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2020.10.06 19:53 Drincourt Online chat with pornstar

So, this has been interesting. I’m being catfished. I am a 51 year old man with a girlfriend, so this is really weird, yet amusing!
I got a connection request on LinkedIn. It was a woman who looked to be on her thirties. Very busty, fit, and attractive. I did not know the person so I figured I’d send a message and try to figure out why they connected. I did not see anything in her profile that would make me think there was any business reason to connect with me.
I was suspicious immediately. I also have a girlfriend and this was the second time someone has acted a bit flirty on LinkedIn, which is odd in and of itself. We chatted a bit. Then she asked me if I had WhatsApp and knew for certain that there was something up. She also sent me two pictures, one which was of her drivers license. Unsolicited. Very odd. Of course it had her name and pic, but there was something about it that looked odd. I went to look at what NY driver's licenses look like and it was a bit off.
I’m in IT and obviously very computer savvy, so it would really be almost impossible to fool me using pictures or content from the internet. I’m also a skeptic. I would find out in about 5 minutes. So I started doing image searches. lol and behold, I found a few people online using the same pictures in Instagram and Twitter. I still didn’t know who it was. After a few more searches, I found out.
The pics are all of a pornstar named Ava Addams. I had never heard of her before (not a big porn guy) but no doubt it was her. I saw a picture of her dog and asked the woman I am messaging with if she has pets. Guess who’s dog I got a picture of? Yup. Pornstar pet.
Anyway, I definitely want to get this person to admit that she is not the woman in the picture. If for no other reason than my own satisfaction and curiosity. I could ask her to FaceTime, but no way she’ll agree to that.
What should I do, oh devious people of Reddit?
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2020.09.04 09:19 EchowithanE Online with pornstar chat

Two quick Disclaimers before the actual post begins: 1. This is a personal opinion, the things I will talk about in this post were the ones that kept me coming back to porn on a daily basis and consume it in very, very unhealthy amounts. They probably seem harmless (or even weird and repulsive) to you but I would still love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

  1. I am very sorry for any mistakes I will make while typing out my thoughts since English is not my mother tongue. Please understand.

About my struggle with porn: I started watching internet porn around the age of 11 and had a consumption that was not too different from what I've heard from my friends at school until the age of 15.
By then, I had Pornhub established as my 'go-to' site for porn and what fascinated me about that site was that it not only had videos and picstures to look at but also a huge community of people who upload, organize and discuss content with one another. Because discussing kinks, preferences and recommendations seemed super fun to me, I created an account and pretended to be over the ag of 18. It was fun chat with like-minded individuals, create playlists with my favorite videos in them and always have the newest content of my favorite pornstars presented to me. I watched almost daily, but never more than 20-30min of porn, which is still unhealthy for a 15-17 year old kid.
Everything changed when an older guy I chatted with on a regular bsasis recommend the site to me. That was a site that lets you open up rooms where a group of people would watch the same video selected by the host of the room (just like TeamViewer or Kast). He told me about the big commuity of porn watchers on that site and how I might enjoy watching porn with others who are like-minded. He was right and that's how my real decline began.
I started hosting porn rooms myself shortly after and had the time of my life watching porn and the thought of the other guys watching the same video simultaneously made everything so much better since masturbating together with another guy was a fantasy I always was too afraid to live out in real life. The kind of porn videos I consumed changed: The 6-8 minute clips from sites like pornhub turned into the uncut full scenes of 30-90 minute length I found on shady sites seomwehre in the web.
Since there was always somebody you could chat and exchange thoughts and opinions with, you would always add another scene after the last one ended which meant i consumed around 1.5-3h of porn on a day under the week, much more on weekends. I knew all the pornstar names, all the porn sites, all the vocabulary of the so called 'Gooners' and I was only 18.
When went offline, the whole community moved to Discord which has a server structure that made it even easier to find other porn addicts that shared the same kinks or came from your area.
By now I not only had a stock of 'regulars' who would watch my porn streams and complimented me on my taste, I had people from that community that I would refer to as friends or buddies. I knew about their relationships. their jobs, their sexual preferences and really cared about all that.
I recently got into a relationship with my wonderful girlfriend and since I felt the effects those years of excessive porn consumption I decided to quit for good. I deleted all the accounts on porn sites, on Discord and disabled any NSFW content on the sites and image boards I visit on a regular basis. The hardest part of deleting my Discord account was not saying goodbye to all the images and clips of women having fake orgasms in front of a camera, it was resisting the urge to write some of my best friends from the online community a message saying goodbye because I knew I would come back sooner or later to read their responses.
To me, watching porn was not only watching images and videos, it was the basis for social interaction which was just as important to me as the porn itself. Thank you for reading :)

tl;dr: I was an active memeber of the porn community where the community bribes you into addiction.
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2020.09.01 17:17 johnnybelt0303 Online chat with pornstar

