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Loom: Plan for multichain DeFi ecosystem, Early preview of Binance Chain integration, Alice becomes 1st DeFi project on Loom, Listing on Defiprime Announced Tuesday, the dForce Foundation has completed a $1.5 million seed round led by Multicoin Capital and joined by Huobi Capital and CMB International (CMBI). The foundation plans on earmarking the funds for staffing and new DeFi product launches in 2020, according to a statement. It raised $1.5 million from Animoca Brands, ConsenSys and Hashed and is working on its own set of development tools. It also hopes to expand Axie Infinity’s reach from the hundreds into the thousands in 2020, as it supports new blockchains such as Kakao’s Klaytn, and launches a mobile version to create more accessible products. 5. Animoca ... do not have access to pay advances, however . Most say they do not use the option because it is not available (524 . percent) while a smaller share of work-ers say they are unaware it exists (29 .5 percent) . Removing these barriers could significantly increase the market’s value, especially for workers in unskilled seg- Is the DeFi Ecosystem Overvalued? A Chat with Kyber’s Deniz Omer. Kyber’s head of ecosystem growth talks speculation verse value in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Published. 1 hour ago. on. August 4, 2020. By. Republished by Plato. Altitude Games, the team behind the upcoming Decentraland () title Battle Racers announced this week that it planning an in-game item presale for the racing game.. Our friends at Altitude Games have announced a pre-sale for Battle Racers! Get in on the action early, and grab some exclusive parts for your perfect racing machine. The trader chained a string of actions together in a particular way so as to squeeze money from the DeFi ecosystem. The exploit used a flash loan — which lets a trader borrow and then return funds in a very short window. Flash-borrow 10,000 ETH from DeFi provider dYdX. Send 5,000 ETH to Compound (another DeFi protocol), and 5,000 ETH to bZx. Related Reading: This Crypto Use Case Has Never Been as “Underrated” Due to Twitter and Trump DeFi Is Still Alive and Kicking In the wake of March’s crypto crash, the value locked in DeFi applications crashed to $500 million from well over a billion. This was to be expected: March’s crash also resulted in an over 50% reduction in the ... Apex Legends’ Season 5 has the highest level of per-play engagement seen to date, the highest daily retention of any season and the largest number of new players since Season 1. When Apex Legends launches on Steam and Switch with cross-play support this fall, the game will welcome even more new players to the battle.. During EA Play Live, the team at Respawn also unveiled that the Lost ... The original game can take a solid hundred hours to complete.The enhanced version, called Persona 5 Royal, arrives on March 31 for PS4 and will remaster the old game and add even more new content.

2020.08.14 03:01 QuarkChain Game of DeFi: Early access to 5 DeFi related products to share 5 million QKC!

Game of DeFi: Early access to 5 DeFi related products to share 5 million QKC!
Dear QuarkChain Community Members,
We talked a lot about DeFi this year. QuarkChain hopes to build the next-generation of the DeFi network through sharding and multi-native token to solve the problems facing DeFi today: expensive gas, poor user experience, and insecure and easy to attack. But we know that no matter how good the idea is, it is not as important as the actual experience. In order to let everyone experience the security and user-friendly of the next generation of the DeFi Network, QuarkChain is going to launch five DeFi products in August.
To enable the users to experience these five DeFi products better and let them know how QuarkChain solves the industry pain points in the DeFi field, we launch five DeFi products and the “Game of DeFi” campaign. All community members are welcome to participate in the “Game of DeFi” and share the ~5 million QKC reward pool!
The whole campaign includes three phases:
Phase I: Prologue — QuarkChain 3rd Bounty Program (Aug 13th 7:00pm PST)
Firstly register on bounty.quarklchain.io . Participants can earn points by completing the task on the page which will help expand influence of the ‘Game of Defi’ campaign. by completing the tasks we posted on the bounty page, thereby earning points. Later Participants will share millions of QKC based on the points.
Learn the Bounty Program Rules:
Phase II: Ice and Fire — 3 new DeFi products to be released
Community members will experience the 3 new DeFi products in this phase. There are three levels in the Phrase II game. We will gradually announce the rules of challenges on each level. Please stay tuned! Whether it is the last crowned king or the heroes who successfully participated in each level of the game, they are eligible to participate in the reward sharing. The size of the reward pool will expand as the number of participants increases.
Phase III: King’s Landing — 2 new DeFi products to be released
Community members will experience another 2 new DeFi products in this phase. In this phase, all participants can experience the new functions in this game. And there are also other features like better security, higher scalability, and a lower gas fee of QuarkChain’s multi-native token. Let’s explore the flexible transaction and new users’ experience of DApp with a lower gas fee than the ETH.
Phase I start time: August 14th
Stay tuned with us on the details of the upcoming events.
As we all know, DeFi is a hot topic. QuarkChain has recognized some foreseeable deficiencies in the existing DeFi ecosystem, ranging from the major security issues to scalability challenges, low performance to high cost, etc. We aim to reshape the existing DeFi setup since its inception. The high security and low fees brought by our unique functions, multi-native token, and heterogeneous sharding technology are very suitable for the DeFi network. They give us a new opportunity to let more community members use DeFi as the entry point, and experience QuarkChain’s multi-native token auction minting and payment transaction fee functions.
Learn more about QuarkChain multi-native token:
If you have any questions, please ask in the official telegram group and the official technical forum, and staff will answer.
The official telegram group: https://t.me/quarkchainio The official technical forum: https://community.quarkchain.io/

