty.
Agent Johnson contempt for the man started to show as he continued with the story.
'It almost like the guy didn’t give a shit if he was caught! He wasn’t at all careful!
We were literally about the charge him when he got this-this smug look on his face. That stupid face of his! He turned and says to me with this real superficial arrogance, that made me want to snap his neck right then and then..’
I knew the tone of voice he was talking about. So assured. Like he was invincible.
Agent Johnson did his best to replicate Ramsey’s broad Georgia accent. 'Now you just what a cotton picking minute their agent, Now what if I could give you the biggest win of your pathetic career? Who cares about one little toddler who lets face it, was begging for what he got anyway? I could make you the biggest cat in the alley Agent Johnson'
When Johnson finished, he almost took on the look of Jessica’s mum. He looked defeated. He'd sold out this little boy who suffered horribly at the hands of this animal for nothing but for a few cheap wins. A few bad apples had faced charges but the tree so to speak was still standing. The Swarm were still out there. Ruining peoples lives.
'We agreed to drop the charges in regards to the child, in return for his co-operation and information that aided our ongoing investigation into this organised crime syndicate.’
‘In our defence, he gave a lot of information on the gangs methods. Sites they used on the deep web, places they would trade their 'livestock' as he called them, high profile buyers etc.
We are a lot more aware of there presence than we were 3 years ago. We were able to solve a lot of cold cases thanks to his insights. He knew dates, places, people, numbers, sites, accomplices... he was a god damn gold mine and 100% untouchable and the son of a bitch knew it! He never told us everything. He always held stuff back as insurance for him against future convictions.’
His gaze met mine when he said that last sentence. I now understood why he was so bold with me that day. He never once looked as if being caught bothered him.
‘Ramsey went on to secure a WITSEC agreement and we moved him to this area, safe house, immunity, new identity, the works. But we've come to learn tonight that when it comes to the people who we are dealing with here - There ain’t no such thing as Immunity.'
At the time, I wasn’t sure what that last comment meant but the agent continued before I could ask what he was talking about.
'We've had multiple reports on his behaviour since he became a CI. Just minor stuff up until today. Public Indecency, Assault, Drug Charges etc. However, any police reports or enquiries on him automatically set off a federal trip wire and the files become immediately encrypted to anyone except the bureau. This is to protect his identity and our investigation.’
Agent Rodriquez piped up for the first time, rising from his seat at our dining room table with a blue folder in his hand, stamped ‘CLASSIFIED’ in contrasting blood red ink.
'We first became aware of tonights events earlier today. A police report that was filed by a neighbour on the adjacent street.
He reported a man matching Ramsey’s description being dragged into the side door of white ford transit earlier today by two men dressed in all black. With, what he described as ‘creepy ass’ Easter Bunny masks.'
Agent Rodriguez backed up the FBIs theory by pulling out a photo from the blue file to show the adults in the room.
Greg, after receiving a non verbal que from Johnson, distracted me when this was happening by asking me for help with his Iphone. I knew it was some bullshit made up issue but I helped him anyway. I knew now, that whatever was being shown was bad.
The image whatever it was, made Jessica’s mum gasp. Burying her face into her husbands embrace. She broke once again into a sobbing shriek.
After placing the photo away and closing the folder, he continued giving the account of the neighbours police report on Ramseys kidnapping.
'He said the van had been lingering in the area with the engine running and the neighbour thought it looked suspicious as he'd seen the van had kept showing up in the area over the past week but no one ever got in or out and there was no roadworks going on in the area at the time to explain it.’
‘We believe Karma...and The Swarm, finally caught up with Ramsey. We’re not sure if they came here to find Ramsey and found Olivia, or if they came to take Olivia and caught Ramsey. Either way he belongs to them now. I’d have sympathy for the guy but maybe now that kid in Atlanta finally has some Justice.'
Rodriquez already realised that last comment likely wouldn’t go down well with Jessica’s parents and I noticed he was deliberately maintaining eye contact with Agent Johnson and agent Johnson alone. He realised he had just planted a pretty nasty seed in their already fractured minds about the fate of people who are taken by these people.
Oh and Incase you are wondering. I asked my mum about the photograph. My mum told me a few days after this event that the photo was a screenshot from a video found on a memory stick, that was delivered to a wealthy families home two years ago.
It had been taken into evidence during a high profile kidnapping of two young kids.
The image sounded horrifying.
It showed two terrified 6 year olds, sat on a couch with black tape across their mouths.
In between the two kids sat a man in all black clothes with his arms around the two boys in a non threatening way. She said it would be just like my father would put his arms me and my mum in our family photos. But the man wore a mask.
A Pink Easter Bunny mask.
The ears pointed straight up and flopped over just before the top. Totally Regular But it was the the eyes. They were made to look pure evil. They were the type of eyes that drain all sense of safety away from you when you look into them.
A threatening, horrifying glare, that my mum said she still sees from the shadows of her bedroom when she tries to sleep at night. In front of the couch was a table. On the table there was an array of tools.
Screwdrivers, Drills, Scalpels, Plyers, Bolt-cutters.
My mum continued to go into gut wrenching detail about the wounds the kids had before I asked her to stop and she gladfully obliged.
Once again, we hugged and said we loved each. We seem to do that a lot these days.
Agent Johnson continued his story but I noticed Agent Rodriguez received a call that he'd clearly been waiting for. He answered it with haste and left the room to speak.
I had a question. ‘When Da- I mean Ramsey, When Ramsey was trying to get me into my house. He got spooked by a drawing on our drive. I saw you two looking at it earlier. What is it?’ I asked.
Agent Johnson closed his eyes and nodded his head as if to signal he was just about to explain that before I interrupted him.
'The symbol at the bottom of your drive is the gangs brand marking. The symbol is a butterfly. You see, In the world of child sex trading, it symbolises that a buyer is in to very young girls. With this being the gangs niche we can only assume this is the origin of the symbol. Hence ‘The Swarm’. We tend to find this symbol branded onto the victims bodies a lot.'
'BRANDED? like with a hot iron??' Jessica’s Dad piped up He immediately wished he hadn't because as Agent Johnson reluctantly nodded, Jessica’s mum spirit broke, again.
'Our working hypothesis is that the gang came to town for business or to look for Ramsey.
Whilst here, maybe Olivia caught someones eye.
Walks home alone to an empty house. She looks young for her age. All the stuff that makes these sickos see Dollar Signs.
They would have obtained a photo or video then advertised it on a buyers forum on the hidden web or black market these gangs use. They will have received an offer from a buyer so then they will have begun to arrange the Snatch.
They will have been watching the Matthews house for a few days after to figure out your work schedules and your neighbours shedules etc.
Finding the best time to strike.
When everything is set up and a date is set, this is when they spray the symbol on the drive of the house. This is to signal to the 'snatchers' which is the house of the target.
They use yellow so it can be easily seen in the dark. In rare cases its also to claim the target too. Warn off other interested parties and avoid conflicts of ownership with a rival outfit. I’ll be frank though - Not many guys like to piss off The Swarm.'
I didn’t doubt that for one second.
'We believe the snatchers were there to take Olivia the day when Ramsey was trying to get into your house.
They must have spotted him with you and waited for him to take you inside, Where they could have nailed two birds with one stone.
But, he noticed the symbol and when he fled the scene after realising the gang could be watching, The stupid son of a bitch walked right into their grasp.'
Agent Johnson despite knowing his best source of information into the gang was now likely being branded with 256 degree hot metal and being mutilated with sharp tools by a bunch a psychotic easter bunnies.
He couldn’t help but replicate the expression of satisfaction Rodriguez had displayed earlier when they thought of the horrific things Ramsey was having done to him for betraying The Swarm.
I could tell he really felt better for the boy Ramsey killed in Atlanta. His current situation now gave him a bit of peace. What goes around, truly does come back around.
Agent Rodriguez re-entered the room and blurted 'WERE ON! I'm heading down now, I'll check in soon with a status update. Looks like we don’t need Ramsey after all. We could get these bastards tonight!'
He gave this with a slight head nod full of positivity. I couldn’t help feel my hopes to see Jessica alive again flutter upwards for the first time all night. I looked at the clock.
We had around 15 mins before the deadline to trade me for Jess was up.
'So what happens now, what are you doing to get my Jess back?!?!' Jessica’s mum erupted after pulling herself together.
'Well we've been trying to trace the Cell number the gang called on to try locate Jessica but its taking a little longer than anticipated, However our surveillance team have been in position at the warehouse where the caller told us the switch would go down.
2 minutes ago a white van, matching the description of your statement, pulled up. We are just waiting for the golden approval from our Strategic Firearms Commander to move in and take down the men at the drop.
We need the order in case we need to use lethal force. Rodriguez is on his way down now so If they’ve brought Jessica to the meet, we will have her back home soon I promise you guys!'
I could tell he was trying to convince himself as much as he was anyone else.
Something really didn’t feel right to me.
When me and my mum talked this night over a few days later, she told me she’d had the exact same worry.
This gang have evaded capture for years and sounded as if they have the local police networks potentially in their pocket. There was no way arresting them and getting Jessica back was going to be as simple as they made out.
The silence and tension in the room was killing me, so I asked Agent Johnson a question in private, that I really wished I’d kept to myself.
'What is so special about me Agent? Me and Jessica are always being mistook for the other. People say we are like twins. Why are they so desperate to trade me for her? What’s the difference?' I knew it was a selfish question on the bare face of it but I was genuinely curious at this point.
He looked at my mum for approval to answer honestly. She nodded. 'Yes, the fact you and Jessica look alike meant they grabbed her instead of you in the dark by mistake. They wouldn’t have known she was in the house as you entered through the back garden today according to your initial statement and the Van always watched the front. On the recording the Man said that they presented the buyer with a video of Jess after the mix up but he said she looked too old and was ‘too much on the bigger side’. He wanted you because you looked 'Ripe' and wore the Pigtails well. It had to be you... or no deal.'
That made me feel sick.
My mum shot a look at Agent Johnson to scold him for being a little too honest with the wording of things.
Agent Johnson did his best to pull back his error in judgement by adding that likely if I was the one to go down stairs and they tried to take me then maybe they could have killed Jess to make sure there were no loose ends.
He added that if I was the one to be taken I would be being traded as we speak and there’d be no opportunity to save me like we have with Jessica, right now.
I could tell he wasn’t the best when dealing with younger people so I humoured him and acted as if I was actually seeing the bright side of the situation. I could tell he felt better.
We smiled at each other. I could tell he felt as if he’d done good now with the way he gave me and my mum a friendly wink. I think and still to this day that Agent Johnson was a good man overall.
Our brief lighthearted moment was blown apart by Agent Johnsons Radio Handset Crackling to Life.
Everyone in the house, just dropped what they were doing and focused on the harrowing dialogue coming through the device in Agent Johnsons trembling hand. I could tell he was trying to remain calm for our benefit.
'Rodriguez, what is happening ?? where are the targets ?? Where is the girl?!' The 5 seconds of silence felt like hours as we all crowded round awaiting the news.
'Its a god damn massacre Johnson! The van, It was a god damn diversion! There’s 4 bodies here! two in the front seat of the surveillance van and the vehicle is on fire! Its blown to shit!'
He took a moment to cough the smoke out of his lungs before he finished the update.
'The other two are laying face down in the dirt by van tire marks. Oh my god their throats have been slit wide open! Jesus its a god damn blood bath, Bill! Jesus Christ, there’s no pulse!'
Judging by Agent Johnsons facial expressions, He came to a horrific realisation.
'4 bodies?!.. There was a team of 5?! Where’s the fifth man?!?!'
‘Oh god damn! Daniels!!? Agent Daniels, If you’re here make yourself know Agent - THATS AN ORDER!!’
Both agents tones were panicky, desperate and short of breath.
For the first time tonight, I feel the two men truly empathized with what Jessicas parents were feeling.
Now I’m older I have my own theory about what happened to the surveillance team that night outside that warehouse. I imagine the gang had no intentions of making a trade and Jess was never with them. They wanted to lure me to the site under the false sense of security being under FBI escort.
They likely had a unit already in place to take out anyone at the meet and they were planning to take me by force whilst tying up a lot of loose ends at the same time. Agent Johnson did in fact say it would be there sort of MO.
I believe the gang had seen the surveillance team arrive and park up, they then waited. When the time was right , they Drove the van in to the middle of the dirt road outside the warehouse as a Diversion.
I think a group of men armed with weapons lay in wait inside the vehicle. Once the FBI got the golden approval from the SFC, 3 armed agents got out the FBI vehicle and approached the Van with guns drawn.
Maybe at this time another group of Swarm members attacked the Vehicle with a Molatov cocktail or Grenade. The hot explosion, and the sound of their colleagues screaming in agony pulling at their burning skin and clothes, caused the men approaching the van to turn their back on it.
This gave the group in the van a chance to jump out and kill 2 of the 3 Federal agents and Kidnap the other.
I guess we will never know what truly happened but after 5 years of going over it in my head, that’s the most plausible scenario I can think of.
There was maybe an hour or so that passed by since the Incident. Mainly filled by Jessica’s mum screaming at the agents, wailing and shrieking where her little girl was and what they were doing to get her back.
Agent Johnsons superior called him to lose his shit and asked him what on earth possessed two decorated agents to send a team of just 5 people to take down the most dangerous organised crime group in north America.
Johnson attempted to justify his actions by saying too many agents may have got them detected by the gang and cost them their chance of taking them down and saving Jessica.
I would have felt bad for the guy, if not trying to pull my head out of oblivion. The realisation that I am likely never going to see my best friend again was a blow I wasn’t ready for.
When people ask me what the darkest time of my life was. It was this hour. The uncertainty. The waiting.
The time between learning our last hope to get my friend back was gone, and awaiting to hear what had become of a hardworking agent, who was just doing his job. And, of course my best friend who had never done anything other than be nice to everyone she'd ever met.
The anxiety and dread pulled my insides into knots they I never thought could be undone.
And then, our landline phone rang..
The same process as before with the tech guys setting up the recording and listening devices whilst once again attempting to trace the call.
Only this time Agent Johnson picked up the phone.
He wasn’t in the mood for games.
'Where is my Agent? You hand them BOTH over now and we can talk about a deal. You hurt either one of them and I promise, I will pursue you to full extent of my ability with the entire backing of the Federal Bureau of Investigation!'
The only headset was being worn by one of the FBIs Profilers. So Agent Rodriquez hit the speaker button so he could hear the mans words and what he was saying about the missing Agent.
I look back now and wish he hadn’t done that. What I heard over the next 7 minutes is forever burned into my head.
A drawn out Virginian accent came over the speaker. 'Now come on Agent, You've been doing that for 3 years now. And your still seen as a failure in your department and we are still going strong. Not even that little Rat you had working for ya could help you.’
‘You give me back my agent and the girl you sick bastards!’ Johnson snapped.
A clown like cackle burst from the speaker. ‘Well ain’t that cute! you allowed a child being raped and murdered to go unpunished. Just so you could further your investigations. And you call us the monsters?! Pfft, Typical Lawman.'
I couldn’t help Sympathise as I could tell this struck Agent Johnsons nerves.
In a sense the Man was right. Its hard to defend the hypocrisy of the justice system at times. Johnson traded the life of the boy Ramsey killed for a tick in the win column in this investigation. I knew Agent Johnson had been haunted by what he did for a long time. He barely had a comeback.
'Besides we're way past making deals. We gave you a chance to make a deal. Girl for the Girl and you tried to trap us. So now your going to feel the consequences of your actions.'
The man took a pause and said something that made all our hearts wrench.
'And then we're going to come get the one we want. Whatever means necessary. We're done pussyfooting around and we got a lot riding on that little girl you got there'
My mum and dad held me as if to give me some sort of feeling of being safe. Jessica’s mum looked at us and I swear I saw her look for Jessica to give her the same reassuring hug.
For the 10th today I saw her spirit break that little bit more.
Another pause and a few inaudible noises before we heard the agonized screams of a man.
The agent. But there was something about his groans of pain. It was off.
'Daniels?! Daniels Its Johnson. Shout out anything that can help us locate you! What do you see?! Give me something!'
'Oh he won't be able to do that unfortunately. you see, we thought you might try something like that, being a crafty fed and everything, so we ripped his tongue out.'
He said that with a coldness that had a lot of us taken back.
You could see that broke Agent Johnson. Knowing his judgement and decisions had this man in this situation. A family man with 2 kids, who should be home right now, watching the Lakers take on the Raptors in the playoffs with a cold beer. Right before he tucks the boys in goodnight after a day of fighting the bad guys of the world.
Instead he is being held against his will.
Beaten, tortured and mutilated.
'Don't worry though, Agent. Things will stop being cut and ripped off this gentleman, if he just writes down on this paper what we want to know.'
We all looked at Agent Johnson before my Dad asked 'What is he talking about?' 'THAT IS GOD DAMN CLASSIFIED' he snapped.
'Of course ya know 'BILL'...' The use of Agent Johnsons first name visibly startled him. The man continued. ‘Of course you could put your man out of a lot of misery and suffering. If you just give me the name that I want. You have my word Lawman, I’ll put a bullet in him right now. No more games. But if you don't...’
He took a deliberate pause to allow the gravity of his innuendo to hit the agents imagination.
‘Well lets just say he’s got ten toes and 5 fingers he doesn’t need in order for him to write a name on a little piece of paper... And if needs must, there’s two rows of pearly whites here to play with'
'I AM NOT HANDING OVER ANOTHER INNOCENT FOR YOU PSYCHOS TO JUST BUTCHER!' Agent Johnson exploded. His eyes now glazed over with tears of torment.
There was another horrific 5 second pause before the man took a deep inhale though his nose.
'Fair does Bill, Fair does. Have it your way.'
The dull drawn out shrieks of Agent Daniels tongueless mouth screeched though our landline as he was dragged off out of the audio range of the call.
It was hard to tell with no pronunciation but we were all pretty sure he was screaming the words 'Please' and 'No'. We all could tell his was sobbing too.