I've always loved noticing girls feet, especially normal girls and not necessarily pornstars or models. I love connecting with other people who share the same kink to talk about what interests us and gets us going.
If this sounds like you, write me back and let me know what you like when it comes to girls sexy feet and soles. Let's chat online and maybe share some pictures and see what kind of fun we can get up to. If it makes sense and is safe, maybe we can even meet up if we're into it. I prefer Skype or Kik if you have it, but we can start here. Hope to hear from you. Thanks for reading
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2020.08.04 15:01 johnnybelt0303 Online chat with pornstar

I've always had a thing for girls feet, especially normal girls and not necessarily pornstars or models. I love connecting with other people who share the same kink to talk about what interests us and gets us going.
If this sounds like you, write me back and let me know what you like when it comes to girls sexy feet and soles. Let's chat online and maybe share some pictures and see what kind of fun we can get up to. If it makes sense and is safe, maybe we can even meet up if we're into it. I prefer Skype or Kik if you have it, but we can start here. Hope to hear from you. Thanks for reading
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2020.08.04 06:49 forget-it123456 Online chat with pornstar

Finally coming clean about my fucked up childhood
This is the first time I’m actually typing my story out.. please be nice I’m not good a punctuation..
Not sure when it started, maybe on the bus when I was young with the older boys always being vulgar and loud, I do know it started with a curious mind and too much internet freedom
I was 9-10 when I got my first iPod touch for Christmas. I was so excited as I longed for one after seeing my sister get one, even better mine had a camera! At the time I was thrilled...
I was severely bullied in school by kids since I could remember, sadly I went to a small school district so I was with most of these kids my whole school life, it was torture, the kids on the bus even were mean to me. I was alone finally my parents caught on and decided to get me help starting with ADHD as that was what the media and doctors were shoving in everyone’s face at the time. I ended up going to a horrible doctor, trying all sorts of ADHD meds that made me loose weight, and turned me Into a zombie. At this time they decided to pull me out of school, It was October of my 5th grade year that I started to homeschool. The bullying continued online as everyone my age had a Facebook. It just wouldn’t stop, I was deteriorating
Finally my parents decided to find a different child psychologist and I was diagnosed with PTSD from the relentless bullying, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, social phobia.
My mind was fucked I was alone, I hated myself, my parents were busy with work I had no friends no way out of my house I was stuck but I had my I pod..
my Curiosity started when the boys on the bus talking about boners when I was 9 I had no clue what the term was so I went on YouTube and googled and was confused as not much my young mine could understand popped up. So I searched and searched that night, clicking on all sorts of links, watching videos, pictures etc. it was crazy this was sex? My parents neglected to give me the “talk” when I was younger but I remember the day they gave my sister it and I was so intrigued on what they were saying in the other room. But I never found out.
When I was 10 I found this game called disc golf, you were able to play with strangers and chat while you played. I would always ask them “do you wanna have cyber sex?” I would then explain it and I would get a leave game or a ok and we would start sexting like we knew each other, I did it everynight. It’s not my real name, what’s the big deal? They won’t find me
When I was 11 I was playing on my I pod alone while my parents were distracted, I also had a “quiet space” in my closet I could go and calm down or relax when I was having a rough time. I was on some weird app I had found where you could watch CCTV feeds from all over the world. They had a chat room and people were saying usernames to another IM app and saying sexual things like people do (can’t remember what the name was) so I added a guy on that app as I was curious. I lied about my age and the guy started to talk sexual and I followed along with what I read on the internet. Sending “pictures of myself” which were pictures of pornstars I would find on the internet. I loved the attention, even if it wasn’t actually me I loved the way they would talk about the porn stars and tell them they were pretty and how much they wanted them.
Then when I was 12 boy from my old school started talk to me, he said I was cute he gave me attention we talked on Skype for hours and hours, video chatted etc. I don’t remember if it was me who brought it up or him but It started to get sexual we faked sexual for a long time then I moved into nudes.. I told myself “it’s a friend, not a stranger” we continued like that for awhile then a dumb fight happened and we stopped talking.