Only users registered on the QuarkChain Bounty Program official website can participate in the program. (Official website address: https://bounty.quarkchain.io) Once you participate in the program, it means that the information you provide in the registration form is true, accurate and complete.
All Bounty Program participants must join QuarkChain’s Telegram
(link: https://t.me/quarkchainio) to receive bounty rewards.
Participants need to use email to register on the official website.
All rewards will only be payable at the end of the Bounty Program.
QuarkChain has the right to terminate your account. If any dishonest behavior occurs, we will cancel any rewards you may generate.
QuarkChain reserves the right to change the rules of the Bounty Program.
For any questions about the Bounty Program, please email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Please use your own account to participate in the Bounty Program. If participants are found to use other people’s social media accounts to participate, they will be disqualified from participating and receiving rewards.
THE QUARKCHAIN BOUNTY PROGRAM IS NOT BEING OFFERED AND IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES OR ITS AFFILIATED TERRITORIES. IF YOU ARE A CITIZEN OR RESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM AND WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY REWARDS. QUARKCHAIN WILL STRICTLY ENFORCE THIS RULE VIA OUR KYC PROCEDURES. All rewards will only be payable at the end of the Bounty Program. In order to claim or receive any of the following rewards, you will be required to provide certain identifying documentation and information about yourself. Failure to provide such information or demonstrate compliance with the restrictions herein may result in forfeiture of all rewards, prohibition from participating in future QuarkChain programs, and other sanctions.
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2020.08.14 02:56 throwaccount98672873 Проект перепланировки ii 49