I didn’t think this night could get any worse.
Then the speaker projected the mans voice again.
‘Now then. Put Jessica’s mum on the phone please.'
We all gasped. Our Eyes widened and I felt my pupils dilating. There is no way this was going to be good. Jessica’s Mum took the receiver from Agent Johnson. She was already fighting back tears. These people did not care however.
She dived right in. 'Hello, Please.. Please just give me my little girl back. She’s a sweet little girl who hasn’t done anything wr-'
'MUMMY!!! MUMMYYYYY' Jessica’s voice interrupted her mothers feeble attempt at appealing to the kidnappers better nature. These people did not have one.
'Oh my god baby, Yes I am here. Every things going to be okay! I'm here and we are going to get you home I promise.'
The Man came back on the phone. 'Hello Mrs Adams. I need you to know that this isn’t anything personal. Its Just business.'
Scrap what I said earlier. THIS RIGHT HERE. This was the worst moment of my life. This was when we all knew.
'This isn’t the way I wanted it to go down. Honestly.’ He almost sounded sincere. ‘The FBI have stepped on our toes one too many times and they have made us very angry. A message needs to be sent. I hope you understand. Oh, please tell the Matthews family that we'll see them very soon. That debt is still owed. And we will collect.'
Jessica’s mum knew at this point what was to come. All she could do was to find the strength to try and comfort her little girl and be there for her in what was no doubt unimaginable hell for her.
The image of her shaken frame and tears bursting from her eyes will forever stay with me. To her credit she did her best to remain strong.
Telling Jessica everything would be ok.
She started to sing her the lullaby down the phone, from when Jess was 5 years old and under the weather. The song always made her feel better. Every kid has that one song their mum sings to them when they need comfort and warmth. I hope it gave Jess some sense of her mother’s presence in those last moments.
I think I'd have a lot more issues than I do now, had Agent Rodriquez not acted as quick as he did.
He dived over the dinning room table to switch off the speaker phone just as the sound of an Electric drill revved to life and Jessica began to scream in abject terror.
We all watched Jessica’s mum attempt to hold herself together. Tears leaking for her eye sockets. Jessica’s father embraced her mother in a state I’d never seen him in before.
We all watched the last of her soul shatter as she sang 'Hush Little Baby, Don’t you cry' into the phone as Jessica screamed in pure agony for her mum and dad to come save her from the bad men.
She stayed with Jessica until the very end. We never heard another voice on the line after the screaming stopped. The phone went dead almost immediately after. Jessica’s mum collapsed when the caller hung up.
A unit arrived shortly after the call went dead. It was from the US Federal Witness Protection Programme. They gave my family all new identities and relocated us out of the country.
Apparently that was also part of the document we signed earlier. We weren’t safe anymore and needed to disappear. I cant give much more detail on this for obvious reasons.
It was just our family that had to go missing.
The FBI concluded it was unlikely The Swarm would come for Jessica’s parents. They’d hurt them enough.
We said our emotion packed goodbyes and offered what fatuous condolences we could muster.
We packed our essential items in the 10 minutes we had before a black sedan came to collect us with a swat team escort sandwiching our ride.
I watched my home for the last 13 years, fade away into the distance as Me and my parents embarked on our new life, away from this nightmare.
Apparently whilst we were being removed from the country, the FBI finally traced the call made to our landline. It lead to a remote location way off the grid just outside of our town. The FBI and Evidence Response Team followed up to some old abandoned storage facility. There, they found the remains of three bodies.
Daniels, Ramsey and Jess.
We were told one was totally dismembered. One was hanging by their neck from barbed wire attached to the roof support beams and the other had been drowned in boiling hot oil.
They didn’t tell us which was which but when Jessica’s Mum went to Identify her body, that was the final straw.
She committed suicide the next day by overdosing on her prescription Diazepam.
Her father is reportedly still alive but by all accounts he's turned to a life of Alcohol and Anti Depressants.
Our handler says she doubts he'll see out the year at the rate he is going. It always hurts to hear the lasting damage of this horrendous event. I hope they all find each other again some day.
Me and my family have settled now in our new home. We are making a go at a normal life but we will all be forever moulded by the events of that one night.
I won’t walk anywhere alone. I have severe separation anxiety and its effected a lot of my romantic relationships. I can’t keep a boyfriend for longer than a month as I can’t talk to any of my boyfriends about my issues and where they stem from as its against my WITSEC agreement.
Our case handler says we are the luckiest people she’s ever met and we need to embrace this gift we have been given. We are the only family to ever be targeted by The Swarm and make it out alive.
All the other families out there like me and my parents weren’t as fortunate.
I doubt id use the words 'lucky' and ‘fortunate’ Our handler wasn't there that night listening to those people die in some dark dingy old building screaming for mercy. But at the same time, I do get where she is coming from.
I always read the online news articles for my old town and surrounding states to keep an eye on the alarming number of rising missing person cases. It’s horrifying. Mainly young girls too, who just vanish from their homes and neighbourhoods without a trace. The Swarm is responsible, I know it.
Even though, I am told I am safe now, and getting on with the rest of my life. I always find myself coming back to three things from that night.
1- The look of Jessica’s mums heart breaking as she sung her baby to sleep for the final time. A moment that haunts me on dark nights.
2- The last moment me and Jessica shared together before she was taken. That lingering warm smile we gave each other as she stood in my bedroom doorway. A treasure I truly hold dearly on those same dark nights.
And, 3. The comment Agent Johnson quoted about Damon Ramsey in regards to his own WITSEC agreement protecting him from The Swarm....
‘When it comes to these people that were dealing with. There’s no such thing as Immunity’
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I Once Tried to Obstruct My Wife’s Belief in God, but Now We Worship God Together —The Awakening of One Who Had Been Deceived by Rumors By Chenguang, Canada
Editor’s Note: Because of believing the CCP’s negative propaganda about the May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case, for a time the protagonist of this article Chenguang tried to block his wife from believing in Almighty God. But though he had tried everything, his wife still persisted in her faith. Afterward, through investigating The Church of Almighty God (CAG), he came to know the truth behind the May 28 Incident and became sure that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus. Would you like to know about his experiences? Let’s read them together.
The CCP’s Rumors Were Rooted in My Heart, and I Became Suspicious of My Wife Due to our work, my wife and I came to Canada, and we attended meetings in a church near our house. Once, the pastor said in a sermon: “CAG is now testifying that the Lord has returned. This is not true. Don’t believe that, and moreover don’t have any contact with them.” Hearing this suddenly reminded me of the negative propaganda about CAG from China’s news media. In particular there was a report by China Central Television (CCTV) on the May 28 Murder Case in a McDonald’s in Zhaoyuan, Shandong, in which the CCP said that the criminal suspects were members of CAG. At that time, I felt so frightened, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it as I thought I wouldn’t come into contact with members of CAG. Now that the pastor talked about this, I must be on guard.
That day, my wife didn’t listen to the sermon because she had to look after the children in the church. On our way home, she asked me about the content of the sermon, and I told her the pastor’s condemnation of CAG. Surprisingly, after hearing what I said, she immediately said: “What the pastor said isn’t in accord with the Lord’s will. The Lord Jesus said: ‘Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again’ (Matthew 7:1–2). We believers in the Lord should have reverence for God, so how can the pastor casually condemn other churches? Besides, we all believe in God. Why can’t we treat other denominations fairly?” Seeing that my wife not only wasn’t afraid but had such a big reaction, I was somewhat astonished, and casually asked her whether she had contacted any members of CAG. She said she hadn’t, and so I stopped asking.
One day, when playing with my phone during my break at work, I found it had a GPS system which I hadn’t used before, and I wanted to check it out. Then I put in my wife’s cellphone number, and the result showed that she was in a house near our home. I then sent a message to ask her where she was, and unexpectedly she replied she was on her way to work. Taking another look at the result my phone showed, I felt quite bewildered: Why did she lie to me? But I was too embarrassed to catch her out, so I thought about looking for a right opportunity to ask her.
Finding the Evidence of My Wife’s Belief in Almighty God, I Tried Everything to Stop Her That day, after getting home from work, when I went to take something from the wardrobe, I accidentally caught sight of a black bag which contained several books. Out of curiosity, I opened one of them, and unexpectedly the words “The Church of Almighty God” leaped out at me. I was shocked and thought: “How could my wife have books from CAG? Could it be that she has contacted people from the church?” At that time, I suddenly thought of my wife’s strong reaction when she heard the pastor’s condemnation of CAG, and her lying to me that morning, so I became even more certain that she had contact people from CAG. I began to worry and considered how to persuade her if she really had believed in Almighty God. Then I hurriedly went online to search for information on CAG, and when I saw the Chinese government’s news reports about the May 28 Incident, I got more worried about my wife.
When my wife returned home from work, I impatiently asked her whether she had contacted people from CAG. She appeared to be a little surprised at my question, but she still replied she hadn’t. Seeing that, I angrily laid out on the desk the books I had found, and questioned her loudly: “When did you start believing in Almighty God? There is a lot of negative news online about CAG, don’t you know that? You lied to me this morning. You weren’t on your way to work. Where were you?” Seeing that I had found the books, my wife admitted that she had believed in Almighty God and that she was attending a meeting in a sister’s home that morning. At the thought of how she usually was reasonable and cautious, I softened my tone and continued: “The Chinese government said the boundaries between men and women were unclear among believers in Almighty God and that the Zhaoyuan case has something to do with CAG. This is awful! Can you please not contact them anymore? It will be so much better if you just go to church meetings, and I will go with you every week. Why do you want to contact them?” When I finished, I showed her the negative information online. After reading them, my wife said angrily: “These people have never had any contact with the people from CAG at all. They shouldn’t be saying anything about it. These words are completely unfounded and hearsay, they are rumors. They’re completely untrustworthy! In the past few months, I’ve been contacting the brothers and sisters of CAG, and what I’ve seen is that they dress in a simple and honest manner, and they speak and behave in a dignified manner. Brothers and sisters respect boundaries and are principled in their interactions. They are not at all like the rumors the CCP and the pastors and elders spread. The administrative decree for the Age of Kingdom issued by Almighty God clearly states: ‘Man has corrupt disposition and, moreover, he is possessed of emotions. As such, it is absolutely prohibited for two members of the opposite sex to work together when serving God. Any who are discovered doing so will be expelled, without exception—and no one is exempt.’ God is holy and righteous, and loathes nothing more than when people engage in fornication. So, God has issued strict administrative decrees for His chosen people, and anyone who violates them will be expelled from the church. The brothers and sisters of CAG strictly abide by God’s administrative decrees, and no one dares violate them. This is what I personally saw and experienced. The rumor spread by the CCP and the pastors and elders that the boundaries between men and women of CAG are unclear is nothing but rumor, defamation, and malicious slander! You have never been in contact with people from CAG, but you blindly believe these rumors, is that appropriate? I didn’t tell you the truth before because I was afraid you would hinder me from believing in Almighty God and I wanted to tell you when I understood the truth.” But no matter what my wife said, I wouldn’t listen and insisted that she no longer go to meetings. Finally, she had no choice but to agree, but she said that she wanted to continue reading God’s word at home. Thinking that there would be no danger as long as she didn’t contact people from CAG, I agreed.
One night, I saw my wife’s phone on the table, and wanted to look at it to see whom she had been in touch with recently. When I found that she still contacted her sisters from CAG, I angrily said to her: “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t contact them? Why are you still in contact with them?” After listening, my wife didn’t say anything. Several days later, I used GPS to locate her during my break at work and discovered that she went to a meeting again. When I got home, I lost my patience with her, I again told her about the negative information online and the May 28 Zhaoyuan Case, and also sent some negative videos to her. But my wife wouldn’t change her mind and still kept on meeting with her brothers and sisters of CAG. Because of this, I frequently quarreled with her and was in a cold war with her for a period of time. I just couldn’t figure out why she still attended meetings though I obstructed her like that and spoke harshly to her. This really was vexing for me.
Later, in order to obstruct my wife’s belief in Almighty God, I secretly deleted the books, hymns, and preachings and fellowships from CAG on her phone, but after she found out that she downloaded them again; I also hid her books of God’s word that were at home but several days later she found them. I was utterly defeated and didn’t know why everything I tried didn’t work at all. Later, I thought: “Now that all this can’t stop her, how about doing ideological work for her? But I am not as good as her in explaining scriptures. What should I do? How about telling the pastor and elder and having them persuade her? But if they know she has believed in Almighty God, they will possibly tell the brothers and sisters to stay away from her, and this will ruin her reputation. Then how about asking her parents in China to persuade her? But they’re getting on in years; if they know she has believed in Almighty God, will they be so furious that they will get sick?” After thinking over and over, I felt they were not viable ways, and finally I decided to do ideological work for my wife by myself. From then on, I started to earnestly study the Bible, and explained to my wife what I heard from the pastor, what I found online and the doctrines I understood. However, every time, I was refuted and rendered speechless, which made me feel embarrassed and helpless. During that period, my wife asked me many times to look into CAG, but I dared not do so because of the rumors.
My Wife’s Change Got Me to Reflect Later, however, the facts before my eyes forced me to reflect. Since my wife began believing in Almighty God, she had changed a lot. Every time when I lost my temper with her, she tolerated me; even though I hid her books and deleted some content from her phone, she didn’t quarrel with me out of hot-bloodedness, nor did she fly into a rage. That wasn’t the way my wife used to behave. Seeing her change, I felt really happy. I couldn’t help but think: “After believing in Almighty God, my wife has changed for the better. Besides, she is astute and cautious. In the face of so much negative information online and my hindering, she still persists in her belief in Almighty God. Could it be that Almighty God’s work really is the work of the true God? Has the Lord Jesus truly returned?” But then another thought occurred to me: “If this really is true, then why are there so many negative comments online? How can the May 28 Zhaoyuan Case be explained?”
Due to my wife’s change, in the following days, I didn’t obstruct her that much and no longer prevented her from going out to attend meetings, but just sent her some negative videos occasionally.
Through Seeking and Fellowshiping, I Learned the Truth Behind the May 28 Incident One day, my wife again fellowshiped with me and persuaded me to examine Almighty God’s work of the last days, and she said: “Back then when the Lord Jesus came to work, because His work didn’t tally with people’s notions He was slandered by the religious Pharisees and was hunted and arrested by the Roman government. But does that mean the Lord Jesus’ work isn’t God’s work? Now is the last days, and is the time when the Lord returns. Since we hear CAG testifying that the Lord has come back, we should be wise virgins, learn to listen to God’s voice, and personally investigate and understand the church. This is the only way we’ll be able to welcome the Lord’s return. If you don’t seek and investigate, don’t have a real understanding of the truth, but just be worried and blindly get your guard up, that won’t do you any good. If you miss out on the Lord’s second coming, your regrets will be too late.” I felt what my wife said made sense—only by personally investigating could I know whether the way was true or not. If it was false, I would directly expose them, and this could also rescue my wife.
So, in July 2018, my wife and I went to CAG, where two sisters received us very warmly. Looking them up and down, I thought: “This young girl and the lady seem dignified and decent, and don’t look like bad people. It won’t be good if I speak too unpleasantly. I’d better listen to them first.” After we exchanged greetings, these two sisters started introducing us to the origin of CAG, and showed us the video, The Origin and Development of The Church of Almighty God. I saw it said in the video: “In the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus promised to His followers: ‘And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also” (John 14:3). He also prophesied: ‘For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be’ (Matthew 24:27). In the last days, as promised and foretold by Himself, God has again become flesh and descended to the East of the world—China—to do the work of judgment, chastisement, conquest, and salvation using the word, on the foundation of the redemption work of the Lord Jesus. In this, the prophecies of the Bible that ‘Judgment must begin at the house of God’ and ‘He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches,’ have also been fulfilled. Almighty God’s work of the last days has ended the Age of Grace and ushered in the Age of Kingdom.” After watching this video, I gained some understanding. It turned out that Almighty God’s appearance and work were based in biblical prophecies and were nothing like what the online rumors had described. Then the two sisters played for me many videos and skits, of which the skit The Lord Is Knocking gave me a deep impression. In the skit, Brother Zhen’s effort to persistently and indefatigably spread the gospel moved me. I saw that, in order to testify Almighty God’s work in the last days to the pastor, Brother Zhen tirelessly went to preach the gospel, time after time, regardless of how others treated him. Didn’t such faith and love come from God? Otherwise, who else could have this kind of love? With this in mind, I gradually let my guard down and thought of what the Lord Jesus said: “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. … Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:3, 6). Then I prayed to the Lord that I was no longer willing to be hardened, and wished to share my confusion and seek and investigate Almighty God’s work of the last days.
And so, I said to them: “Sisters, I’d like to ask: If Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, then why does a lot of propaganda on television and the internet in China say that the May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case was done by people from CAG? What’s the truth behind this? Could you explain that to me?”
Sister Lin heard me out and then said patiently: “Brother, this case has nothing whatsoever to do with CAG. It was fabricated by the CCP in order to frame and blame the church. Actually, people who understand about this case all know that, three days after the occurrence of the murder, before the case was heard by the court, three of the top-rated programs of CCTV, Evening News, Focus Report, and Oriental Horizon, were impatient to feature special reports on it, identifying the offenders, Zhang Lidong, Zhang Fan and others, as members of CAG. On the same day, China’s Ministry of Public Security openly declared special crackdown on CAG. Afterward, during the public hearing, however, the offenders said clearly that they had never been in contact with CAG, nor were they members of CAG. But the CCP judge ignored the suspects’ testimonies and firmly determined that they were affiliated with CAG. Isn’t that the CCP intentionally framing and smearing CAG? What are the CCP’s intentions and motives? Why did they tell a bare-faced lie? In fact, those with a discerning eye can tell right away. The CCP framing and blaming CAG for the McDonald’s Murder Case was entirely to create a public uproar to fully suppress it and wipe it out. This is the CCP’s usual trick for persecuting religious beliefs, dissidents, and human rights activists. Just like the June 4th student movement that everyone is familiar with: The college students involved were patriots, and seeing that graft and corruption of officials were severe, they launched a patriotic campaign for anti-corruption. In order to suppress them, however, the CCP specially arranged some unknown people to infiltrate the students’ ranks, then had them hit, smash, loot, burn, and even overturn military vehicles. They then shifted the blame onto innocent students and used that as an excuse to massacre thousands of students with tanks and machine guns. There are also the 2014 Kunming Attack, Xinjiang Incident, Tibet Incident, and so on, which were all deliberately fabricated by the CCP to attack dissenters and maintain its authoritarian regime.”