But I was addicted to the attention, I needed to be told I was pretty, that I was wanted, I wasn’t a reject. I needed it so bad I was willing to find anyone.. a stranger.. Omegle..
I got a kik as that seemed to be the big IM for that stuff back then. I found people, lots of people... it was an addiction I would be doing 3-4 at a time a day and would block them when I would get bored or they found me out.
Then I started to send pictures of myself. At 12 I had pretty much developed so I thought I can pass for a woman so I’ll do it just once. With this one guy, and man the rush I got from getting a compliment that was actually directed at me. I continued kik for a long time sending nudes, finding people to sext with on Omegle, lying about my age etc. this is when I started to self harm.
My family then decided they would send me back to school 9th grade, my local highschool.. still all the people I went to school with when I was younger.
I went boy crazy, I hadn’t gotten to interact with boys my age since 5th grade I was obsessed I wanted all the attention.
In comes Snapchat.. when I asked my mom if I could have one she said “ok but don’t be sending bad pictures” I assured her that was disgusting and I would never do that...
You can probably pretty much guess what happened next it’s pretty typical what happens with highschool teens sending nudes, but i personally was sending them to multiple guys. My mom was strict in certain ways at home. I could never go out, rarely had friends over strict in who I hung out with (as my sister was able to snitch as she was a senior at the time I was a freshman) I started to rebel, and send more and more and more till, what do ya know they spread. And my sisters friends ended up finding out at a party. They told my sister. Not only that it had gotten around to the school moms. So my mom was already contacted at that point...
All hell broke loose, I came clean, disciplined obviously. My mom decided to make an appt with my psychologist the next day as in the raging talk we had the night I brought up I didn’t wanna live anymore.
I wasn’t allowed to have my phone in my room at all or have my phone at night, my mom had to have the passwords to socials etc. I was good for a couple months..
I thought I was smart if I just delete everything how will she know?
My mom thought I was doing good so I was allowed to have my phone during the day, with the door open.
My mom worked in a separate out building on our property at the time and my dad was always asleep in the morning. I figured out if I take all my pictures in the morning while I’m getting ready for school and getting dressed that would keep the compliments coming. Always deleting the evidence. So I thought.. one guy had saved a snap message. And she saw it.
No more Snapchat. And she downloaded a program on my phone without my knowing. She could see every move, every search, every dm. And she could see what I had deleted.
I started to sext one guy through text and of course she found out and finally ended up confronting me and telling me I had a sex addiction, and I was disgusted. I realized it.. I had a sex addiction, I needed the attention to survive. That’s an addiction. I got into therapy and slowly started to heal.
With all this pedophilia coming up, it’s made me think, wow I haven’t dealt with the gravity of what I had done.
I’m disgusted, revolted, horrified all sorts of emotions that I did that when I was younger? What possessed me to do that? Was it my parents, was it the internet was it the sexual stuff on tv?
I’m disgusted because I probably am on the internet in lots of places with how many people I’ve sent to. It makes my stomach turn to not know who has these photos of me when I was younger. Makes me want to puke as I know they are probably on pedo websites.
I’m scared, what if someone is busted and I’m found in the photos? What If in the future I get charged for some reason. What if somehow they spread again. What if I get kidnapped because someone saw me on a website.
I’ve healed a lot, but realized I still have lots of new trauma to work through
I’ve found empowerment in the aftermath of this, for so long I hated my body, disgusted at how sexual I was. How I loved sex and the thought of it.
Now that I’m older I’ve realized sex shouldn’t be taboo and loving sex shouldn’t be seen as disgusting or promiscuous. I’ve also learned with the right partner sexual trauma can be healed and worked through and that I’m not tainted and that No one will ever love me.
One of the big things I take away from this is If I just had “the talk” with my parents I feel so much would’ve been different. I’m lucky things didn’t turn out worse... very lucky.
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TLDR; Dealing with break up with exbpd, finding this forum is very bittersweet and im so confused, hurting a lot with mixed emotions. I really appreciate any replies. There is a short version below listing the general traits i've noticed from her.