Hello! I'm a japanese male from the suburbs in New England. I'm from a semi-competitive public highschool where 5-7 usually make it to the top 20s. Full disclosure, I originally drafted this earlier this year but I was too paranoid about private info so I held off. I've lurked on this sub for a while so I just hope to add more data to the collection.
Schools (Order of preference):
Columbia (ED) • Dartmouth(kinda legacy, big sister) • Yale • UChicago • Harvard • Georgetown • Penn • NYU • UMich • Uconn • Fordham • UVM • UNH
Intended major:
Political Science or Global Health
ACT: N/a
SAT: 1550 superscore (770 EBRW, 780 Math)
SAT II: 780 BioE, 800 Math II, 800 Physics, 800 Chemistry
PSAT/NMSQT: I don't remember
4.0 UW/4.8 W
Rank: School doesn't rank but I think 1-2/400 after talking to my friends
Bio (5), Stats (5), Comp (4), Physics 1+2 (5), US History (5).
Currently signed up to take AP Calc BC, Lit, and Physics C, an independent research class, and an independent study of Game Theory
President of Model UN (~100 members), organize club training sessions and fundraisers. We do really well at our local conference and usually take home the most award
Chaired at a local conference simulating the WHO, plans were in the works to hold a conference at my school but that got cancelled thanks to rona
Editor in Chief of school newspaper, bimonthly papers issues, helped establish online in-between issues
Conducted research at a local college in biology, selected to compete at a couple science fairs
Helped found a summercamp for STEM in town and promoted other events for kids; raised around 15,000+
Robotics team lead presenter, team competed at worlds once. Presented the robot at a forum of 2800+ guests
Chamber orchestra since freshman year on the violin, section leader 2nd violin my senior year
Joined jazz band this year as a new jazz bassist my junior year(Weird I know haha).
Volunteered for numerous local musical productions (100+ hours); been hired a couple times to play both in my town and in a couple towns over
Yale Book Award(Does this matter?)
HMUN Outstanding Delegate(Does this count as international?) and a couple local awards
All state and Regional Orchestra selection a couple times
Robotics Dean List semifinalist(Nominated by team for an award for leadership and stuff)
AP Scholar with distinction?
Truthfully, I'm not sure if I'm a good writer. My essay is basically about how, due to being raised in an asian american household and societal expectations of what an asian male should become, I've developed a speech impediment. Through tapping into my extracurricular and speaking to what I know, I accept and succeed because of my difficulties in public speech. I've had a lot of help with this essay from both my sister and my school's writing center (7-8/10)
My math teacher, who I know better than all of my other teachers. Despite being a very mathy person, we consistently talk about other topics: politics, philosophy etc. I've consistently done very well in her class. She is currently my MUN advisor and has seen me grow into a leader. I'm also conducting my independent study with her. 9/10
My APUSH teacher. He's always liked me and remarked I'm very hard working cause I always come in to chat about government and where I can learn more. It was his first year teaching APUSH and I did really well, so I hope he wrote me a good letter of rec. 8/10, because I feel like he likes me even if I didn't spend the most time with him. He also always says I look like a senator when I come in my MUN suit.
My orchestra teacher; He oversaw and helped me learn how to play bass my junior year. He also has seen me help out doing random things like tuning or playing duets with others or giving advice. 7/10, he's always nice with everybody so I'm one of the favorites
Thank you anybody that bothered to read this through! Any advice is much appreciated!
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2020.08.14 02:48 thefinfu Проект перепланировки ii 49