Sister Liu then fellowshiped this with me: “Yes. As is known to all, the CCP is autocratic and is an atheist revolutionary party. Its missions are to eliminate all religious beliefs and establish China as a godless realm. The CCP hates the truth and God. They use various ways to suppress Christianity and Catholicism, and this causes many believers to be arrested, imprisoned or have difficulty in returning to their homes, and so they all feel it hard to believe in God in China. After Almighty God incarnate has appeared to work and utter His voice in China, people from various denominations and all walks of life who love the truth and long for the appearance of God, have read Almighty God’s words, and determined that they are God’s voice and that the Lord Jesus has returned, and so one by one they have accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days and returned before God’s throne. In no more than twenty-odd years, about four million people have returned to Almighty God in mainland China, and now Almighty God’s kingdom gospel has spread to a number of countries and regions abroad. The rapid development of CAG aroused panic within the CCP—it fears that after believing in Almighty God, people will understand the truth, see through its evil essence, and reject it. In this way, its wild ambition to control and cage the Chinese people and dominate the world will be fully extinguished. So as to maintain its dictatorial rule, the CCP has never stopped oppressing and persecuting CAG and in recent years the persecution has gotten worse and worse, and the number of the Christians brutally tortured to death rises sharply. These are all facts and also the truth behind the fact that the CCP deliberately fabricated the May 28 McDonald’s Murder Case in Zhaoyuan to smear CAG. But the CCP proclaims to other countries that China has freedom of religious belief, and always boasts that they are great, glorious, and correct, using illusions to fool the people of other countries. The truth, however, will be out. Because the CCP has done too much evil, some foreign human rights scholars and experts have seen its true face. For example, Prof. Massimo Introvigne, an Italian sociologist and the founder and managing director of the Center for Studies on New Religions, after investigating the Zhaoyuan case, clarified the facts, saying it has nothing to do with CAG, and verified that it is the basis of public opinions engineered by the CCP for the suppression of CAG. He also censured the CCP government for its deception of the people of other countries.”
The two sisters’ fellowship made me feel as if I was awakened from a dream. As it turned out, the May 28 McDonald’s Murder Case in Zhaoyuan had no relation to CAG, and it was carefully designed by the CCP to suppress and ban CAG with the aim of ruling over China forever. The CCP not only persecutes CAG, but also persecutes Christianity, Catholicism, and Buddhism and other denominations, and they do not even spare Uighurs and Tibetans. They really rack their brains and exhaust all their means to control and enslave people. They are so evil and despicable! I thought of how, since I was born, I had been deceived and enslaved by China, an authoritarian state. So, when hearing the CCP’s negative propaganda against CAG, I became afraid, didn’t dare believe in Almighty God, and even obstructed my wife time and again. How foolish and blind I was! If not for the sisters’ fellowship that day, I wouldn’t have seen through the CCP’s despicable purposes, and would still be kept in the dark, misunderstanding CAG, and even blocking my wife from believing in Almighty God—I almost went along with the CCP in doing evil. Now I finally knew the truth.
The Biggest Key to Examining God’s Work Is Listening to God’s Voice Then, Sister Lin asked: “Brother, does this fellowship help you understand?” I replied: “Yes. Through your fellowship, I’ve understood the inside story of the May 28 Incident. It has nothing whatsoever to do with CAG, and it was single-handedly planned by the CCP to ban the church. Such despicable methods have always been used by the CCP to attack and discriminate against dissenters.” The sister said: “Thanks be to God! That’s true. Now let me read a passage to you, ‘If you research the true way, then you must seek out whether the words spoken by God incarnate really are the voice of God, whether they are the truth and whether or not they are the work of God. This is what you should be investigating. If these words are the truth, if they are the voice of God, and they are God’s work of the last days, then despite what Satan may tell us, we must believe in it because God is the truth, and Satan’s mouth is filled with lies. God’s words are the truth, His words are His work, and God is righteous and holy. God’s work can never, ever be wrong. Any person can be wrong, but God can never be wrong. Any person can lie, they can cheat and trick others, but God does not lie; God is holy and righteous and He is the truth. Some people do not investigate God’s words but just look at the religious community’s critiques of The Church of Almighty God and the leader of the Church. But do the words of those in the religious world represent God’s words? If you do not believe this person, that’s fine, but you always have to believe God, don’t you? If you do not read God’s words but always take Satan at its word, then is it not Satan whom you trust? Do you really believe that Satan’s words are truth? If you do, there are problems with your faith; you actively believe Satan’s words. There are also some who, when looking into the true way, look specifically to statements on famous websites from the secular world. They say, “What they’re saying on those websites has to be right!” But, really, what are those websites? Aren’t they of this world, too? Aren’t those words written by corrupt human beings? Are they not part of Satan’s evil power? Do they contain truth? They do not serve God, they certainly do not worship God and they are not groups that God gives testimony for. Why on earth would you believe them? They lie through their teeth and spread falsehoods. They disseminate whatever rumors or lies satanic governments may create. Doesn’t that make them organizations that spread lies? They pass on whatever rumors the Chinese Communist government creates, whatever attempts they make to discredit The Church of Almighty God. So, aren’t they tools for Satan to spread its lies? Aren’t they tools for Satan to deceive man? Why do people believe those things of Satan when researching the true way? Are they sick in the head? Do they believe that the world is righteous and fair? If the government or religious community makes comments and claims as to which is the true way and which is the true God, then they just believe in it. If the government or religious community says something isn’t the true way, or says that some God is not real, then they don’t believe in it. Who do these people believe in? They believe in the government, they believe in the words of the religious community, and the words of religious pastors and elders. Is someone like that a true believer? They do not believe in God, they do not trust in God, they do not believe that God is real, and they do not admit that God is the truth. They particularly do not know the truth. Therefore, when someone like that looks into the true way, they are paralyzed the moment they hear Satan’s lies and rumors. Is this an intelligent person? They are confused! There is just one principle for my belief in God: If someone is God, if He can express the truth and save humanity, then I will believe in Him and my faith will be unwavering. And don’t we believe in God in order to receive the truth? Only by gaining the truth can you gain God. If you do not obtain the truth then your faith is a failure, it is useless, and you cannot gain God’ (Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life, Volume 138).”
The sister then went on with her fellowship, saying: “This passage of fellowship makes it very clear. The negative propaganda online is rumors fabricated by the CCP to smear CAG. Its aim is to deceive those who lack understanding of the facts and make them fear CAG, so that they dare not investigate and accept God’s work of the last days, will even follow it in resisting and condemning Almighty God, and finally lose God’s salvation of the last days. In fact, Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus and there is a biblical basis to Almighty God’s appearance and work. Just like what the Lord Jesus said, ‘I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come’ (John 16:12–13). ‘And if any man hear My words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. He that rejects Me, and receives not My words, has one that judges him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day’ (John 12:47–48). From this, we see that when the Lord returns in the last days, He’ll utter more words, use the truth to do the work of judgment and purification, and guide us into all truth. So, if we really want to seek and investigate God’s work of the last days, we can’t believe the rumors and lies of the CCP, and instead we should personally listen to Almighty God’s words and see whether they are God’s voice. This is the way we can welcome the Lord’s return. Just like the Lord Jesus’ disciples Peter and John—at that time they didn’t listen to the Roman government’s and the Pharisees’ words of resisting and condemning the Lord Jesus, but instead focused on hearing whether the Lord’s words were the truth and God’s voice, and thus they finally kept pace with God’s work and gained God’s blessings.”
The sister’s fellowship allowed me to understand that, in investigating the true way, I should focus on reading Almighty God’s words instead of listening to the CCP’s words. The CCP is God’s enemy and it has always been opposing God. I believed in God but listened to Satan’s words—was I not foolish? Moreover, only God can express the truth, provide us with life, and purify and transform us. So, I wouldn’t go astray as long as I sought the truth in God’s words. I thought of how after my wife had believed in Almighty God and read His words for a period of time, she indeed changed. For example, she used to be easily angered and we often got into quarrels, but after believing in Almighty God, she had never argued with me though I persistently scolded and obstructed her, and instead she patiently fellowshiped with me. Wasn’t all this her change? It seemed that in investigating the true way, I had to pay more attention to listening to God’s voice and shouldn’t determine God’s work based on the CCP’s rumors; otherwise, I would likely lose God’s salvation in the last days!
Afterward, every week when I had time, I would attend gatherings and read God’s words with my brothers and sisters. I gradually understood many truths and mysteries, such as God’s three stages of work of managing and saving mankind, the work in the Age of Law, the work in the Age of Grace, and the work in the Age of Kingdom, the way God works, His disposition and what results He shall finally achieve in every stage of work, and I came to know that every stage of God’s work is implemented according to the needs of mankind and according to the degree of our corruption by Satan, and that everything God does is for us mankind. I also understood the mystery of the incarnation, the mystery of God’s name, the end and final destination for mankind, etc. These truths were what I had never known and wouldn’t know in religion. Almighty God has opened up all the mysteries of heaven to us and revealed God’s work clearly. Who else could have done so except God? Almighty God truly is the Lord Jesus returned. So I happily accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days.
As I have more contact with the brothers and sisters, I’ve found that they are all simple and sincere, they take God’s words as the principle in their words, actions, and their interactions with others, and they all pursue the truth and practice being honest people. They are not like what the rumors say. In my association with them, I don’t need to keep my guard up and I feel especially secure in my heart. I really enjoy being around them. Now, my relationship with my wife has become more amicable. When conflicts or misunderstandings arise between us, we’ll openly fellowship with each other, recognize the problems that exist within us, and learn from each other. When my wife goes out to attend gatherings or perform her duty, I will actively drive her to her destinations. Moreover, I’m also performing the duty of a created being—fellowshiping with the brothers and sisters in meetings who have just accepted God’s work and helping them resolve problems and difficulties by praying to God and communicating God’s words. Through practicing fulfilling my duty, I have understood more of God’s words, and I could learn something new and gain new knowledge at each meeting. No matter what problems and difficulties occurred, I could find a path of practice in God’s words.
My Gratitude to God Thinking of the path I’ve followed, at the beginning because I lacked the truth and had no discernment, I believed the CCP’s rumors, tried to prevent and obstruct my wife from believing in Almighty God, and even used all kinds of methods to force her to give up on following Him, playing the role of Satan resisting God. But God wasn’t treating me according to my transgression. Through the sisters’ fellowship, God had enabled me to understand the truth of the fact, so that I could follow Almighty God’s work, perform my duty, and prepare good deeds. I will never be able to repay Almighty God for His mercy, and I only wish to pursue the truth earnestly and fulfill my duty well to return His love. Thanks be to God!
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2019.04.04 15:00 alleybetwixt Secret cctv sex video

BURNING MOLKA ARCHIVE WIKI will contain all future updates for this listing.
This post was last updated on 190915 at 6:55PM KST
This is a compiled list of all the significant figures involved in the Burning Molka scandals. It is our attempt to make an easier-to-read breakdown that focuses on the Who's Who of these cases and what they did.
⚠ TRIGGER WARNING: This will be the only warning in this post. The contents of many of these stories and notes may be triggering. If you are sensitive to straightforward mentions of criminal activity, especially regarding sexual assault/rape, do not continue. ⚠ There are two primary threads to follow in this story. One thread is Burning Sun and the general club culture of Gangnam. This includes illegal activities (drug use and dealing, gambling, entry of minors, sexual assault, illegal hidden cameras set up to film sexual abuse, tax evasion, embezzlement) and police colluding to cover up and/or participate in these activities. The other is the celebrity members of chatrooms sharing molka (illegally filmed videos, especially sexually exploitative in nature). They are intertwined as they involve some of the same people.
The ever-growing web of these stories are happening concurrently with a widespread spy-cam (molka) epidemic (hidden cameras in hotel rooms, public restrooms, etc) as well as a feminist movement (#MeToo) where awareness is being raised of the patriarchal culture of South Korea, which has facilitated sexual harassment and abuse of women as a 'norm'.
Throughout all cases, there are authority figures (police, politicians, celebrities, chaebols) committing crimes. Due to their wealth, power, and the entrenched corruption of those that could bring them justice--they get away with it.
(190503 Expansion) The two primary threads of Burning Sun and molka-sharing chatrooms have split into a few further threads through the investigations. As it stands now, there are essentially five threads.
CedarBough T. Saeji wrote an excellent piece introducing these threads and the ways they are connected within the larger cultural context of South Korea. Highly recommended reading!
KOREA EXPOSÉ - South Korea’s Corruption, Exposed by the Burning Sun
(see footnote in comments about all the Kims and repetitious names)
Directly involved: Victims speaking out: Indirect connections: Further investigations: People on the case: submitted by alleybetwixt to kpop [link] [comments]

2018.05.05 01:34 8088XT8BIT Secret video cctv sex

First of all .. Please don't presume I know anymore about this story / case then the next person - I do not. If you are looking for factual expertise - Do look elsewhere.
My trip down the weird Papini Case rabbit hole. Specualation, theory and conjecture.
Sherri Papini claims she was abducted on November 2, 2016
What the FBI Found - "The official FBI Statement says nothing about kidnapping nor suspects!"
See Here
It says Sherri Papini -> disappeared (not kidnapped nor abducted) and it says -> individuals (not suspects) are wanted to get information about this case.
"Shasta County sheriff's officials don't know why the California Department of Justice identifies local missing woman Sherri Papini as someone who - left her family
Lieutenant Anthony Bertain, the head of the Investigations Division at the Shasta County Sheriff's Office, Determined It Was NOT an Abduction Old Archived Post**
Seriously people - I think most people realize that the official story has more holes then shotgunned Swiss cheese.
Take information that should be public and hide seal it. Say you still investigating and the case is an open and on going investigation. Ghost Chasers!
See Here
See this and read the Comments. Oh and they will/do remove comments!
How many questions does her sister - actually answer? Video
What Did Sheila Say or Not Say? - Here** (Disabled / Dead Link Fixed)
Did LE Properly Investigate? The better question might be - Did they get bamboozled?
Sheriff Bosenko's Double Speak
Links To Other Post.
strange stuff.
A couple more statements from Keith's 20/20 interview that really puzzled me by Bigbezoar.
Why no pictures of her injuries and why no comments from Sherri. Everything comes for her husband who uses a lot of strange language.
Those who are telling the truth will defend themselves and speak the truth. They don't run away and hide from the public. They don't make up excuses. They don't have other people constantly speak about and for them. They aren't afraid to talk to the media. They don't develop selective amnesia. They aren't afraid of body language experts and polygraphs. They talk openly and aren't afraid to offer up explanations. This all speaks to me and it says - Deception!
Sherri (supposedly) worked for ATnT for many years. If it is one thing she knew, it was phones and how they work. She could have had more then one phone. She could have been paying the bill through a secret at&t account online that was mixed in with her shopping sites. She could easily hide it from her husband. Think you know really know SP?
Where to go from here? Michigan & California - Freedom Of Information Acts.
Just Another Speculative Theory - The Papini's Case**
Remember .. On the FB Group how they (friends and family) spoke highly of Keith and indirectly suggested that someone should come home to her family. Even SP's Sister. I wonder how many of them knew what SP (Selfish Barbie) had been doing to KP behind his back? I think it was during the 20/20 review when he breaks down over what he is going to tell his kids about mum not coming home? I'm guessing he finally (at that moment) realized what she had been doing to him all along. In this Video interview Sherri's mom looks down when saying - "Keith Misses You" Anyway, other people thought so to and they posted / talked about it on various forums. This post hit home with me, because I was thinking the same thing. -- "I have a strong feeling that KP was in denial about SP’s dalliances all along, even at the time of the 20/20 interview. His head was planted firmly in the sand. His tears in that interview were about the realization that she had really gone over the edge, and he could no longer sweep it all under the rug. KP’s subservience might be part of the reason why SP was comfortable doing what she did."
!! :NOTE: !!
"Remember, it was THE PAPINIS who went to their friend in the TV news business and who wanted this whole case to go NATIONAL and get NATIONAL wall-to-wall TV exposure...
It was the Papinis who went to ABC .. 20/20, People Magazine, Good Morning America - then later, along with their surrogates, to Youtube, CrimeWatchDaily, RadarOnline, Dr. Oz, etc... just to get MORE worldwide exposure and coverage. Think about that .. Really .. Think About It.
Then it was the Papinis who hired a Hollywood publicity & marketing agent.
So I laugh at any suggestion that sub-humans who discuss this case on an obscure thread on an internet site are responsible for their agony because they have to live like recluses. They wanted the publicity, they got it, now they blame someone else?"
There are various details that often get deleted because they are to revealing. Here is just one example of of this being talked about and screen shots being saved. Edit History
Oh and just in case you missed this - Here's where SacramentoSally specifically challenged the argument that Sherri was seeing other men and she tried to argue that MM was a lie. The answer now to the challenge SS posed is that the SCSO said so and nobody disputes it now -- **Busted!
Here is link to post**
The whole thread is - Here**
Remember the video of SP running at the church in Yolo where she was dropped off? She gets dropped off and she "runs" to the JW Church and nobody is there. She then runs back across the parking lot and to the side of the highway. The younger of the two captors then escorted her out of where she was held, drove her in the dark on a winding road and set her free near Interstate 5.