Let me first apologise how long this is and how 'over the place' it is, i've been facing a lot of sorrow and after having found this sub just now my heart just hurts, I feel like I need to know something. I guess this is my story. I'm just gonna list all of the things that seem to be a common occurrence or trait amongst this forum when talking about our bpd loved ones. I hope you can agree, shed some light or maybe even point some things out for me, because i feel quite confused right now.
In 2018 I started dating my ex and we clicked immediately. Let me just state this this girl is truly my first love and we did have a lot of good times together, we were best friends as well as partners. Throughout the relationship she would alert me of her past, her traumas, her exes. Without going into detail she had suffered sexual abuse at a young age, hadn't had the best childhood upbringing, was engaged with a lot of drugs in her early teenage years, told me how her exes were toxic, psychotic; you name it. So obviously I started to see her more as an innocent, sweet girl who needed some love and I fell so deep with her, truly. At the beginning I was admittedly quite cold to her, not purposefully, I found it hard to sympathise with some of her problems and after a while I started to 'warm' up more and more to the point where when we broke up I felt like I had no more legs to stand on, more on that later.
We argued a lot in our relationship (often about stupid things near the beginning, we were both still kids realistically being 16 and 18 when we met). She started making me out to be a not so nice person to loads of people, exaggerating things and just straight up lying a lot of the time behind my back. Admittedly and regrettably, I started going down her phone (She also did this to me, not that that makes it okay) I started to get these really bad feelings, even she says I have sixth sense. Every time I did this I found something I didn't like. The first time I found her really trashing me to her friends which isn't necessary at all, at this point I told no one about our problems because realistically they weren't big issues at all. I brought it up to her, she apologised and we moved forward. This never really stopped though, mutual friends would show me how she constantly trash talks me, would delete messages she sends to people so I couldn't see them if I went on her phone. We broke up in August 2019, she broke up with me and immediately wanted to get back together and I was about to start uni, i told her she needed to work on herself because I didn't want to be under any more stress than I had to be from uni and her. So between here and December she constantly contacts me, blocks, unblocks me, starts telling people that i've done this and that, making statuses about me online which made me out to be abusive, saying she wants to burn my things infront of me? I obviously reached out to the people she said this to and they ended up seeing that im not this big nasty person and stopped being her friend (She would constantly talk trash about them and just about anyone else in her life to me), so therefore she goes around telling people that im to blame for her losing loads of friends.
She also tells people that I made her fail her first year of college because I would always MAKE her come to my house instead of go to school which really isn't the case, she would never want to go in or do homework, I have screenshots of our chats and me trying to motivate her to GO to class while all she wanted to do was lay in bed and mope around. It's like she cannot accept any responsibility.
Another thing that really got to me was she would always jump on my back about being iffy about other females, thinking i like this girl or they like me over literally nothing, she literally blocked me for playing animal crossing with a female friend who had a boyfriend at the time, yeah. This one time in the first year of our relationship she went out with our mutual friends and a guy was there (I was not) and over time I noticed that they would text CONSTANTLY, which isn't a bad or mundane thing, but you know when it just feels off? So I told her about it and she assured me she didn't like him, that there was nothing there, that I was overthinking and being possessive. She could see how much it was hurting me and ending up blocking him however I recently found out that on the day she met him she was telling her bestfriend about him ''I met this cute guy today, we have the same interests, he keeps talking to me, i feel so bad...''. I recently told her I found that out and it's like she didn't even acknowledge it, just brushed it aside and found whatever she could to twist the blame on me. She tells people that i've made her block EVERY guy friend, when it's like 2, i've never acted without reason or anything like that, I had blocked girls she was upset about no problem. Oh on the note of her telling people things, she also tells people that I took all of her crop tops because I didn't like her to wear revealing things? I have one crop top of hers and literally bought her short skirts and praised outfits like that as my favourite.