](https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/hr61dn/thefinfus_igs_rep_page_2 https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/hr61dn/thefinfus_igs_rep_page_2
Minecopre's Wishlist: Wishlist
MY Wishlist: My Wishlist
NOTICE:(please read!) Hello everyone! Thanks for taking an interest in what I have to offer. First things first: Some games are provided in a partner ship with minecopre and me, thefinfu. He has agreed to this, & gives his full permission. And speaking of which:
Here is the Decipher Guide that you need to take a look at if your trading. I want to make this as 100% clear as possible so you don't get confused: X= Games my partner is supplying Y= Games I myself supply X2=Both of us have that game
Moving on, I mainly accept game for game trades, especially high interest in Humble Choice, but I may go down the avenue of other options. These other options may include items like TF2 or buying me a game off of steam or game and/or bundle off of either Humble or Fanatical for my games. Just depends on the games and what we can work out.
Lastly, I want to make clear that I am fine if its just keys instead of giftlinks due to the recent Humble Account related stuff happening currently. I perfectly understand your concerns & respect the well-being you have when it comes to Humble and trading. Now here is the actual game list of things I have:
August 2020 Humble Choice:
-Vampyr (X2) -Hello Neighbor + Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek (X2) -Wargroove (X2) -Call of Cthulhu (X2) -Little Big Workshop (X) -Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition (X2) -Automachef (X) -Through the Darkest of Times (X) -American Fugitive (X) -The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters (X2) -We were here together (X) -A case of distrust (X)
July 2020 Humble Choice: -Verlet Swing (Y)
Humble Fight for Racial Justice Bundle: -Baba is You (X) -Hyper Light Drifter (X) -The Jackbox Party Pack 4 (X) -Spelunky (X) -Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (X) -Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing (X) -FTL: Faster than Light (X) -Bioshock Remastered (X) -Endless Space: Collection (X) -Overlord II (X) -Surviving Mars (X) -Kingdom: Classic (X) -Eastside Hockey Manager (X) -Company of Heroes 2 (X) -The Ball (X) -Super Time Ultra Force (X) -System Shock: Enhanced Edition (X) -System Shock 2 (X) -Broken Age (X) -Newt One (X) -All you can eat (X) -A new beginning: Final Cut (X) -No time to Explain Remastered (X) -Knights of Pen and Paper 2 (X) -Star Crossed (X) -Vertiginous Golf (X) -EarthNight (X) -Armello (X) -Age of Wonders III (X) -Overgrowth (X) -Gonner (X) -Plunge (X) -Pesterquest (X) -Realpolitiks (X) -My memory of us (X) -MirrorMoon EP (X) -In Between (X) -Gunscape Standard Edition (X) -Neo Cab (X) -Regular Human Basketball (X) -Planet of the eyes (X) -Crowntakers (X) -FRAMED Collection (X) -Darkest Dungeon: The sheildbreaker dlc (X)
June Choice Games: -Supraland (X) -Hellblade (X) -The Kings Bird (X) -Grid Ultimate Edition (X) -The Messenger (X) -Felix the Reaper (X) -Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (X) -Stygian: Reign of the old ones (X) -Remnats of Naezith (X) -Overload (X) -The Stillness of the Wind (X) -Boundless (X)
Nacon Bundle: -Aarklash: Legacy (Y)
April Choice Games: -Driftland: The magix revival (X) -Raiden V: Director's Cut (X) -Molek-Syntez (X) -Train Valley 2 (X)
March Choice Games: -Exapunks (X) -Turok (X) -Niffelheim (X) -AI War 2 (X) -Death's Gambit (X) -Fell seal: Arbiter's Mark (X) -198x (X) -Etherborn (X)
Conquer COVID 19 Bundle: -Broken Age (X) -VVVVVV (X) -Ducati-90th Anniversary (X) -GNOG (X) -Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered (X) -Hacknet (X) -Lost Winds (X) -Magika (X) -Music Maker Edition + dlc (X) -Pacman Championship Edition 2 (X) -Party Hard (X) -Rebuild 3: Gangs of deadville (X) -Starfinder: Pact Worlds Campaign Setting (X) -World of goo (X)
Other steam games: -Four Kings One War + VR addon dlc (Y) -Aegis Defenders (Y) -Snake Pass (Y) -TripTrip (Y) -21+ (Y) -Will Glow the Wisp (Y) -Martian Law (Y) -10,000 (Y) -Starting the game (Y) -Hold The Fort (Y) -Grimm & Tonic (Y) -A gilders journey (Y) -Warsim: Realm of Aslona (Y) -Rotii (Y) -Hikejam (Y) -Ventureverse: Legend of Ulora (Y) -Pulsor (Y) -Up & Down (Y) -Jetball Arena (Y) -Shadows & Dust (Y) -Super ledgehop: double laser (Y) -Puzzle Chambers (Y) -The I love money show (Y) -Tumblestone (Y) -Mars Underground (Y) -Lost Moon (Y) -Medieval Shopkeep Simulator (Y) -Emberlight (Y) -Suicide Guy VR (Y)
PS4 Games: (check region) -Stellaris: Console Edition U.S. Code (Y) -Stelllaris: Console Edition EU & AUS Code (Y) -Football Game EU Code (Y) -Tyr: Chains of Valhalla EU Code (Y) -Random Heroes: Gold Edition EU Code (Y) -Milo's Quest EU Code (Y) -Mochi Mochi Boy EU Code (Y) -Strawberry Villager EU Code (Y) -Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet EU Code (Y) -Knightin+ EU Code (Y) -Distraint: Deluxe Edition EU Code (Y) -Mekabolt EU Code (Y) -Ganbre! Super Strikers U.S. (Y)
Nintendo Switch (check region): -Reed 2 NA Code (Y) -Reed Remastered NA Code (Y) -Attack of the toy tanks NA Code (Y) -Scheming through the apocalypse: The Beginning NA Code (Y) -Deep Space Rush NA Code (Y) -Rush Rover NA Code (Y) -Gravity Duck Na Code (Y) -Himno NA Code (Y) -SageBrush EU Code (Y) -Warlock's Tower EU Code (Y) -Just Ignore Them EU Code (Y) -Paradox Soul EU Code (Y) -Hang the King EU Code (Y) -Bird Game+ U.S. Code (Y) -One Night Stand EU Code (Y) -Zero Zero Zero Zero EU Code (Y) -Delta Squad EU Code (Y) -Super Box Land Demake EU Code (Y)
Xbox (ALL keys are Global/Region Free): -Pity Pit (Y) -Guard Duty (Y) -Blind Men (Y) -Gridd: Retroenhanced (Y) -112th seed (Y)
DLC'S: -Heroes & Generals: Starter Pack (dlc, redeemable in-game) (Y) -Story of a gladiator soundtrack (dlc) (Y)
Star-Box Game Galaxy Pet Shop (dlc) (Y)
-Heroic Dungeon OST (dlc) (Y) -Please close the doors- Soundtrack DLC (Y) -Hentai Shooter 3D: Christmas Party-Art collection DLC (Y)
Limiter OST Soundtrack (dlc) (Y)
-Fable Rush OST (dlc) (Y) -Star Advent-Wallpapers (dlc) (Y) -Brodefense OST Soundtrack DLC (Y)
You MUST comment first in order to even be considered. Hope to hear good offers soon! :)
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2020.08.14 02:47 LilAbe99 How much is too much for a familiar?