There was male dna on the clamps & fastenings. (Accomplice!) Her Story in Doubt**
There are Cameras in lots of different places, plus all the business that have surveillance cameras. There is also a live traffic camera at I-5 and SR151 a mile or two south of the Chevron on Old Oregon Trail. This camera has a direct view of the southbound lanes of the 5 .. dc21111.
When a reporter asked Sheila Koester (Sherri's Sister) if the stay at home mom SP worked outside the home, Koester stumbled and staggered all over the question. She never did provide an answer, which should have been as simple as - Yes or No. Ask yourself why. There is a lot more to sneaky Sherri then meets the eye. **What was stay at home mom doing outside the home? Perhaps the rumors about her escorting are true? Stay at home mom had her Children in Daycare.
I can understand people being angry if they donated to the "Go Fund Me" and now feel they've been had. When you stop and think about it, they are the ones who actually got - Taken. I don't blame them for being upset over the whole sham. Sheriff Bozo and company shouldn't be allowed to let the PAPs and company off the hook.
Archived Post
Archived Post
Sheriff Bozo said their wouldn't be any more/new reports coming out unless something new was discovered on those Two Female Hispanic Apparitions. This is Bosenko's way out of this mess and way to save face. Finding those two kidnappers isn't going to happen, because they've returned to the spirit realm. In other words - They cannot be caught because they only exist in the mind of one spoiled lying selfish coward, who through clandestine activities become a victim. This supposed victim returned home with a serious case selective amnesia, or - better known as - CRS!
Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko today shed more light on the Thanksgiving rescue of Sherri Papini after she was missing for three weeks. [Source] (
We weren’t specific on how she was restrained,” he said. “After being released, dropped off, however you want to refer to it, she walked to a nearby church, and then nobody was there, and then walked to I-5 near Road 17, where she flagged down a motorist.”
While the same dispatch reports indicated she was “heavily battered,” Bosenko also would not specify what kind of injuries Papini had. But he did confirm the type of injuries that get someone “treated and released,” as Papini was.
“When you say, ‘treated and released’ … no different than if you went up to the ER for a sprained ankle, they treated you and released you. Now, if you had a compound fracture due to that bone being broken, then you’d probably be admitted, have to stay for a few days,” Bosenko explained.
Did they DNA Test those jogging cloths they found (that looked like those SP was wearing out back of Cornerstone Door & Window? It stated in the police logs that it was a cop who found the cloths in a ditch out back of the business - Cornerstone Door and Window. That is across the street from the Chevron gas station!
Who slept in the the guest room of the unlocked house and left the blonde hair? - Night of Nov-2. The day SP vanished. Read these logs. Own thought the blonde hair might belong to the (MP) missing person.
You can read some details of the logs in text format on this page.
SP never made any statements unlike all other recovered people that were kidnapped, tortured and lived to TELL about it. Examples- Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Duggard, Amanda Barry and many others.
Look at all the different things/facts that were held back from the public which we kinda knew about anyway and they denied all along until the Facts - Outted Them...
-- we were told that she is a supermom, then later we find out she has a serious emotional past & meeting men secretly.
-- we were told she would never make up a story like this about being attacked and beaten, then later FOIA requests reveal old - police records - that the (( Sheriff )) was going overboard to hide which proved she not only IS the kind of person who would make up such a story, but that she had actually done it repeatedly in the past - enough so that her own family called the police on her.
-- we were told that there was no doctor from Michigan that she was meeting or planning to meet - then we later find out that she had been meeting up with the doctor from Michigan whenever he traveled to CA, and that she had met up with him multiple times & it had been going on for quite a while. Click HERE to see Bigb's full Post.
Criminal profiler Pat Brown, and body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass, both hoped their analyses of this case was wrong. They took a hard look and it wasn't good.
KP is lying? .. Watch and judge for yourself
A man and a women were arguing along the side of the road near the Chevron Gas Station and another man heard/saw them and called police. The women was walking and the man was in a vehicle. That gas station is only 1.2 miles from where SP was supposedly abducted. What are chances that this women and man are - KP & SP and/or SP & RR3 arguing about her running off on the family? A 1.2 mile walk to the Chevron. If this is SP then lots of people must have seen her that day. Another man reported seeing he saw a man driving behind a woman walking. He said it looked like she had got out the vehicle and he was following. The man said he would have stopped and asked the women if she needed help, but the guy driving looked like a red neck. lol Found this log info via UpNorthWilly.
Left Click On The Map And Slide It - Left-To-Right - To Go (back) To Sunset Drive & Old Oregon Trail.
Satellite Map Of The Route
Over 800 tips now and none of them helpful? Bullshit! .. (Protection Racket)
Sheriff Bozo and others will speak in a sort of Double Talk / Double Speech. Even - Double Negatives. Listen closely and pay attention to everything they say. They aren't always agreeing with the Paps.
See the thread - Here
Disgruntled wife runs off with / for another man and gets media frenzied back to her husband and kids after suspicious hubby calls (911) out the hounds?
What parts did CG and JG really play in the dog & pony show? Hard to say really? CamGam1 CamGam2
Crime Notes: Hoax**
(( Super Mom (Not!) Saga Parts 1-4. ))
Super Mom (Not!) Saga 1
Super Mom (Not!) Saga 2
Super Mom (Not!) Saga 3
Super Mom (Not!) Saga 3
The Mangas Connection This is the man (deacon) who married KP & SP.
Mangas interviews parents of Sherri Papini** .. Notice how she looks down when she says - "Keith Misses You".
Do See The Comments ... The anonymous donor** Fakeup!
Money - Bethel Church, Donations & Connections .. See Comments. Circle of rich friends!
Cameron Gamble Hints That Sherri Papini's Return Was A Staged Event.
Bethel Church - Defending .. Cam_Gamble. Here's an audio piece from Bethel Church defending Cameron's involvement - (it is not new) Audio Piece ... but lots of what they base all these accolades on are Cameron's UNPROVEN claims on his now-defunct & removed website. Make what you want of it but it really reminds me of crap like the Orlando Pulse mass murder's mom getting airtime just to claim "he's innocent & really a nice boy and he's being framed"... Gimme a break... " bigb
Shady Tactics and some unknown hostage negotiator and the Bethel .. (Cult?)
What is the single biggest obstacle that you see to believing Sherri's story?
Is This A Coverup?
Bethel Money - See Comments
[**Who is running the show**
Weird World Podcast -- Episode 72 - The Sherri Papini "Kidnapping"
So a question about Language
(( Pure censorship is taking its toll on most internet sites today. It was different in the early days of the inter-web, but now they've pretty much got control of all popular and semi-popular outlets for truth seeking and free expression. Voting is a problem to because those who aren't even investigating / sleuthing and don't know anything about a story, will down vote against investigators. Meaning they will just down vote against those who are investigating the official story. Unfortunately, most people today are being taught to (( Not Think - Especially Critically )) believe everything at face value. They never think about there being a story behind the story and things are not adding up. This has become all to common nowadays. It doesn't matter if something is true or not. What matters is: Sensationalism, Drama and Entertainment. Also, even the way comments are displayed. I think it should always be - Newest First. Comments under videos on YT is a good example. If someone's comment is to telling - It gets Removed! In other words - Control the story & comments - censor the truth - control the narrative! ))
RJones's Comment .. Here.
This post is speculation / Theory ...
submitted by 8088XT8BIT to thepapinis [link] [comments]

2018.01.16 19:30 doggy311 Secret cctv sex video

The post is pretty out there, but intriguing nonetheless. Sorry for double posting, I deleted the linked post in favor of the text version.
This A list director has not been seen very much at all over the past few months. His name has been in the news a lot, but appearances have been few and far between. I think what happened in the last week or two is going to drive him even deeper underground.
Several months ago our director was overseas. While there he did what he always does. He had sex with a bunch of guys and didn't really ask how old they were. One of the boys he had sex with was way underage. Like 14 or 15. Apparently the director met him at some club where you are supposed to be older. There is CCTV footage of the director and the boy at the bar and then at a table and then making out in a hallway outside a restroom and then in a VIP room at the club and then the two taking turns orally satisfying each other in this VIP room.
The CCTV footage then shows the pair leaving the club together and getting in a car. Four hours later the boy showed up at a hospital with a smashed face and broken jaw. Apparently the work of the director.
Apparently the boy is a relative of someone who knows a lot of things about a lot of people all over the world and made possible a lot of people all over the world knowing a lot of things that were secret.
That relative did what he did best and hacked into the CCTV system at the club and outside the club and even street CCTV cameras to trace the path of the car carrying the director and the boy. He then e-mailed the director what he had found and said he was going after the director full force. The director freaked out and went into hiding for a few days before emerging for a week or so. He then went into hiding and has not really been seen.
Shortly before the holidays, the director was confronted by the relative right outside the home of the director. The director bolted inside his home and locked the door. Within a few minutes of that, the director received an e-mail which contained the same CCTV footage as well as hundreds of photos and videos of the director and his friends naked and having sex with boys and teens and legal teens. It was a who's who engaged in what would be months and months of headlines. The relative wanted to meet the director. The director reached out to a few people including the source for all of this to me. That person has not engaged in any of these activities but is a big time fixer. The fixer said there was nothing wrong with meeting the relative. Just do it in an open place and assume you are being recorded.
Of course our director didn't listen to the advice and did what he wanted to do as always. He met the relative in private because he didn't want to take a chance that someone would spot him in public and ask questions and then ask questions of the relative. Even the fixer doesn't know exactly what happened next, but the relative was killed. Apparently the director did a good enough job of making it look like a suicide. The thing is though there are a lot of people who are very powerful who are now making it their cause to find out what happened to the relative. It is not going to take them long to at least see the director was in close proximity to the relative. I'm not sure whether they will find the proof he killed the relative, but it wouldn't shock me if something turns up. That relative was all knowing.
submitted by doggy311 to conspiracy [link] [comments]

2018.01.16 19:06 brayshizzle Secret cctv sex video
This A list director has not been seen very much at all over the past few months. His name has been in the news a lot, but appearances have been few and far between. I think what happened in the last week or two is going to drive him even deeper underground.
Several months ago our director was overseas. While there he did what he always does. He had sex with a bunch of guys and didn't really ask how old they were. One of the boys he had sex with was way underage. Like 14 or 15. Apparently the director met him at some club where you are supposed to be older. There is CCTV footage of the director and the boy at the bar and then at a table and then making out in a hallway outside a restroom and then in a VIP room at the club and then the two taking turns orally satisfying each other in this VIP room.
The CCTV footage then shows the pair leaving the club together and getting in a car. Four hours later the boy showed up at a hospital with a smashed face and broken jaw. Apparently the work of the director.
Apparently the boy is a relative of someone who knows a lot of things about a lot of people all over the world and made possible a lot of people all over the world knowing a lot of things that were secret.
That relative did what he did best and hacked into the CCTV system at the club and outside the club and even street CCTV cameras to trace the path of the car carrying the director and the boy. He then e-mailed the director what he had found and said he was going after the director full force. The director freaked out and went into hiding for a few days before emerging for a week or so. He then went into hiding and has not really been seen.
Shortly before the holidays, the director was confronted by the relative right outside the home of the director. The director bolted inside his home and locked the door. Within a few minutes of that, the director received an e-mail which contained the same CCTV footage as well as hundreds of photos and videos of the director and his friends naked and having sex with boys and teens and legal teens. It was a who's who engaged in what would be months and months of headlines. The relative wanted to meet the director. The director reached out to a few people including the source for all of this to me. That person has not engaged in any of these activities but is a big time fixer. The fixer said there was nothing wrong with meeting the relative. Just do it in an open place and assume you are being recorded.
Of course our director didn't listen to the advice and did what he wanted to do as always. He met the relative in private because he didn't want to take a chance that someone would spot him in public and ask questions and then ask questions of the relative. Even the fixer doesn't know exactly what happened next, but the relative was killed. Apparently the director did a good enough job of making it look like a suicide. The thing is though there are a lot of people who are very powerful who are now making it their cause to find out what happened to the relative. It is not going to take them long to at least see the director was in close proximity to the relative. I'm not sure whether they will find the proof he killed the relative, but it wouldn't shock me if something turns up. That relative was all knowing.
submitted by brayshizzle to conspiracy [link] [comments]

2018.01.09 20:28 nadleehAM Secret cctv sex video new chapters every sunday and wednesday here is the first chapter Chapter 1: the story begins at birth
Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Emris, Emris Smith, and this is my story.
I suppose it all started when I was born, I was born near Calcutta India, in town called Krishnanagar, in the middle of a monsoon season, that according to my mom has not been surpassed. I was born to an Indian mother and an English father.
I had what I thought at the time was a normal childhood, my mother a proud strong Indian woman was the main breadwinner of the family, supporting my dad’s craziness by being a science teacher and also tutoring private students to make sure everything was paid for. My father, an undoubtedly clever man with 2 PhDs, was always restless, looking for the next thing. We moved around a lot during our childhood, him finding one job only to find another “better” one in six months or a year, we moved 5 cities by the time I was 4.
I think finally my mom had enough of never settling down, if only to give me a stable childhood, we settled down in a city on the opposite side of India, in Gujarat. We bought an apartment and settled down, he never really settled completely going from a pharmaceutical engineer to ... something I didn’t pay attention(I was 6 years old) and then to a professor of a masters level chemistry at a very respected university. Like I said; a clever man.
But like I also said he was a restless man, I think he just got bored and sometime around the time I turned 10 he decided to wander yet again. This time he went big, he decided to move back to England, and so off we went.
I now realise I haven’t actually described myself. I was a perfectly boring introvert, slightly dusky toned, average looking, and 5’11” by the time I turned 19. Slightly overweight, not really athletic. With weird and eclectic interest: I liked rock music, I was into anime, really into blacksmithing spending a lot of my time scouring YouTube learning about how to forge metals into weapons. I even spent hundreds of pounds on courses to learn the basics of blacksmithing.
I grew up pretty normal, playing cricket in with the local kids in India, then playing football when we immigrated to England. I am not ashamed to admit it, I was terrible. I mean not the worst player in any group; but towards the bottom third. I actually wasn’t that bad at cricket indoors, be it in the cricket nets or even on concrete when we played in the car parks, but put me on grass an all of my velocity and control went away. I personally blame it on the bad footwear, i didn’t own a pair of Nike’s till I was 18. My mom would rather spend the money on paying down the mortgage faster; I wish I had her wisdom.
I think I was 17 the first time I noticed my ability, I mean I might have noticed earlier that I HAD FUCKING SUPERPOWERS if it was something obvious like super strength, speed the ability to fly; but no, sadly my ability was much too subtle for a teenager to notice. I had the MASSIVE, TERRIFYING, AMAZING POWER OF making small objects disappear.
Seriously, I made small objects disappear.
I mean I was (and still am) extremely messy, so how could I have been expected figure out that I had “disappeared” the right half of my favourite pair of socks, or a pair of cheap poundland headphones or even my old mp3 player (no, my mother would not buy me an iPod, this was I think some no name 32gb mp3 player that was powered by AA batteries, that I saved up the money for and bought from Argos). Things like that go missing all the time and a messy teenager like me can’t really be blamed for not figuring it out, can I? Plus who reading this hasn’t misplaced something small like their keys or phone or their glasses. See this is the reason it took me so long to find that I had an “ability”, my power was devious. Sometimes, my powers would make the missing things reappear nearby, so to me it just seemed like I had misplaced my keys or phone and I found them again after an half hour of desperate searching.
I realised I had an “ability” when I lost my wallet on a student university trip to Nottingham university, it was a weekend long stay/course to give students an experience of what life in university would be like, to give us an experience living in dorms away from our parents, without supervision. There were lectures, tours and meetings with professors and some of the older students. There were also parties, drinking (a lot of us were already 18) and whatever follows partying and drinking. Which is a polite way to say; that my wallet wasn’t the only thing I lost that weekend. I wouldn’t have even cared that much that I lost my wallet (there was maybe £5 inside) if it were not for the fact that my dad had loaned me his NatWest debit card in case of an emergency. He didn’t actually give me his pin number which made the card useless, but it’s the thought that counts. But there I was on an away trip and I had “lost” my dad’s debit card. After what must have been 6 hours of searching by me and about 5 of my schoolmates that were also on the trip with me, we called it as a lost cause. I did the dreaded phone call to my parents, there was screaming shouting and promises made of a royal ass whooping, and then my dad was put on the phone. He chewed me out for what felt at the time for at least a half hour and threatened horrible things if any of his money went missing. The card was cancelled and obviously none of the money was spent. I returned home the next day, took my whooping like a wuss and continued on. Also a key point, my mom went through my bags herself to search for the missing wallet and I caught another whooping because some of clothes smelt of alcohol. So two weeks later when I magically found my wallet in my back pocket I was surprised, and I caught another whooping for making my parents cancel the card.
So if you are keeping count, my power has so far made me lose a bunch of stuff, made me late to school a bunch of times because I couldn’t find my keys and made me catch at least 3 whoopings. What a great ability.
But that event did make me confused and cautious, I started noticing more and more of my little items disappearing and reappearing. I actually thought I might be being haunted or losing my mind or something. It took me about a month to realise I was the one causing the items to disappear, and a further 4 months to gain some semblance of control. I told no one and didn’t even attempt to look up my powers on a computer; I had seen enough movies to be more than a little paranoid. The range of my powers seemed weird: I could only store objects smaller about 1cubic foot in size but the internal space on the other side seemed infinite, and the concept of time didn’t seem to apply. I found that out when I secretly stored some of my dad’s awful failed chicken curry experiment so that I didn’t have to eat it. Then, when I threw out the curry on my way to school the next morning, to my surprise it was still steaming hot.
I think my paranoia may have saved me. No not from some secret government organisation, I don’t know if they exist, they’re a SECRET. No it saved me from myself, I realised really fast that my power would have many criminal applications. Could you imagine how easy it would have been for me to become an international super mega amazing jewel thief, I wouldn’t even need to be in the same room as the object to steal it, as long as it was within 10ft of me I could make the object disappear. Two things stopped me from the criminal path:
No1. My paranoia told me that being a thief in the UK, the CCTV camera capitol of the world wasn’t a particularly smart idea, at some point someone was going to notice “the fatman” (my imagined Interpol codename) in multiple the CCTV footages of the various jewel heists. And ask some pointed questions.