You know I mentioned we broke up in August 2019? When she originally broke up with me about 2 weeks later she went to a museum with a guy she told me she only knows because he was once trying to get into her pants, and now that we had broken up she was going out with him but assured me it wasn't a date. Wtf? In December we ended up getting back together because I realised I did love her and I did miss her. From then on the relationship just turned to absolute shit at her hand, in January she turned 18 and started going clubbing and in the first few times she went out she had: given her social media to a guy at a bar and was talking to him for a while (she told me this randomly while walking down the street), had kissed some girls who was friend with her girls which I didn't find out about until March. I kept having a bad feeling about her cheating on me while going out, even started having dreams about it from January. She started speaking to a guy online who had a gf at the time, and their entire conversation was sexual tension, talking shit about me, talking about porn (this guy would tell her every time he went to masturbate and he would tell her every time he watches a pornstar he thinks of her) It's worth mentioning at one point she told me she considers watching porn as cheating... also this guy saying he didnt want to be with his girlfriend and that he wanted to sleep around, even some messages of him being like ''r u my gf, r u mine?'' and my ex just entertained it.
I will always remember going through her chat with him and seeing that she told him that she had cheated on me (I even considered what she was doing with him as cheating to be honest) woke her up and she denied it and denied it until told the truth, or trickle truth because I don't know if its the full truth, my gut tells me it isn't. It was 3am and I was sat on my dorm floor crying and she was sat there and even said she was going to go home until I begged her to stay because I was so torn down and entangled in her I tried to forgive her, we told this guys gf and he blocked us both. A few weeks passed I couldn't move past it and we broke up, her call.
During the break up she told me she didn't want a relationship with anyone and then was soon on dating apps meeting new people, telling some people that it was just to meet new people because she's lonely and not for sex, telling a few others that it was for hook ups. She started talking to a guy she liked and in 2 weeks she was saying to me that they sometimes tell each other they love each other while simultaneously telling me that I'm the only person she's ever truly loved, that whenever she thinks of me she feels happy, that I'm her safe space. She would also tell me that she thinks this guy is boring and sometimes cringey. After those 2 weeks they stopped speaking because she got insecure about him going to Japan because his ex is Japanese. In this time we were broken up but were trying to be friends, she was telling me that he sent her dick pics and she was like wtf do i do with these and I was like haha bet you sent him nudes and she was like NO (She would tell me that she doesnt feel sexual at all since going on antidepressants from december) and I can read her like a book, she lies constantly, even about things that really don't need to be lied about for example; I paid for a trip for us, my idea, my treat and she started telling people that it was her who took me. What really put the nail in the coffin was when I found out she had lied to me AGAIN, she was the one who started sending NSFW images to him. Let me state that I know it isn't my business or a problem if she wants to do those things, but its just the fact she lies. She told me she didnt tell me she did those things because she thought it would hurt me... WHY EVEN BRING UP THE FACT HE SENT DICK PICS THEN?
Oh I forgot to mention she also send a picture of my penis to some random girl online and that girl told me, when I confronted my ex her apology was ''Sorry I thought I could trust her'' which she proceeded to tell me she regrets everything we've shared, to telling me she loves me to then blocking me in the same night.
Confronted her, and she was just like yeah well *twist the blame on you* and decided we should just stop trying to stay in contact because we were constantly up and down which is probably the best choice. We went NC for about a month and then I was told she had posted a story about me on her instagram, out of the blue saying that i'm trying to ruin her relationships, that she has tried so hard to be civil with me shit when I hadn't said a thing about her since we had last spoken, I messaged her to try to form some sort of civil ground and she took it down and everything was cool. The very next day she sent her friends a link to a poem I had written her on reddit and they started commenting hate on it with anonymous accounts thinking I wouldn't realise, I asked my ex why and she was basically like, I sent them your poem but I didnt tell them to do that but so sorry but not my fault, i dont need to reply, ahh you made me lose in town of salem, im talking to my friends rn, that I need to stop latching onto excuses to talk to her (I literally wouldn't have messaged her if she didn't start posting about me). Since we've been in NC she has started speaking to the guy I mentioned above since he broke up with his girlfriend (surprise surprise?) and she has started drawing portaits of him, it's obvious she likes him but won't admit it, why would she I guess. I've done my fair share of stalking social media and whatnot in this time, and im proud to say im getting past that stage. She still listens to songs that she would tell me reminds her of me, even my favourite band.
Sometimes she would tell me she's toxic, that I deserve better but since December it's like she really changed. We did honestly share so many great memories together, there was a lot of love and she did a lot for me but at the same time after realising all that has happened it makes me wonder if she ever really truly meant it. She would go on about how she has never felt so comfortable, 'like this', at home with anyone else before. It's so hard to just drop and leave, I don't know how to do it with this being my first real deep break up and having to deal with all of this. I would appreciate any guidance or anything at all.