No2. And this is how you know I actually thought about it. I was a lower middle class, grammar school boy, from the suburbs. I didn’t know anyone who could actually fence the jewels; I didn’t actually know any criminals, not even the local weed dealers. So I didn’t know what I was going to do after I got the jewels, I didn’t think cash4gold was going to accept stolen jewellery without reporting me.
This didn’t mean I never stole anything, quite the opposite actually. I didn’t actually have full conscious control of my powers, even after I realised I had powers, it still continued to disappear all manner of things from around me and occasionally reappear them in and around my room. Over the six months since I realised my powers I found many things in my room that weren’t mine. A lot of pens (I never had to buy a single pen since I came to England, in hindsight that should have been a clue), used cutlery (ewww), keys, an old French 2 franc coin(WTF? They weren’t valid since before I moved to England), two bike pumps (I didn’t own a bike), a football, a wallet (which I turned in to the school lost and found) and the thing that had me the most confused in terms of the actual how and also the thing that got me into the most trouble, a size 28 B bra(dark purple and lacy, you perverts).
Actually it wasn’t found by me, which is why it was trouble. It was found by my mom on the tri annual “your room is too messy and I am going to clean and reorganise it according to my own system”. This happened to me thrice a year, usually during my mom’s school term breaks: I would go out to meet my friends and go play football or go to the movies, and return to my room completely different than that morning, including my bed and book shelves in a different location of the room and all my books arranged uselessly according to size rather than my by subject matter and frequency of use.
Anyway, that particular time, my mom moved my bed and found the bra under the bed. And she went ballistic, you have to understand my mom is a very traditional Indian woman, she believes that sex is for after marriage (I still haven’t had the bird and the bees talk, in fact that particular biology class in year 7 came as quite the shock), she believed that girlfriends were to be introduced to you by your mom 6 months before the engagement and the marriage ceremony conducted a year later. So when she found that lacy purple thing she naturally assumed the worst and I was going to be lucky if I was able to walk after that beating. I had to barricade myself in the bathroom and explain to my mom that I went to a grammar school, and up until this past year was an all-boys school and only had 20 girls in my year group compared to a 120 boys, and a slightly overweight, geeky, introverted broke Indian guy had no chance of ever getting a girlfriend. Also my school was an hour away in a much more affluent area, and that I would never bring a girl to this part of town (this actually didn’t help much). I think the bit that finally got her to calm down and realise my innocence was my dad (who didn’t actually care if I had a girlfriend) pointing out that I got home AFTER my mom gets home from her school and there was no way I managed to sneak a girl into the house without her noticing. So I didn’t catch a beating for the bra, which got blamed on the neighbour’s cat which sometimes liked to sleep in my room. I did however catch a beating for barricading myself in the only bathroom in our house. Sometimes you can’t escape that beating.
I did learn my lesson though and I was much more careful in controlling my power. Around the same time the whole world went through a zombie fad, and things like “prepping” gained some mainstream attention. Prepping as far as I understood it was rednecks either preparing for the “inevitable” zombie apocalypse, or hiding from the “man” so that Obama couldn’t get your guns. And although I didn’t like the whys, I was interested in the hows. I watched a lot of videos on guns, knives, bush craft, multitool reviews, emergency wood craft and all of the various aspects of “prepping”. All of these tools did require money, which I had very little of. And this is where I got very incredibly lucky.
My parents were very strict with the internet parental protections in our house and I realised fairly quickly that one of the easiest ways to bypass the parental locks was the tor network. This worked, and it also introduced me to some of the aspects of the deep web. So I was fairly early to hear about bit coins. Around the time I started thinking about needing money bit coins were being sold on the Mt.Gox exchange for around 9.52$ a coin and bit coin mining was still an option without a dedicated farming server. I bought 20 coins with all of the savings I had, and started actively farming coins. I got stupidly lucky and managed to find a lode of 50 coins within the first two months of farming, by the time I graduated high school I had 73.453 coins.
This was also around the time when the new stupid government tripled the college tuition. So I decided to go into the workforce for a year and save up money for university. I managed to get a job at a hospital which actually let me earn a degree on a part time basis whilst working. So I entered the workforce. This event changed my life forever. I moved out of our house, moved to a new city into the hospital dorms, working my 37.5 hrs a week at £6.75 an hour. I was a cog in the big NHS machine and I was fairly good at it. I worked a full time job whilst doing part time university degree, I made new friends, I learnt how to drink, what to drink, what I enjoyed (peated scotch) what I didn’t like (Irish whiskey). I joined a gym and started working out a bit. Lost some weight, I even managed to find time for a few casual relationships, all in all a pretty normal life as a working student in middle England.
I also continued in my prepping hobby and my blacksmithing which was fast becoming a passion, I forged myself a beautiful kukri knife at a blacksmithing course, it took me a whole week of vacation time. I spent the week forging the thing out of 1095 steel, spending 2 days just forging and spending almost as long grinding the excess steel and hardening and tempering the blade, then I was guided through the process of making and attaching a handle and finally the blade was blunted so that it could be classified as a prop and given to me. I also saved up money to buy a Leatherman surge, I bought an emergency medical kit, and I also bought a lot of non-perishable items like salt, sugar and an unholy amount of spices. All of these I items including the now sharpened kukri were stored by me in the void space (which is what I started calling my power). Over the years I had started to use my ability to store things so that I would not have to carry them, which made holiday trips a lot easier. I had also been misappropriating some hospital stocks so that I wouldn’t have to buy them, nothing serious or expensive, a box of burn cream, a couple of boxes of antibiotics, some gauze, scalpels, minor things to add to my emergency medical kit.
So continued my life for 2 years, by this time the price of bit coins was close to 200$ a coin, and the FBI was starting making a lot of noise, I decided that I was going to make some purchases and cash out. I decided to do something highly illegal but in hindsight it was the smartest decision I may have ever made. I decided I wanted to buy guns. Actually I decided to buy 4 guns, because I was worth it. This required patience. First I got myself a couple of fake IDs delivered to a dead drop site, which was a bin in an open park. Then using those IDs I opened a couple of PO boxes at a parcel storage site, I used one of the IDs to buy the guns one at a time interspersed with other Knick knacks and the other ID to buy the ammo(about 2000 rounds). I was constrained to hand guns by my individual package space but I also had $15000, so I spent my money on 2 glock 17s and 2 extremely illegal glock 18s with the extended mags I even managed to get myself some spare parts, a pair of threaded barrels and a suppressor. After all that spending I was still left with about 8000$ which I promptly converted to pounds through Mt.Gox and used the £5700 to buy a nice laptop and £5000 in gold. Not that I didn’t trust the banks, it just made more sense to me that gold would appreciate in value faster than an ISA and I already had a secure storage vault inside my void space.
I somehow managed to do all this without being arrested or questioned by the police, Scotland Yard or MI5. And my life continued on without incident for another six months. And then it all went wrong. And my 2 years of money wasting, prepping hobby all came good. It actually started of normally, I was sent to Leicester to attend a 3 day course on new hospital protocols. This was being held at the holiday inn near DeMontford University. I got there from the train station by navigating using subway sandwich shops, I kid you not (out of the train station, turn right and use the crossing, go straight to the subway shop, turn left walk straight to the end of street passing 2 subway shops, turn left walk to the next subway shop walk further down the street till the main road and somehow make your way to the middle of the roundabout). The hotel was in the middle of the roundabout with only one crossing which was very hard to see. I arrived there after 3 hrs of travels at the appointed time of 9 am to find out that the conference actually didn’t start till 11am. Luckily I had managed to convince the lovely lady who handled appropriations to book me a room at the holiday inn itself and not the godforsaken Travelodge across the road; I didn’t know if I could have managed crossing the roundabout every morning. I checked into room 308 overlooking the roman ruins across the street.
The conference went as these conferences do; a thinly veiled advertisement campaign by some former hospital management who now works for the pharma company as a sales manager, extoling the virtues of a system you have already bought and not actually explaining what is different and how to operate the new system. There were stale croissants, weird tasting coffee and dry sandwiches: a typical cheap corporate buffet lunch. So by the end of the day we were getting fed up and needed to blow off some steam. I had some high school friends who were doing their degrees at the University of Leicester, we decided to meet up and go to a couple of pubs to share in some good times. It was a good night and we parted ways around 11pm I made my way back to the hotel, again navigating by subways. I was tired, slightly tipsy and passing by the roman ruins. In almost a dazed state I walked straight to a stone that was glowing, something about that otherworldly glow was beckoning me I don’t know what made me use my powers but as soon as I used my power, the world went a blinding white and then black. I was knocked out.
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This is an attempt at a cohesive Mirrorverse. A few comments:

Iain Rannoch murders a child while Victoria Skillane films. The then-prime minister bows to media pressure and founds the White Bear correctional facility, which gradually evolves into dishing out ironic punishments on the criminals therein for media entertainment. [S2E2 White Bear]
After an empathetic campaign in the next general election, Michael Callow narrowly becomes the new prime minister. He fails to close White Bear due to rogue MPs in his own party and opposition from the outgoing party.
An art-terrorist cell is founded in the United Kingdom, fanatically focused on criticising society’s reliance on technology. Activities included:
The malware was traced to the cell and they were destroyed by the police. This was heavily reported by the mainstream media which ironically better spread their subversive message. Unsuccessful and jaded comedian Jamie Salter’s character Waldo unsuccessfully runs for a local election and then goes on to be sold to an American intelligence agency. [S2E3 The Waldo Moment]
A series of successful graphic novels criticising technology and modern Britain are published, the most popular being ’15M Merits’, making references to real-world institutions such as the talent show Hot Shots and pornographer Wraith Babes. [S1E2 Fifteen Million Merits] A lengthy legal battle ensues regarding the relationship between copywrite and satire.
SaitoGemu begins developing AR video games, eventually accidentally killing Cooper, an American tourist, which leads to their closure. [S3E2 Playtest] Meanwhile, in the US, Rolo Haynes, based at St Junipers Hospital, develops early medical technology, including the ability to transmit pain and physically transfer consciousness from one body to another. Having illegally transferred the consciousness of Carrie, a coma patient, from living vessel Jack to an inanimate monkey, Rolo is fired. [S4E6 Black Museum / Dr Pain & Carrie’s Story] The work of SaitoGemu and St Junipers allowed for the development of early technology used by private institutions or in small trials:
As is often the case, military technology found civilian applications, and the ArkAngel trial began in the UK, allowing parents to view what their children can see, block out anything harmful, and read relevant biochemistry to monitor their wellbeing. This was soon made illegal due to negative impacts on children’s development, helped along by the high-profile disappearance of fifteen-year-old Sara Sambrell. [S4E2 Arkangel]
A popular dating app, The System, begins using the open-source artificial consciousness software in live compatibility modelling between artificial models of its users. It becomes the most downloaded social app for the 18-30 age bracket. [S4E4 Hang the DJ]
In the US, the murky legality of handling consciousnesses continues to grow murkier. The first breakthrough comes in the medical community, in the form of palliative care, allowing consciousness of dying patients to live on in the fictional San Junipero, created by medical technicians in St Junipers. This came with the caveat that patients could choose to leave at any stage. [S3E4 San Junipero]
While the UK refocuses technological focus from bio-based technology to robotics (approving the use of ADIs to replace declining bee populations, as well as to replace CCTV), the US accelerates adoption of consciousness transference tech, helped in part by the success of San Junipero and the growing popularity of the Blue Bear Party. Robert Daly, genius social recluse and video game developer, founds Callister with college roommate James Walton, using similar technology to St Junipers to temporarily transfer players into their video game avatars. Daly was eventually found dead in his apartment having been unable to transfer his consciousness back out of a personal modded client, and it was uncovered that he had created fully conscious NPCs which he would ritualistically psychologically abuse. [S4E1 U.S.S Callister]
The botched investigation into the mysterious deaths of controversial journalist Jo Powers, rapper Tusk, and Clara Meades by Karin Parke and Blue Coulson – whereabouts unknown – leads to the deaths of 387,036 UK residents. [S3E6 Hated in the Nation] Capitalising on public fear, the UK government increases CCTV and domestic surveillance, eventually reintroducing an ArkAngel-like system as part of the ‘grain programme’ incentivising its early adoption with tax incentives, insurance reductions, the personal benefit of replaying memories, and the retirement of the more inconvenient methods that were once used to catch Mia Nolan. [S1E3 The Entire History of You] Adoption was swift and eventually the grains were upgraded to Z-eyes, allowing new functionality including the ability to access the internet and ‘block’ people the user deemed fit. [S2E4 White Christmas / Technology]
Meanwhile in the US the Blue Bear Party finally gains office and begins to legislate by committee, allowing all American citizens to vote for change on their phones. This began a technological wild-west where almost anything went, including consciousness transference and replication.
Rolo Haynes acquires artefacts from police auctions and, his greatest, acquisition, the digital ‘soul’ of Clayton Lee, which he allows the general public to repeatedly execute in the Black Museum until Clay’s daughter, Nish, and wife, deceased but whose consciousness inhabited Nish’s mind after the now re-legalised procedure Rolo’s company invented, murdered him and burnt the museum down. [S4E6 Black Museum / Clay’s Story] The new legal system under Waldo led to the ability for everyone to rate each other, allowing for a judgemental society based entirely on people’s opinions of others. [S3E1 Nosedive]
Matt Trent escapes to the UK and has a Z-eye installed, which he uses to coach others as a pick-up artist. He continues to do this on the side after he gets a job installing domestic ‘cookies’ after Waldo becomes the UK PM and the UK adopts US-like consciousness laws. After his voyeurism is discovered he is arrested, but the police use his knowledge of cookies to catch murderer Joe Potter. [S2E4 White Christmas / Story]
As Waldo is adopted more and more across the world, the ruling classes are increasingly able to introduce more brutal controls from a ‘bottom up’ perspective – first on people rated as 0, then 1, then 2, etc. While an illusion of democracy is still maintained, secret police punish those who vote against the wishes of the ruling party. [S2E3 The Waldo Moment / Credits]
Gradually robotic enforcers are introduced, which opened up for a collective mass rebellion as the citizens of the UK voted for the enforcers to attack the ruling class. Where before rebellions could be circumvented before laws or decisions were made, a slip up meant the enforcers received the order immediately and began dismantling the ruling class. However, this led to the destruction of the Waldo voting servers, removing the ability to change the directive of the enforcers as they gradually worked their way down through society, as each class became the new ‘ruling class’, wiping out the majority of the UK population [S4E5 Metalhead].
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Beijing’s Expat Brat Pack
They’re Alec, James, Clarissa, Christina and the rest – the new generation of foreign authors and reporters in China you can’t quite keep straight. But their daddies are influential, so they’ll always get bylines and book deals. They’re what we are told middle-class white people want to read, and what aspiring expat writers are told they should be.
An obvious satire of public figures and a free-use parody published on the 32-year, June 10 anniversary of David Blum’s “Hollywood’s Brat Pack” article for New York Magazine. Best consumed when read directly alongside
It was a Sunday afternoon, and like all the Sunday afternoons in all the bookstores in all the cities in all the world where young people live, the Bookworm brimmed over with boys and girls. This was an exclusively expat bookstore in Beijing, so the foreign boys wore beards and polo shirts with upturned collars and cargo shorts and flip-flops, and the foreign girls all had dyed hair and nose rings and wore the latest Uniqlo tops with yoga pants.
Over the blare of Nickelback’s greatest hits, the foreign boys and girls were shouting “fuwuyuan!” (waitress) in between telling stories about their encounters with the Chinese, talking about their teaching jobs and their Mandarin classes and their failed dreams back in their home countries, drinking overpriced craft beers and weak espressos. The only native in the entire venue – the waitress – frowned as she floated from table to table to serve those who have no responsibilities and no country to return to.
At one table in the middle of the room sat a group of expats who seemed to exude a magnetic force. As they chugged their coffees, newbie foreigners would find some excuse to walk by the table, and they would eye those expats languorously, hoping for an invitation to join them. The expats knew that they had this force, and they stared back with equal vigor.
There were many foreigners in the Bookworm that Sunday, some of them as elite as those at this one round table, but these expats – these rich younglings, decked out in retro-Risky Business sunglasses and scarves and blazers with pulled-up sleeves – they were the main event.
A foreigner named Ray straightened his white t-shirt over his blue cargo shorts, brushed his prematurely graying hair away from his eyes, patted his hips with his hands, and walked slowly to the table. He went to the prettiest of the group, a young woman with the best-shampooed hair and the darkest sunglasses.
He knew that she was Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore and that she worked at Time Out Beijing, and he probably also knew that she belonged to Great Britain’s ultra-elite House of Sebag-Montefiore. Her famous grandfather had written history books; his granddaughter now wrote nightclub reviews. But from the open, white-toothed smile she gave Ray as he walked over, he felt confident.
“Hi,” Ray said. “Nice to meet you,” Clarissa said, offering him a Queen’s Fingertips handshake. “My name is Ray,” he said, “and I wrote a book called South Ch –...”
But Clarissa had already turned back to the table, where her friends had once again lifted their coffee cups in a toast: for no reason, with no prompting, for what must have been the twentieth time of the afternoon, the expats were about to clink cups and unite in a private pact, a bond that could not be broken by all the foreigners in the room.
As the cups clinked, the expats cried together at the top of their lungs, “Ganbei!” - Chinese for “empty your glass,” but really something else, a private signal among the famous expats that only they understood. After they finished their French roast toast, they turned their attention back to Ray and the other lowly newbies who surrounded the table, and smiled superficially.
If Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore seemed to be inviting all too much attention from the newbies, James Palmer acted as though he wanted nothing to do with it. His fame, too, helped attract them – they recognized his surname from his father, the late pop star Robert Palmer, and sought his attentions.
But as Ray sat down in an empty chair next to him to tell Palmer about his book, the corpulent expat announced to anyone within earshot, including Ray, “There is a red line. When someone crosses the red line, I get angry. And when someone sits down at the table, they have crossed the red line. You can let them get close” - he looked around at Ray and the swarm of newbies – “but you can’t let them sit down.”
Only one of the famous young expats seemed to take the attention in stride – perhaps because he grew up the son of a world-famous scholar and Time magazine’s “100 most influential people.” Just 22 years old, the bespectacled Alec Ash looks like his father, Timothy Garton Ash, beard and all, and is a local star on his own; he recently authored Wish Lanterns: Young Lives in New China. His thick beard drew still more newbies to the table, and he could not resist adding them to his WeChat group...with a not-so-subtle reminder to like and share his book’s latest reviews.
“He writes for City Weekend magazine,” Ash whispered as a young man in a purple shirt took a seat next to him and smiled like an old friend. “The last time he was here, I was telling him about a Chinese millennial I profiled for my book who had passed their Gaokao national entrance exam, and he said, ‘I didn’t know you needed to take a test to become Chinese.’” Alec laughed at the naivety. But then he turned his attention to him because he wanted the young man to write a review for Wish Lanterns.
But before long the toasts were over. Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore went to Element Fresh. And at 1:35 P.M., after leaving the Bookworm and stopping at Jenny Lou's and then April Gourmet, James Palmer took off on his matte-black fake Vespa scooter to lunch with his wife, Bloomberg journalist Christina Larson. Only Alec Ash stayed, to add more people as friends on all his social media accounts.
This is the Beijing Expat Brat Pack. It is to millennials what the Old China Hands once were in the 1980s and ‘90s – an SNH48-like "idols you can meet" super-group of young Western reporters and authors on the prowl for bylines, book reviews and Twitter followers.
And just like Graham Earnshaw, Mark Kitto and Paul French in 1980s Shanghai, Peter Hessler, Michael Meyer and Rob Schmitz in 1990s Sichuan, and Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn and Bill Bishop in ‘00s Beijing, these guys huddle closely together, too – they’ve carried their working relationships in the media over into a real-life clique, their struggles and dreams reflecting the larger issues confronting China today.
The Brat Packers all arrived in Beijing post-Olympics, once the city had been scrubbed clean and the “hutong” (ancient alleyway homes) gentrified beyond recognition, specifically to write major books for big publishers. They have top literary agents and influential parents. They have legions of followers on social media who re-tweet even the most mundane post. Their articles are often shared or liked dozens of times, and the more shares, the more online followers they get, and the more self-important they become.
Similar to Asian idol groups, whose fans play an active role in a dynamic social media world to vote on key decisions regarding their music and image, users on Reddit’s China congregate to comment, criticize and encourage their favorite Beijing Brat and debate and decide who belongs in the Pack and who gets banished. They base their decisions on which writer’s articles get re-tweeted the most, whose publisher paid for the most media reviews and whose face is on the cover of The Beijinger. And occasionally, some poor, misguided fool bases his judgment on whose writing talent is the greatest.
And just like SNH48’s business model that builds up every members’ popularity to later leverage for profit, the Beijing Expat Brat Packers also act exclusively together whenever possible to leverage their own popularity, a sort of circlejerk of retweeting only each other’s posts, sharing only each other’s articles, and reviewing only each other’s books.
Alec Ash is the youngest, yet the unofficial president of the Beijing Expat Brat Pack (he is also the unofficial treasurer; other members who don’t live off of an Oxford trust fund seem to conveniently forget their Alipay when they go out together, and Ash usually picks up the bill). Ash may get his best notices yet for his first book, Wish Lanterns.
“I’ll bet if you ask any China Watcher who the king of feral Sinologists is,” says David Moser, a token foreign talking head on CCTV, “they’d all say Alec Ash. He’s that kind of guy.”
Here are the most notable members of the Beijing Expat Brat Pack:
The One Most Likely to Replace Peter Hessler – Alec Ash. He is the son of Timothy Garton Ash, an Oxford scholaauthor who uses his credentials to get Alec bylines, interviews and book reviews from the world’s major press agencies, so as to bypass the usual amateur writer vetting process. Alec, who doesn’t have any kind of actual day job, spends his free time ingratiating himself with Beijing’s best-known foreign correspondents. These same reporters respond in kind out of the hope of someday using Alec’s dad the same way that Timothy’s son uses them.
The Most Beautiful One – Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore. Hails from Britain’s one-percenter House of Sebag Montefiore, descended from a wealthy line of Sephardi Jews who were bankers, diplomats and scholars. She came to Beijing in 2012 to “slum it” as a Time Out magazine book and bar reviewer.
The Overrated One – Mitch Moxley. He first made his mark in The Atlantic with the article “Rent a White Guy,” which earned him an offer from Harper Perennial in 2013 to write Apologies to My Censor, about his experiences as a China Daily newspaper polisher. However, the memoir failed miserably, and now Moxley struggles to get bylines in any major media.
The Conflicted One – James Palmer. The son of “Simply Irresistible” 1980s pop singer Robert Palmer, he authored The Bloody White Baron in 2008, short-listed for the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, and The Death of Mao in 2012. He writes for neocon rag Foreign Policy, tweets radically liberal personal views yet also edits the English-language edition of State-owned newspaper The Global Times (“just for the work visa...and maybe someday a tell-all memoir, but better than Mitch’s”).
The Only One With a J-Visa – Christina Larson. She moved to China in 2011 as the Technology Correspondent for Bloomberg after writing for Foreign Policy magazine and Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University, where she befriended Ash junior and senior. Her Amy Smart-ish looks caught the eye of James Palmer and the two eventually married.
The Most Professional One – Isaac Stone Fish. Asia Editor for Foreign Policy magazine and, recently, a senior fellow as Asia Society, he served on the board of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of China and worked as a correspondent for Newsweek. He is as privileged and well-connected as the others, not to mention triple-monikered, which is how he ascended so quickly to such prominent positions. AKA “The Bigger Fish,” he is currently working on his first book.
The One Least Likely to Replace Peter Hessler – Eric Fish. Everyone thought “The Smaller Fish” could do it back when he published his first book, China's Millennials: The Want Generation, in 2015. But Alec Ash furtively co-opted Fish’s niche idea about profiling Chinese millennials for Wish Lanterns and then stole all his media thunder. Fish, wishing to remain in the Pack, quietly accepted defeat and eased into lower gear writing blog posts for Asia Society.
The Second-Most Beautiful One – Jemimah Steinfeld. She graduated uni in 2012, then caught the first plane to Beijing to hastily write Little Emperors and Material Girls: Sex and Youth in Modern China, based on some passing encounters with millennial natives. Her blonde hair and model-esque smile got her in tight with the privileged class of expats, but looks alone were not enough to sustain her neophyte writing. She reportedly returned to the UK in tears after receiving the following crude comment at the bottom of a self-penned Guardian plug for her own book: “Oh God. I can’t take it anymore. The endless bukkake of articles about sex.”
The Not Quite There One –Robert Foyle Hunwick. AKA “RFH,” Hunwick’s role is the Pack’s Sergeant at Arms, preferring to stay behind-the-scenes and behind his computer as editor-in-chief for various expat webzines, where he can elevate his friends. He hopes to someday publish his own book, The Pleasure Garden, yet another foreigner’s narrative about sex and vice in China. He hopes the better-connected Brats will hook him up with a book deal.
The Ethnic Chair – Anthony Tao. The baby-faced Chinese-American first made a name for himself with his scurrilous Beijing Cream blog, co-edited with Robert Foyle Hunwick, which they used to roast (in the exact same way this article is doing to them, which we can be sure they will kick and scream to be deleted) enemies of the Pack such as The Baron of Coigach Chris Devonshire-Ellis. Tao is also the poetry editor of Ash’s Anthill blog, and co-hosts Ash’s Whiskey and Writers nights at the Bookworm.
What distinguishes these young writers from generations past is that most of them have skipped the one step toward success that was required of early expat writers like Peter Hessler: years of on-the-ground reportage. Young foreign correspondents used to live in smaller Chinese cities of interior provinces teaching and exploring before venturing into writing let alone book publishing. Today, that step isn’t considered so necessary.
Nobody from the Beijing Expat Brat Pack has ever lived anywhere else in China. Most flew straight from their home countries to Beijing, where they used their parent’s money to buy up renovated courtyard properties in gentrified neighborhoods (Ash and Palmer and Larson are neighbors in the Xiguan Hutong, a Western-hipster paradise dubbed “Writers’ Block,” get it?).
Most also know each other from Asia Society or Foreign Policy magazine or Ivy League connections such as Oxford. And most have well-connected scholahistorian/authocelebrity parents. As such, the Brats found that they didn’t need any experience first in “real” China to succeed; it was all arranged even before they landed.
“I’ll tell you something, mate, what everyone conveniently forgets is that a lot of the Old China Hands also came from elite families,” Alec Ash says defensively when asked about his nepotism. “Evan Osnos, for example, is the offspring of Peter Osnos, a famous reporter and senior editor at Random House who also chaired the Association of American Publishers. His job at The New Yorker, and his book deal for Age of Ambition, were also lined up for him by his father.”
Ash and the others admire the work of those journalists and authors who spent years breaking ground in China, but they do not consider Hessler, or even Kaiser Kuo or Jeremy Goldkorn, role models for their careers. There is a spiritual father of the Beijing Expat Brat Pack, but it is not an established star. It is a grizzled 65-year-old expat publisher named Graham Earnshaw.
Earnshaw has been a familiar foreign face around China and a cult hero among expats since the 1970s, but has only lately become a real success, as a folk singer. The Brats admire Earnshaw for his musical gifts – but many have also befriended him in the hopes that he will publish their not-for-mass-market projects, such as Ash’s Anthill anthology While We're Here.
Earnshaw lives a solitary life in Shanghai’s former French Concession. As he sits on a rickety bamboo chair in his wooden red doorway dressed in an old mandarin’s robe (“This once belonged to Carl Crow,” he remarks) he says of these young writers, “I don’t act as their publisher but as their father, because they all have daddy complexes.”
Rubbing sleep from his eyes, Earnshaw thinks for a minute and then adds, “I would have loved to have had everything these guys have when I was 22. That would have been great.”
It was a hot summer day in Beijing, perfect weather for lazing in a breezy courtyard while sipping on iced green tea, and the leader of the Brats wanted to read Lijia Zhang’s new novel Lotus. But it would not behoove one of the Brats to fork over $20 to the same industry that made them authors to begin with. So Alec Ash stood outside the Bookworm considering various ways he might obtain the book free.
“I have a friend who works here who’ll get it to me,” Ash said, swiping his mobile phone. Within three minutes, Peter Goff, the Bookworm’s manager, was at the bottom of the steep lime-green staircase with several complimentary copies of Lotus for Ash and his friends. “Thank you,” Ash said, and with a smile he dashed off to check if he was mentioned in Zhang’s acknowledgments.
Ash, who is only five foot two (157 cm), nonetheless stands as a vivid prototype of the expats he seems to lead. Barely 22 years old, he is already accustomed to privilege and appears to revel in the media attention his father’s friends have heaped upon him. Just seeing his name in the newspaper is all he needs for motivation; someone re-tweeting one of his posts is more fulfilling than a hair salon happy-ending.
Many fempats and native Chinese women have attempted to latch on for brief affairs, but just like Peter Hessler and Evan Osnos, Ash’s romantic life remains strictly off-limits to his writing. His sexual orientation is questionable even to those around him. As Shanghai Cocktales author Tom Olden once asked in a scathingly hilarious video response to Ash’s hostile review of Cocktales, “Are you above sexuality...a beta-male bitch? Peter Hessler may not have a penis, but I do. What do you have, Alec Ash?”
He may not surround himself with girls, but he is living the life that any aspiring expat author might dream of. The Beijing Brat Packers are smart, and Ash, perhaps the smartest of all owing to his Oxford upbringing, recognizes that with his fame and fortune comes a responsibility to preserve them. So he works harder than the others to build a large following on Twitter, Facebook and WeChat, and collect, trophy-like, a substantial number of media interviews and reviews, to keep the momentum behind the Ash family fan economy going.
His writing career began in 2012, with an appearance in scholar Jeffrey Wasserstrom’s anthology Chinese Characters, arranged by Ash’s father, who is friends with Wasserstrom. It was during this time that Ash became a protégé of Wasserstrom, co-contributing to the LARB China Blog. He also started up, at his father’s advice, the Anthill writer’s colony blog in order to surround himself with “commoner” expat writers who could later be tapped as his own private ant-like army of promoters, all the while suppressing the fact that he was the son of a renowned author.
“He never told us anything about his family connections,” one Anthill regular said on the condition of anonymity. “He pretended like he was just another hipster expat-bro. He only admitted it once his book came out, when he and his dad started doing author appearances together to get bigger audiences and more media coverage. He’s a nice chap, but in hindsight it was rather insincere and disingenuous of him.”
In between collecting fawning followers on social media whom he could get to like, share and review his latest work, and befriending high-profile reporters who also could later be of use to him for reviews, endorsements and blurbs for his future book, Ash began venturing out of his anglicized courtyard to profile young natives for Wish Lanterns. When Ash showed an early draft to Wasserstrom, the reaction was so positive as to assure him a career as a China Writer.
“When I was reading it, I thought it was so insipidly mainstream that I had written it,” said Wasserstrom the other day, granting a brief interview over Skype. Self-proclaimed “China Expert” Wasserstrom is a Chancellor's Professor of History at the University of California, Irvine, where he authors books about China (based on research compiled by a team of TA’s) from his ivory tower; he visits China once a year, but only to attend literary festivals. Two of Wasserstrom’s books were published by Oxford University Press, where Ash Senior is a Professor of European Studies.
“Kind of like Chinese ‘yangchengxi’ (those who are nurtured) pop idols, we are also grooming and nurturing Alec to become the next China correspondent for The New Yorker now that Hessler and Osnos have exited China, even though Alec doesn’t have any actual journalism experience,” said Wasserstrom.
“But I believe that, between his perfectly politically correct writing, his father’s connections, frequent re-tweets from high-profile China Watchers such as myself, and the glowing media reviews for Wish Lanterns written by his friends, he will get the job.”
It was almost noon, and James Palmer and Alec Ash were looking for some literary fun. So Ash summoned an Old China Hand he’d always wanted to meet, Isham Cook – the notorious “sexpat” author of Massage and the Writer: Essays on Asian Massage.
Massage was 2014’s most controversial book about China, documenting Isham’s bisexual appetite for bathhouse boys and bottom-of-the-food-chain female prostitutes. Not exactly the sort of lowborn person someone of Ash’s stature should be seen with publicly, but at the same time perhaps giving Ash a much-needed boost in “street-cred” among ordinary expats due to his silver-spoon image.
Isham, a large, balding, 40-something American, showed up at the Bookworm around 11:30 A.M. in a mostly unbuttoned shirt. Ash was wearing a pink polo with an upturned collar. Palmer was wearing a scarf, a gray jacket, a dark tie, a gray pullover and a shirt almost hidden from view due to his rotund stature. It was 30° C and Palmer was sweating profusely, but insisted on keeping all his clothes.
They all shook hands, with Isham looking mystified that he had been invited. The three of them hailed a Didi Chuxing driver and went to the Foreign Language Bookstore, a venue on trendy Wangfujing Street. The cash register girl recognized the authors and waved them through. Ash wandered around the Young Adults section, and Palmer went to the cafe, where “Take Me To Your Heart” was being piped in on an endless loop. Neither of the Brats seemed interested in actually talking to Isham, who was salivating over an illustrated edition of The Carnal Prayer Mat.
Palmer walked up to the loudspeaker and started dancing, his musical roots finally revealing itself, perhaps hoping a native would film a secret video and upload it onto WeChat or Weibo, where it might go viral, giving Palmer a spike in his popularity poles. Nobody did. After a few minutes, the anonymity appeared to be too much for Palmer; he sat down with a dejected look and started complaining about what a horrible book store it was. Then he suggested they leave.
“There’s a new wine bar open today across the street,” Palmer said. “Let’s go.” So Ash and Palmer and Isham left. A long line of “tuhao” (nouveau riche Chinese) and bearded foreigners snaked through the entryway and out the door, and two large bouncers stood at the foot of a long staircase to the bar, not letting anyone inside.
“Some people have no shame about such things,” Ash muttered when Palmer suggested that he approach the bouncers and inform them that three expat authors would like to get in. “I have shame; I learned about ‘losing face’ during my anthropological-like observations of the Chinese for my book.” And so Ash made no movement. But the rest of the people in line began to notice him, and murmur reached the bouncers.
“The manager would like to speak with you,” boomed one of the bouncers – but not to the Brats. Instead, a well-known local vlogger and a girl who posted WeChat photos of Korean cosmetics were waved in. “I guess we’re not as important as they are,” muttered James. “Of course not,” said Alec, “bouncers don’t read books.”
After an hour of waiting, the trio were finally admitted. Isham, an expert on wine and decadence – he hosts monthly, invite-only Caligula-style orgies in his 5th Ring Road villa – ordered a bottle of Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar. Palmer, however, whined upon entering the wine bar that there did not seem to be a VIP lounge on the premises. Ash nodded and bemoaned the hordes of ordinary people around them.
In New York, Ash grumbled while glaring at the vlogger, authors are ushered into private rooms, served free drinks and photographed by people with iPhones who will hopefully upload their pictures on Twitter to help keep them relevant. Ash will be flying to New York this month to promote Wish Lanterns at Asia Society.
Each new expat-penned book carries with it an increased burden – if it is not a success, younger unknowns come up from behind and replace them. And that would mean the end of bylines, reviews and interviews for Ash and his crew.
“I think China expat memoirs should continue forever,” says Palmer. His name is also being tossed around as the next China correspondent for The New Yorker. But the job would require anyone who takes it to get out of Beijing more often to learn about “real” China, the way libertine Isham, who has no desire to write for a mass-market audience, has on his own.