Some other things that I guess are worth mentioning: From December to March she wouldn't post any pictures with or of me on social media and deep down I knew it was because she didn't want guys to know she was in a relationship. I would beg her to post something of me and on valentines day she did, then we would argue over something stupid and she would delete all of her posts with me in. There was also a point where she made a video telling people she was done with living so I called emergency services for her. Admittedly, I did the same thing at one point because I felt so low.
She wouldn't delete pictures or delete the girls she cheated on me with from instagram, her answer being ''She wants followers''.
Since we've broken up she's started talking to about a billion more people, like she has to be surrounded by loads of people to feel validated I think, it's weird.

Traits from my ex without the details
- Gaslighting, manipulation (It's always like she twists and manipulates to suit her own needs?)
- Cheated on me
- Making me feel really special to her by saying she's has looked for someone like me her whole life (amongst many other lovely things)
-Talking bad about me behind my back
-Saying her exes are toxic, psychotic
-Made herself out to be super loyal
-Constant need for validation
-Shifting blame
-Unable to take full responsibility
-Stalks her exes a lot throughout our relationship
-Still listens to music that reminds her of me
-Feeling like I was walking on eggshells around her
-Deleting messages
-Jealous behaviours
-Self destructive behaviours
-Has recently lost a lot of weight, says she has an ED.
-Victim mentality
I noticed I started to think that I was the one causing the problems, that I was starting to do things she did, like overshare our relationship with people, it really got into my head. I felt like I was walking on eggshells around her, I would never stand up for myself properly because I was scared I would upset her.
Where am I at with this right now? It seems like she is completely over me which hurts. I have gotten much better but every now and then I do fall back down. I'm in NC, the last time we talked was about a week or so ago in regards to us giving one another possessions back and she apologised for ''accidentally'' adding me to a chat (I didn't see the chat or anything but I feel like it was a chat with her friends and the guy I had previously mentioned in which she was trying to get to me, but maybe i'm overthinking). I just replied to her with 'okay' and left it at that, she hasn't blocked me on that communication at the time of posting. I spent so long trying to justify all she did, saying it was her mental health or her past but I know it's wrong for me to do that because it's still her.
I know I can move past her, but as I said, we did share great moments together, I really felt love with her so It's hard to just drop, it was my first time and I'm not really sure how to move forward properly, to let go. I do care about her deeply and at times I wish I didn't, at this point I would like to be civil or distant friends with her however she says she doesn't see that happening in the near future, which is sad but I guess it's fine.
I am terrified to see her out and about, or go to the places where we have memories together, like in Town is where we spent most of our time. It makes me feel so ANXIOUS, what do I do if I bump into her or her friends which obviously dislike me. There are times when I lie awake and I hear her voice as if it haunts me, and I really struggle sometimes. I don't know if what we had was ever real to her like she described and it really hurts me. I feel like i've lost so much of myself, and im getting myself back but at the same time It's like, fuck man why did it have to end like this. No, I do not want to be with her again.
It hurts my head to and heart to come to terms with the fact that someone I truly loved has done this to me, and seemingly has absolutely no remorse. I was thinking of sending her this reddit and being like, this is what you've done and I hope you can learn to not do this to anyone else but I know that's ridiculous.
I feel so stuck and lost.
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2020.05.31 19:09 Sissysarahneedscum Anyone else who enjoys the sensuality of it.

I know it's s a common thing among these subs and other online forums. That most Sissies that I see online or talk to want, need and crave really rough poundings. Wanting to be thrown around like ragdolls, the way female pornstars are.
I totally get and understand the appeal of being taken and used. I have those needs myself from time to time.
I was curious if anyone else enjoyed the soft and sensual side of being a sissy and a crossdresser or a more feminine guy.
For myself. I don't necessarily have to be wearing something overly provocative. Or thin, Lacey lingerie. Even an ankle length dress can make me feel sexy and cute. Any simple piece of clothing can make me feel adorable. I guess I go more off of what me wearing the clothes represents in that moment rather than how they look.
Even when it comes to playtime with my wife, and pegging or when it comes to her being dominant. I get off when she if very soft with me. Rubs me gently, caresses my face and tells me I'm beautiful. Rubs my chest through a bra that I'm wearing. When she pegs me slowly and unhurried. I feel the most feminine and sissy like then.
Is there anyone else who enjoys softness and sensuality within their dressing up/sissy play.. Private chat me, I would love to talk.
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