Palmer and Ash did not, however, bother to learn anything about writing or “real” China from talking to Isham that day. After summoning him to their book store cruising and shouting a few comments to him over the wine bar din, Ash and Palmer ditched Isham while he was chatting up a young Chinese man. He rode a Mobike back to his villa by himself.
The leader of the Brat Pack ordered two slices of gourmet pizza and a tossed kale salad at Gung Ho! Pizza in Sanlitun, the capital of the latest generation of expats who have enough money to dine at foreign-owned eateries. There is an enormous foreign restaurant or imported food store at practically every intersection in Sanlitun. So for Alec Ash to show his face in this neighborhood was to invite the stares of countless book lovers, and as he wolfed down his slices, the rest of the Gung Ho! customers watched in silent respect.
Moments after he’s sat down, a tall, lanky, greasy-bearded foreign male approached the table. “Hey, Alec, howyoudoin’?” Ash looked up expecting a fan, perhaps even a real-life Chinese person, but the man he saw standing above him was another member of the Beijing Expat Brat Pack, Mitch Moxley. “Oi, Mitch, how are you, mate?” “Okay, dude. What’re ya up to?” “Not much. How ‘bout you?” “Nothin’.” Pause. “You seen Stoney?” Moxley was referring to Isaac Stone Fish. ‘No. I heard he is summering in the Hamptons with his parents,” Ash said. “Oh...well, take it easy dude.” “Right...s’ long mate.”
Moxley and a small entourage of Chinese girls walked back through the pizza joint and into the kitchen to try to score some free slices. After they were out of earshot, Ash wanted to make it very clear that he and Moxley do not know each other well. Members of the Beijing Expat Brat Pack whisper that Mitch Moxley has committed several near-fatal mistakes in his fledgling writing career that threaten to get him banished, idol girl group-like, from the club:
1) He doesn’t keep secret his trysts with Chinese females, a major no-no among Caucasian expats of good breeding. 2) His attempt at a beard was not nearly as thick nor well-trimmed as Ash’s or Stone-Fish’s. 3) His book Apologies to My Censor failed to get more than 27 customer reviews on Amazon or any write-ups in major media.
For one of the Pack, the third point is a mortal sin – because what makes you a member, what makes you a Beijing Brat, is not just having wealthy parents, growing a beard, owning your very own courtyard or even securing a book deal. It is the ability to be in a position where Big Publishing needs you more than you need it. “Bitch’s – I mean, Mitch’s – book was a bomb,” one of the Brats noted, in a not-for-attribution remark. “He only got published because of his Atlantic article, but if you can’t sell books, that’s it.”
Alec Ash, just like the generation of Old China Hands before him, stands as inspiration to junior expat writers in China yearning for a place in the sun, for the clout to pick and choose book deals and writing assignments. They are competing, too, for the attention the media has heaped upon the Beijing Brat Packers; and it is no coincidence that many of them share the same literary agents and publicists and publishers, who help keep their reputations clean while keeping them hot.
“This word, ‘hot,’” says Palmer, who recently switched publicists in order to align himself with his rising-star new wife Christina Larson. “You can be ‘hot’ and be a shamelessly bad writer. It’s possible to be at the top for half a second and then disappear, like Moxley.”
Palmer isn’t the only Packer guilty of such catty criticism of one of their own. Like members of SHN48 who viciously compete behind-the-scenes to sing lead on stage and appear in commercials, when not sipping coffee together at the Bookworm or retweeting each other, the competitiveness that exists between the Brats inevitably rears its green ugly face:
“Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore is only concerned with maintaining her family’s name in the public sphere,” one Brat says secretly. And of Isaac Stone Fish, another Brat says in confidence, “He writes all his articles with the same Yellow Peril microaggressions. That’s why The New Yorker didn’t hire him.” “Eric Fish despises Alec for stealing his idea about profiling Chinese millennials, but what can he do?” one Brat whispers in confidence. “James Palmer is so unpleasant to be around these days because he’s now known as ‘Christina Larson’s husband’ instead of the other way around,” another Brat snorts.
“For writers so imbued with the expat spirit, the Beijing Brat Pack members are clearly out for themselves,” growls a death-metal-type voice from out of the shadows of the Bookworm’s smoking patio. A long-haired ethnic man clad in a black leather jacket, old blue jeans and motorcycle chaps emerges from the darkness. He is Kaiser Kuo, perhaps Beijing expatdom’s most recognizable face (and voice).
The aging Chinese-American expatriate, a heavy metal pioneer turned Baidu upper-management sellout, was one of The Beijinger’s original columnists, though no big book deal ever came out of it. Instead, Kuo, along with his bestie, Jeremy Goldkorn, created various content properties to provide exposure for their foreign correspondent friends, namely Bill Bishop (“the China Watcher’s China Watcher” ™ ® ©), though they lament the self-obsessed personalities of the new breed of China Writers such as Ash and the Brats.
The dynamic duo also experimented with new media platforms, such as Danwei TV and then Sinica podcast, the former which was uploaded onto the earliest version of YouTube back in 2006, making Goldkorn and Kuo pioneers in China internet television. But he now admits that they never foresaw that videos and vlogging and streaming hostessing could turn on them, cyber-Red Guard-like, to smash old media and overshadow the legacy he and Goldkorn spent a decade so carefully crafting.
The Wednesday crowds had arrived at the Bookworm. It was about 8 P.M. and the Brats were in full swing. On this night, Ash and his personal hype-man, Anthony Tao, were hosting one of their “Scotch & Stories” open-mic events cleverly designed to help Ash subtly promote himself. As such, the small circle of writers had graciously expanded to include other foreign pseudo-celebrities introduced to them through acquaintances. One of them was Winston Serpentza Sterzel, but he is no writer.
Sterzel instead creates YouTube videos of his life in China. He seems to have most of the credentials necessary to join the Beijing Expat Brat Packers: moneyed, triple-monikered, the makings of a beard, ridiculously handsome, a grandiloquent attitude and fluent Mandarin. Yet he is looked down upon by Ash and his posse simply for his lack of writing ability.
“He just talks and talks and talks in his bloody videos; he probably wouldn’t even know what a paragraph break is,” Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore scoffs. “Hashtag ‘philistine,’ amiright?”
Nonetheless, on this day Sterzel seemed especially ebullient – and the reason, no doubt, was that his latest YouTube video just surpassed half a million views. He lives very comfortably off the monthly YouTube revenue, as reflected in the designer suits he always wears. But China Watchers agree that his videos just do not fit into the same league as Wish Lanterns, failing to pass through the filter of proper opinion and establishment approval that Ash’s work has.
As such, no expat media will deign to even mention Sterzel and no top-tier China Watchers will re-tweet his videos (certainly not Kuo or Goldkorn, whose Danwei TV vids only ever saw a few thousands views at most) – videos that attract a larger audience in China and abroad than any books or articles ever penned by a Brat and more viewers than the entire Pack has readers combined.
Blaming expat vloggers like Sterzel for their demise, the same expat print magazines that once seemed to be the private PR machines of the latest “it boy” foreign author like Ash are, one by one, shutting down and their editors returning to their home countries due to video’s new dominance among the ADD and Adderall generation.
And so, when a newbie foreigner approached Sterzel later that morning with her phone asking him to add her on WeChat, he looked immediately at his more locally famous foreign friends with a skeptical grin. “One of you put her up to this right?” he asked. They all smiled and denied it. “C’mon,” he said, looking at the foreign female. “One of these blokes told you to do this.” “Ermm… yeah, I told her to,” Ash stammered nervously.
But the girl looked up at the dapper South African with that special look, the puppy-dog gaze of a viewer who has finally come face-to-face with a vlogger. And the Beijing Expat Brat Packers just shook their heads and watched, without a trace of a smile, and suddenly it was clear to everyone that they were as surprised as Sterzel to see the girl leave the table with his WeChat info, smiling to herself, not bothering to get theirs too.
Written by and for users of China.
“The powerful have been trying to suffocate the spirit of satire...comedy and satire have license to transgress.” - Timothy Garton Ash, Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World
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Weekly Summary (Apr 6 - Apr 13, 2017)
Unresolved Mysteries
Thanks for all the nice feedback. I’ve included some summaries I wrote last week but forgot to post. Unfortunately, I left out a number of stories because of limited time and real life obligations. Please explore those stories I missed and let me know if you find any mistakes in my update. ✌
Chag Sameach. Happy Easter! 🐰 Wishing you all a very safe holiday weekend.
Last week's summary (March 29-April 5, 2017)

The Charley Project
Unresolved Mysteries
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Date: 2014-06-17
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Does your family know? If yes, how do they handle it/treat it with you? I assume you friends must know. Family doesn't know nor do I plan on telling them. I would tell them but they wouldn't understand so I don't really see much point as it would just hurt them. Society is great. You know those annoying people on the street who talk to you about jesus or joining unicef or whatever? If you tell them you're an escort they let you go on your way. Usually I won't tell someone unless I know I'll be seeing them frequently though. Just makes life simpler.
Same question as above just concerning society. I can't handle bosses who I don't get on with. It just not something I can do. I had just finished a contract job as a data entry operator and was looking for work half heaartedly, at the same time I was talking to an escort I'd met and one day literally found him walking past my house. Asked a few questions and decided may as well try it. Then I fell in love with the job. I'm my own boss, I work at very few hours a week and make a fair amount. It's pretty perfect for me.
Nice job on the AMA. Simple plain truth. Cheers to you and good luck but... watch out for that cheesecake habit--it's a bitch in your middle years. Source: WAS skinny. Yeah the day it catches up with me I'm doomed. :(
Nah. You'll have another life later. You might try the hola plugin for chrome to see the fred garvins. I think it bypasses the origin country stuff. One day I'd love to own either a bakery or tea and fancy dessert shop. I feel I'll need to be fat and jolly to achieve this so it'll work out.
Good thinking. Best to accept as the changes come. They do and it's all fine. Jolly indeed. May the changes come slowly for you. I just don't think I have it in me to give up baked goods. I love baking and I love eating said baking even more. There's a store with kitchenaid products in the window I walk past a lot it's so hard not to waste all my money on such things.
Is there a "pimp like" power structure that you work underneath, or are you self employed? Currently self employed. I use to work in a fantastic brothel down in auckland, which I'll check with my old madame if she will let me link to it. It was great fun working there we had a gay brothel and straight brothel working from the same place and it was just one big family, but I moved cities and the only gay brothel here is basically a harem for the owner, which I'm for.
As far as pimping in New Zealand is concerned brothel owners require a license to run and advertise and workers basically just need to find a place they're comfortable at to work from. Most places the owners are great but some are more shady. I don't know much about street workers, I'm strictly bookings only but there may be some pimpage there, mostly I think it's boyfriends making their girls give them the money. Which really isn't on.
only gay brothel here is basically a harem for the owner, which I'm for. It's "testing the boys"
WAT? So he gets the D for free whenever he wants? How does that work? Here's the site, judge for yourself Link to
Word. Holla at yo boy. unless you're saying I missed one somewhere in that wall of text.
Seems disappointing they're all basically twinks except for that one guy who's sort of rugby. Two things jumped out at me, one it looks like a three year old designed it. Two the part where it's saying all boys take Viagra. I'm pretty sure the owner makes them do it. And there's nothing wrong with twinks, but as one I'm totally bias
That's staying out of my history. Haha but it's just so appalling, you have to look.
Lol no I was just saying word, ya feel me... dawg? Am I gangstering correctly? Quite, yes, indeed. Gangstering to the highest of levels. I dunno my wild saturday nights involves new cheesecake recipes and Caro Emerald. Absolutely fantastic but hardly gangster.
Having looked at ads just for the fantasy in my mind numerous times, I've always been disappointed that my type generally didn't seem to be an option. That fantasy ended pretty quickly because of it. What's your type and what's the fantasy?
Cheesecake is the food of gods, mi amigo. Link to
I made this last night it was so great, and like the name suggests damn simple. Plus I got to bake shortbread and damn I love shortbread any baking.
This is going on a bit long. On the other hand, I bet you're quite the easy cheesecake. ha, ha. ba dum tisss Only for the right price, which currently is totally payable in cheesecake.
1) are your clients mostly one sex, or a combination of both? More men vs. women? 2) How do clients find you? So obviously protection. If someone wants it without condoms I just tell them no that's illegal and stop all interactions. A lot of my clients are hotels or places I set up so they're quite safe, but whenever I'm working I let my friend know how long and when he should be getting worried and text him when I'm done. I use to carry I police baton in my bag, but that was more to make me feel more safe than to actually be useful. I've had two clients who I was in danger with. I just talked them down until I could safely get out of there.
If it's alright, could you describe the situations where you felt in danger? Here's the only proper time.
Link to
Best thing about this was my best friend was texting me during telling me how I was in a real life version of silence of the lambs and was hypothesizing over how I was going to be murdered. He's a great guy. . .
Is there a lot of curious men out there? I've done two so not very, more likely is doing a threesome with another escort.
Do they say it's cause they want a girl-guy-girl threeway and they owe their partner this one? The two I did the lady was the one who suggested it, and the guy was keen to try it out.
Common cliches? I have a lot of lines I use frequently when clients ask awkward question. My favourite is when they say something like wow that's a nice dick I usually reply, "thanks I grew it myself." It still makes me chuckle so I'm happy.
Agreed, any weapon can be used against you too. Except my wit :)
I think I am out of questions for now. Appreciate the time! No worries, from what I've seen reddit's opinion on prostitutes is we're all cracked out our skulls and have huge daddy issues. I just want to show then that we're everyday people. If you saw me in the street you wouldn't pick me for an escort unless I wanted you to.
That is so awesome! I occasionally flash on cam websites and I say the same line when they talk about my tits! Haha good on you. Do you charge?
As sharp as it maybe, i wouldn't count on it. I dunno, it's been quite reliable so far.
Im out. Okay bye.
What's the worst experience you've had on the job? Details! A guy basically tried to kidnap me, I typed this before but the comment got deleted so this is the condensed version.
What happens if you're not sexually attracted to your client? (For whatever reason: too old, not aesthetically pleasing, too fat, not hygienic enough, etc.) Did an over night in a town 2 hours bus ride from where I was (It was early days I was greedy) he thought I was too sweet for the industry and basically wouldn't let me leave. Snuck out his house at three am with all my things excepts my shoes. Broke into a lawn bowls centre and camped out until a really lovely guy I found on grindr came and took me to his place.
Interesting AMA, btw. I go through with my job, I'm usually not attracted to clients but they almost always have something redeeming about them. I focus on their qualities not their flaws make working easier. Though i do make sure all my clients have showered before hand. I have to put my mouth on you please be clean.
Rough situation! That sounds creepy. Glad you got out of that weird predicament. I've heard before that prostitutes tend to not find their clients sexually attractive. Do you combat that with Viagra or Cialis? I don't take anything, I haven't really had a problem getting it up it's hard to explain over text but you sort of ignore who you're with and let your body feel what's happening to you. Sort of getting rid of the mental aversions and letting the physical pleasure take over. A sort of mental paper bag if you will.
Damn that's scary. I'm sure your heart was pumping a bit. I've been in sticky situations myself but I've never been kidnapped. What is a "lawn bowls centre" though? A place people play lawn bowls?
Have you ever become uncomfortable with your own grade of service? Sometimes, I usually feel really bad about it. But they're giving me a lot of money for just an hour so I always try my best.
I mean has there ever been a moment where the client had a perfect face & body and outperformed you making you think "I should be paying him". I've only had one client who was properly attractive. Sadly he has a lot of issues which ruin the pretty face.
Has there ever been some awkward moments? I would imagine if you stayed for 8 hours and maybe awake 1h not doing anything but talk you would get to awkward talking points or one of those "why did I mention that!?" moments. I'm pretty good at talking with people but my go to routine is tire them out with exhausting sex so he can just lie there and cuddle for ages. But there are times I'll catch myself talking about something and I'm thinking, "Why are you saying this what's the point where are you even going with this?"
What is the most common compliment people give about you or your service? Charming, Professional and Nice are the top three compliments. Or my great ass either or.
Has anyone ever said something negative about you upfront? One guy once refused to book me when i turned up because I didn't look like my photos, thing is I'd had them taken three days prior. So I'm not quite sure on him.
You mentioned earlier you used to work in a brothel. what was it like there? do you prefer working solo than being in a group environment? Working in that particular brothel was so much fun. We were a big family and I never knew what would happen at work. Someone might come in late o we locked them in the dungeon or spanked them. Every night we would cook dinner together, because we figured that it was healthier and cheaper than all of us getting take out. Every couple of weeks we'd have a big fake tan up and we'd all be rubbing fake tan into the parts of each other we couldn't reach.
So I really did like that place, but I do prefer brothel work it's just simpler safer and over all more fun.
So let's talk about the money, how much do you make? How much do you charge? It varies depending on who and what, but assuming you're a new client standards rates are. One hour full service: $160 NZD ($137 USD). Over night, usually around eight hours, $1000 NZD ($870 USD) And then there are are the fetishes (think BDSM, water sports, outdoors) which I decide on a case my case basis, usually BDSM is another fourty, water sports depends on my mood and who's on the receiving end.
Most of my clients are just a standard one hour though. :)
That seems like good pay. Is it something you can do every day? Multiple clients a day? Some days I'm really not feeling it and know I won't do a good job, best part of being my own boss is I get those days off
How else do you judge someone then? If not by their past actions? You should be honest about your place in society. Judge them as a whole and you assumed I was addicted to coke from what? My Profession? Well guess what my job isn't all I am. I'm also a massive video game nerd and anime freak, what's the stereotype for that? Desperate lonely virgin. Well see that can't work so maybe the stereotypes society tells you isn't always accurate, sure there are drug whores but not all whores are drug whores and I know my place in society down here in the lower rungs where I like it.
Hello! Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm really curious about the law regarding prostitution in NZ. It's been legal since 1983 iirc, basically prostitutes just need to take all measures to be safe during sex. It's more complicated if you own a brothel but I'm foggy on those details.
1) How does the law overall feel about prostitution? What are the laws? 2) Do you feel like the laws are good at protecting sex workers or do they more try to criminalize them? 3) Any memorable incidents (regarding law or otherwise)? The laws great. the government funds the NZPC (New Zealand Prostitute's Collective) which is an organization to basically help all sex workers.
Thank you! Wish you all the best! No incidences with the law, though once a bouncer made me empty my work bag before going to a bar that was a fun day. Picture dildos condoms lube bondage rope sex gel massage oils and all sorts of things being emptied into a bouncers arms.
I'd give $50 USD OBO to see the look on his face. He was a real good sport about it. He says Hello to me whenever I go there and doesn't check my bag anymore :D.
How do you go about preparing for a bottom job? Enema for everytime or do you have a feel when you are clean and ready to go? I keep track of my diet (bran is good for this) to make sure I'm clean down there, I don't do enemas very often it's not good for you. It's pretty easy to stay clean.
Do you french kiss your costumers? I do french kiss them, kissing is always a worry cause a bad kisser can totally throw off my game. Usually they're fine though but you get the odd client who breathes in your mouth or uses way too much tongue or some such. But it always works out, just means I give more head than a normal session or something like that.
Are you concerned about incurable diseases such as HSV-2 that condoms don't help much in preventing? I'm concerned over all STI's but worrying over it is like worrying you'll be hit by a car. Sure it could happen and you do all you can to prevent it, but you don't let it stop you crossing the road.
Have you had any health scares such as broken condoms? Had a condom break once. Scared me but nothing happened from it.
I'm paranoid about hookups in general, so I'm just trying to visualize doing it so much... Last week I was with a hot Middle Eastern dude who came first, and without my realizing it, used his own cum as lube to jerk me off. I sorta freaked out after realizing what happened :p. Very few people can do it well, so don't feel bad about it :)
Also, I can't get turned on if the guy is even slightly flabby or not my type, so I couldn't do what you do! :) Yeah hook ups are always risky I've sworn off them for a while, just so much easier when I can say their times up.
I'm very curious to know; do you enjoy sex with clients? Does your job have any effect on your personal sex life, positive or negative? Sometimes I do sometimes I don't depends how good they are. Best sex I ever had was with a client.
I'm more explorative with my own sexuality now and I'm a lot better at it, but I've found I can get bored of people easily in my personal life. I've read this is quite common with sex workers though and it goes away slowly after you quit working.
Interesting! I have another one; once you've set up a meeting with a client, and you're on your way over there - do you ever worry it's going to be someone you know waiting for you, or even worse, a relative of yours? How would you tackle a situation like that? Well my website advertisements you can see my face well enough that anyone who knows me can recognize me. But if it happened I'd laugh it off. No one would want to announce that they found out I was a prostitute by offering to pay me for sex. Only weird thing would be if they try go through with it.
Haha! You're right about that one. And that sounds like a brilliant way to handle this. Thanks for the replies and the interesting AMA! Well I don't really mind if everyone know's i prefer to keep it quiet but if it comes out it comes out. I'll deal with that if it happens, but why worry over a possibility.
I like your attitude. The present is the only thing that's real right now and other people's opinions don't matter. Also, prude-ish social standards suck. So to hell with that stuff! Precisely, though the future is very important. Caring about what random people on the street think of you though? That really doesn't matter.
What other profession could you consider? I applied to take a gaming dealer course on a whim. Highly doubt I'll get it but that could be fun. At the moment I really just want the freedom to travel so this suits be perfectly. I think I'd suit any sort of high stress low hours job. So a robber or bomb defuser, something like that.
You worked in a brothel, how much security was in it ( cctv, guards, panic buttons or whatnot)? (im going to assume they got thrown out if they broke rules like condoms and whatnot) We had on call security and the business next door was big hulking Samoans , who always told us to come get them if anything went wrong so we were pretty safe. Yeah if they tried to not use condoms you'd tell them if they did that again they'd be kicked out, no refunds.
Also during your time in a brothel, whats the most common stories in people who work there as sex workers? (Like by choice or whatnot) The place I worked at was strictly no drugs. (excluding weed) So everyone was by choice, some where for money and didn't want a real job. But most had been working for a long time and just stuck with it.
So even your current gives you high stress or? Good answer btw :) Well it's a job you have to be tough in to survive. So high stress after this won't bother me, at least that's my logic.
Do girls need you? Everyone needs me I'm amazing.
But in seriousness, if a lady wants an escort she'll ask a straight/bi escort not me they're well better suited and that's fine with me I like to know I've pleased a client and I really don't know women's bodies well enough to do that.
On a scale of 1 to in-love, how much do you enjoy your job? (10 being in-love) I'd say an 8? Like I love it, best job I've ever had but some days I'm kind of over it. You get difficult clients or you have a slow week and wish for a regular pay check, but honestly even at my worst I've never thought of quitting. Which I think is pretty good considering.
Thanks for this AMA. I have a few questions for you that came to mind as I read through the thread. What toll has your job had on your romantic life? Do you find it hard to be really intimate with someone you're interested in? Has having sex made it difficult for you to truly enjoy it with another? And lastly, what is you're longest running streak with a customer (as in a repeat customer)? My romantic life is still as it's always been, forever alone ._. But seriously I just get bored of people more easily, but I don't mind I'm not looking for anyone at the moment and intimacy doesn't have to be sex so no I don't have issues.
No I still enjoy sex it's like asking a chef if he doesn't enjoy food because he cooks all day.
4 months I think? Really nice american guy. He moved away sadly.
I used to be a butcher and later became a vegetarian because of it. I eat meat now, but it took a few years and the most amazing spencer steak ever to change my mind. How many customers are a good week? If you had to place a number on the total amount of people you have had intercourse with, what would it be? Whats the shortest amount of time someone has lasted while doing the deed with you? Most I do is three a day so ideally 21? I'm currently at 185 people. I keep track for some reason Had a client finish within five seconds of just playing with him. Poor guy :(
Has your occupation affected being intimate with someone for your own personal reasons (with a SO or someone you care for)? How so? I find I get bored of people sexually very easily if it's vanilla sex. Usually for me to have sex with someone constantly it has to be fantastic, eyes rolling back in your head sex for me to keep going back for more.
do you have any kinky fetishes of your own? :P. My main fetishes are BDSM, heat play and I always find role play fun.
Those were always questions I wondered about those in the sex industry, but never really met anyone who I could ask without fear of offending. Kia ora!! Glad I can be of service then :) Kia ora is hello by the way. (assuming you were saying good bye)
How open is the culture over there in regards to your profession? Would someone act like they don't know you because they're embarrassed? If its legal, is there still stigma/shame attached to sex workers? It's still looked down upon, and I've ended a few friendships over how they act (More due to immaturity than distaste). But generally it's pretty good. Stigma is more just misconceptions i.e. drugged out, stupid, riddled with infections, but they go away after they talk with me (At least I hope so)
Oops! Eh, I'm from Hawaii. I always just thought 'Kia ora' was interchangeable like 'aloha'. Oh well, learned something! haha thanks. Got a pm saying it apparently is. Whoops my bad.
What do you think needs to improve about the sex industry in your country and others? Or what would the ideal sex industry be like? My main gripe with my country is civillian attitude towards workers. Other countries i.e. 'MURRICA really need to legalize and regulate prostitution. Like really it's not going away criminalizing it is just hurting your citizens and losing you tax.
Came in expecting some craziness, and left feeling underwhelmed. Although I suppose that was the point, wasn't it? Just a normal guy. Well normal may not be quite right. I am terribly strange but still a functioning citizen, which was the point I was hoping to get across :)
But yeah I've been described as a weird old lady before and I think if I wasn't working It would be pretty accurate.
How do you handle payments? Does anyone try and not pay, if so what do you do? Always cash first, even with regulars I've seen many times. Some people 'forget' my prices and don't have enough cash. I usually just go to leave and then they magically remember where some more is.
What's your workout routine? Cheesecake, wine, cigarettes. I'm one of those annoying people who just is thin and can eat anything and it won't show. Slim guys are a pretty popular type in the gay world and it's what I bank on.
As a female im incedible jealous.. :D. I'm really really sorry for you, if I could share I would (the not getting fat thing, no chance I'm sharing cheesecake)
What is the weirdest thing you've been asked to do and did you do it? Hmm, I think my favourite weird thing I did was paraphilic infantilism. It was all great but I had to make him swear he wouldn't use his diaper.
If you don't know: Link to
Woah I hadn't heard of that before… interesting. It was a little strange, but once I got a grasp on it was pretty fun to do.
An other one ??? You want another example?
If this isnt proof gays are mentally ill i dont know what is. Well it's not specific to gays, it's more common in heterosexual men I believe and not all gays in fact very few like this.
If you don't mind me asking, what did it involve… wikipedia shows a range of 'activities' available for that sort of preference :P Sorry if that's too personal or awkward :/ No it's fine it is an AMA after all :)
Basically he was in a diaper and had a pacifier, he played with some blocks I spoon fed him and spanked him when he threw a tantrum and basically acted like a parent. No sex at all, it was pretty fun really. Funny thing is that when he wasn't in the diaper he was a totally normal guy with a good career. Goes to show you never really know what a person is truly like.
Yes please! An other weird thing / fetish / weird situation I can't think of anymore that are as amusing. There's the usual water sports and bdsm but nothing that will make you laugh. Maybe when I had to wear twenty different pairs of woman's panties in an hour session but I dunno.
Oh ok, actually sounds not too bad! Haha yeah it's interesting to see which people are secretly kinky... I'd love to be able to tell what fetishes people secretly like. It would be hilarious to know that the Queen was into dogging or something.
That will do, cheers :) No worries :)
Hahahaha oh god… the images… But imagine just looking at an old lady or a famous figure or your mum and knowing they were into some weird shit. I would not be able to get through a serious meeting without giggling like a lunatic and my mind would never recover. I dunno sex is sec no matter what you like to do with it. Better to be honest with yourself than repress something enjoyable.
You mentioned that you play MtG. What formats and what decks do you play? White is my favourite colour at the moment I don't have anyone to play with except my best friend over Skype but that really doesn't work. I'm making a day's commander deck currently which I'm excited to complete.
What about favorite card? Steel Hellkite will always be near and dear to me. It goes into a lot of my decks. :)
Nice. That card is pretty awesome. Also...what exactly is a "day's" commander deck... My phone's idea of what a daxus deck should be.
Have you ever banged a fully tattooed Maori? Many a Maori Edit: Either I misread this or you edited it after. I have had sex with heavily tattooed people, maori and otherwise. Not sure if it's meant to mean something but hey I've done it :)
Can you go into a bit of detail about this/these encounters? I'm intrigued. I'm confused, being Maori isn't something super special. It's just a race.
Curious: do you screen your clients first before engaging in sex? I mean do you check or have them tested before meeting up? And do you go through check-ups regularly? Not really, I protect myself with condoms and dentals dams and anything I could potentially catch is curable, unless something happens like a condom breaks. But I do have a look to make sure everything seems alright and healthy.
Do you play call of duty ghosts? Only FPS I played well is Tribes 2. I play League of Legends, Pokemon, Magic TCG, and steam games.
Besides I'm gay and don't you have to of had sex with your mother to play COD?
Are you asian? my friend is curious since u know leug oflegends, also do u knw kpop? Not asian, had a few people think I was asian (Note I don't look at all asian) but I do listen to K-pop a lot, Hyuna and CN Blue are amazing and Hyunseung is just way too attractive.
What kind of decks do you play in magic? Favorite format? I'm building a daxos commander deck at the moment. I have high hopes for it.
Have kids online ever flamed you and called you a gay hooker or something close to that, and what was your response? Nahh sadly, a few have called me a whore or gay never together. My usual response is, well you aren't wrong.sunshine :).
Pokemom eh? Do you play it competitive wise? Nahh, I use to but I just prefer playing for fun. Mostly doing Nuzlocke runs and such.
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2013.09.29 23:05 River_Space Secret cctv sex video

1: The “nothing to hide” argument
When the topic of surveillance comes up 9 times out of 10 those who are pro-surveillance use the “nothing to hide” argument (as in, “Since I don’t have anything to hide, if someone’s watching me, no harm can come to me”). I believe this is a faulty argument & here is why.
A: There is a misunderstanding of what privacy is. When the “nothing to hide” argument is brought up to me I often ask the person; - If they always leave their blinds open at their house all the time. - If they would give me access to their credit card statements for the last year. - If I can search through their internet history & bookmarks - If they close the stalls in a public restroom
This last point reveals that privacy IS NOT secrecy
B: It's not about having anything to hide; it's about some things not being anyone else's business.
C: The underlying relationship between the surveyors & the surveilled is that of an assumption that those in power are unequivocally correct. Think about a parent watching their child and monitoring for misbehavior. In that case, however, there is no reasonable need for privacy on the child’s part.
[ ]
2: Because none of us know all of the laws & because some laws are secret the likelihood that we break the law on a daily basis is relatively high. []
A: As James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School & former defense attorney, notes in his excellent lecture on why it is never a good idea to talk to the police: [ ] Estimates of the current size of the body of federal criminal law vary. It has been reported that the Congressional Research Service cannot even count the current number of federal crimes. These laws are scattered in over 50 titles of the United States Code, encompassing roughly 27,000 pages. Worse yet, the statutory code sections often incorporate, by reference, the provisions & sanctions of administrative regulations promulgated by various regulatory agencies under congressional authorization. Estimates of how many such regulations exist are even less well settled, but the ABA thinks there are ”nearly 10,000.”
If the federal government can’t even count how many laws there are, what chance does an individual have of being certain that they are not acting in violation of one of them?
B: As Supreme Court Justice Breyer elaborates [ ] The complexity of modern federal criminal law, codified in several thousand sections of the United States Code & the virtually infinite variety of factual circumstances that might trigger an investigation into a possible violation of the law, make it difficult for anyone to know, in advance, just when a particular set of statements might later appear (to a prosecutor) to be relevant to some such investigation.
3: Abuse of surveillance & selective prosecution If an official, employee of the surveillance company or even a friend of an employee has a personal issue with a resident of a neighborhood there is no way to prevent them from using an outdated law to prosecute them. One example is Missouri’s law of the illegality of parking your car without turning off the engine. [ ]
Other out-of-date Missouri laws include: • Anyone under the age of 21 who takes out household trash containing even a single empty alcohol beverage container can be charged with illegal possession of alcohol in Missouri. • Four women may not rent an apartment together. • Hard objects may not be thrown by hand. • It is illegal to have oral sex.
This highlights the fact that ubiquitous surveillance can allow for selective prosecution. [ ] [ ]
4: Privacy is about society & not the individual Daniel J. Solove of George Washington University Law School in his essay 'I've Got “nothing to hide”' & Other Misunderstandings of Privacy has these wonderful points regarding the ““nothing to hide” argument”: [ ] [ ]
A: Privacy is not the proclamation of the individual against society’s interests, but the protection of the individual based on society’s own norms & values.
B: Many commentators who respond to the argument attempt a direct refutation by trying to point to things that people would want to hide. But the problem with the “nothing to hide” argument is the underlying assumption that privacy is about hiding bad things.
C: The deeper problem with the “nothing to hide” argument is that it myopically views privacy as a form of concealment or secrecy. But understanding privacy as a plurality of related problems demonstrates that concealment of bad things is just one among many problems caused by surveillance
D: Even surveillance of legal activities can inhibit people from engaging in them. The value of protecting against chilling effects is not measured simply by focusing on the particular individuals who are deterred from exercising their rights. Chilling effects harm society because, among other things, they reduce the range of viewpoints expressed…
People change the entirety of their behavior when they know they are being watched. Think about when your boss walks in the room. This reinforces conformity & we lose autonomy.
E: In many instances, privacy is threatened not by singular egregious acts, but by a slow series of relatively minor acts which gradually begin to add up.
4: Aggregation of Data: Any particular piece of footage may not reveal all that much. But when they are put together, they can deeply influence how a person is perceived, & ultimately, how they are treated. This is aggregation of data (in this case video footage). If John Doe happens to walk past intersection A with Jim Doe heading South every Thursday night at 4pm it can be inferred that he goes to happy hour at the local gay bar thereby outing him as gay though no one in his personal life may know.
5: Video footage (data) shared with third parties. Video footage (data) can be shared to third parties whether we or the surveillance company want it or not.
"Parallel construction" is a term used by law enforcement & govt. agencies. It is basically information laundering because the sharing of surveillance data is illegal but this gets around it. For example; the DEA’s branch SOD (Special operations Division) as well as other governmental organizations gets info from the NSA. Likewise, if the NSA wants more info they can send requests in the form of a National Security Letter (NSL) to any branch of govt, business or security/surveillance firm along with a gag order preventing those being monitored from knowing it. The footage from CCTVs is not safe from being shared.
[ ]
6: Funds In my opinion, the funds that would be used for the installation, utilization and maintenance of these cameras would not provide sufficient benefit to make their expense worthwhile. How about using the same funds that would go towards cameras for neighborhood watch programs or other crime-reducing endeavors?
7: Upping the ante / The spreading nature of surveillance CCTVs will simply push crime around the corner leading to the addition of cameras. This leads to the next point.
8: Being neighborly With an entire neighborhood under surveillance crime is pushed to adjacent neighborhoods, some of which do not have the sense of community or funds to combat the rise in crime. This is not a neighborly or moral way to behave as a society.
9: Circumventing technology Throughout history criminals have found ways around being watched. There is little video footage can do to identify a well-hooded or masked individual. There are infrared LED lights that can be used & purchased to defeat CCTVs. [ ] They are readily available for anyone who wants to purchase one.
10: CCTVs are an eyesore. The [____] neighborhood is beautiful and recent renovations & rehabs have only improved its aesthetics. Let’s not spend money on something that will have the opposite effect on our wonderful neighborhood.
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