I am still in a relatively newer stage to the game and am working towards getting the 50k gem familiar. I am seeing these sales for familiars in the shop and am interested in getting a couple of them. The main one I want is the trash panda and then whatever other cheap ones come up.
My question is how much is too much to pay for one of these familiars? I got the Imp pack but an not sure about Vizier and some of the other ones. Also, is the founders pack II worth it or should I wait for a possible founders pack 3?
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2020.08.14 02:46 agd25 Проект перепланировки ii 49

Requiem - Expanded Grimoire adds new spells to Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul. This is for the unofficial conversion 3.4.1. It does this by merging other spell mods together, and editing the spells to work with Requiem. This currently adds over 100 spells to the game.
Mods included in Requiem - Expanded Grimoire

New spells added in this version are below, mostly from Mysticism.
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2020.08.14 02:37 RedneckTexan219 Проект перепланировки ii 49

------------------ VICTORY ------------------ < DIFFICULTY > INFERNO 6 < CLASS > DRUID < CLASS BONUS > 2 < TOTAL SCORE > 3036 < TIME > 1:59:18 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ < CLASS UPGRADE > YES < SKILLS > Necronomicon - Telescope - Scorpion Claw - Bounty Hunter - Shield of Shadows - Multishot < DECK > Son of the Forest - Son of the Forest - Son of the Forest - Son of the Forest - Daughter of the Forest - Daughter of the Forest - Daughter of the Forest - Daughter of the Forest - Imperial Guard - Self Destruction Bot [ROBOT] - Dark shielded Knight - Fairy of Thorns [FAIRY] - Sun Priestess - The Timeshifter [ANGEL] - Space Commander - RoboWitch [ROBOT] - Mermaid Queen II - Spheres of Duplication [ROBOT] - Sun Priestess - Sun Priestess - Sun Priestess - Sun Priestess - King Neptune I +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ < FLOORS CLIMBED > 39 < NORMAL ENEMIES KILLED > 9 < ELITE KILLED > 9 < BOSS KILLED > 4 < GOLD EARNED > 1389 < GEMS EARNED > 42 < CARDS PLAYED > 1008 < HIGHEST DAMAGE > 38 < DAMAGE TAKEN > 191 < CHEST OPENED > 5 < GAME VERSION > 1.7.8 < VERIFICATION CODE > 04300 ``` Using spheres of duplication on the timeshifter made this deck super OP I mean having 4 sun PRIESTESS's coupled with king neptune and queen mermaid makes for an amazing, easy run.
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2020.08.14 02:33 socialjeebus Проект перепланировки ii 49

The news about Epic vs Apple (and now probably Google too) broke last night for me local time when I was already engaged in other alcohol-related activities but after having read through Epic's complaint, there are some interesting points I thought we could look at.
NOTE: I'm not a lawyer and I have limited experience with US contract law. Anything written here is my opinion only.
The complaint itself:
The complaint starts off setting the scene for the Court, it's all fairly standard editorialised guff until:

Fast forward to 2020, and Apple has become what it once railed against: the behemoth seeking to control markets, block competition, and stifle innovation. Apple is bigger, more powerful, more entrenched, and more pernicious than the monopolists of yesteryear. At a market cap of nearly $2 trillion, Apple’s size and reach far exceeds that of any technology monopolist in history
First off, note the use of monopolist - this will be important because in the space of 10 days Apple's market cap has jumped massively thanks in large part to the stock split.
Until 10 days ago, Microsoft and Amazon's own market caps were actually similar to Apple's.
Neither of those companies has announced stock splits, but both have long histories of complaints about monopolistic practices.
Apple imposes unreasonable and unlawful restraints to completely monopolize both markets and prevent software developers from reaching the over one billion users of its mobile devices (e.g., iPhone and iPad)
Unlawful? That's a stretch. And unfortunately for the complaint, Timmeh himself has condoned the use of such restraints when it came to Epic investor, Sony, and Microsoft :
unless they go through a single store controlled by Apple, the App Store, where Apple exacts an oppressive 30% tax on the sale of every app
This is the same oppressive tax charged by Epic investor, Sony, and less than the 40+5% (basic) charged by Epic investor, Tencent. It is also, by and large, the industry standard.
In contrast, software developers can make their products available to users of an Apple personal computer (e.g., Mac or MacBook) in an open market, through a variety of stores or even through direct downloads from a developer’s website, with a variety of payment options and competitive processing fees that average 3%, a full ten times lower than the exorbitant 30% fees Apple applies to its mobile device in-app purchases.
First, iOS isn't an open platform. It's a closed platform, like the PS, Xbox, or Switch - so the comparison simply isn't relevant. Second, remind me how much the Epic Store Charges? HINT: it's not 3%.
Laughably, earlier in the complaint Epic claims:
Epic also distributes other developers’ games for a modest fee through the Epic Games Store.
Is 4 times higher than the average a modest fee? Lol.
I suspect Apple's own lawyers will go to town on the claim - Epic's platform is hardware-agnostic so what would the justification be for charging 4 times what would be required? Many people will feel that there's little moral difference between 4 and 10 times anyway.
When these devices are unfairly restricted and extortionately “taxed” by Apple, the consumers who rely on these mobile devices to stay connected in the digital age are directly harmed.
Many consumers choose Apple because it's a closed platform. It's going to be a tough sell from Timmeh to claim that Apple customers, who are already paying way above-average prices for their devices, are being harmed by an eco-system they've opted into, in many cases both repeatedly and for over a decade or more.
(i) the iOS App Distribution Market, and (ii) the iOS In-App Payment Processing Market (each as defined below). Epic is not seeking monetary compensation from this Court for the injuries it has suffered. Nor is Epic seeking favorable treatment for itself, a single company. Instead, Epic is seeking injunctive relief to allow fair competition in these two key markets that directly affect hundreds of millions of consumers and tens of thousands, if not more, of third-party app developers.
And Apple's lawyers will be at pains to point that what Epic is demanding will effectively amount to monetary compensation in that Apple would be hosting and supporting Fortnite for practically nothing, while Timmeh freeloads of a platform built on over a decade of hard work and tens of billions of dollars. Not only this, but Timmeh's lawyers are effectively asking Apple to do something his own company is not willing to do - Epic's own split is 88/12.
Apple prevents iOS users from downloading any apps from any source other than Apple’s own storefront, the App Store.
Demonstrably untrue. Apple doesn't facilitate it or make it particularly easy - but Apple users can and do download apps elsewhere.
The result is that developers are prevented from selling or distributing iOS apps unless they use Apple’s App Store, and accede to Apple’s oppressive terms and conditions for doing so (some of which are discussed further below).
Lovely editorialising there but it still doesn't deal with what really is the central argument - if I build a store, what say should I have over the products I allow to be sold in it and what terms should I be allowed to set?
Apple collects the money from every iOS user’s app purchase, remits only 70% of that payment to the app developer, and retains a 30% tax for itself. iOS developers are thus forced to increase the prices they charge consumers in order to pay Apple’s app tax.
Let's substitute Epic for Apple:
Epic collects the money from every EGS user’s app purchase, remits only 88% of that payment to the app developer, and retains a 12% tax for itself. EGS developers are thus forced to increase the prices they charge consumers in order to pay Epic's app tax.
If you're going to argue about a principle, it's probably best to refrain from violating that principle while doing so. Just a thought.
innovating new methods of distributing iOS apps to users outside the App Store
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Epic is the company that 20 months after launching their own store on an open platform still hasn't managed to innovate a fucking shopping cart. The innovation claim is at best, delusional.
app developers, who are denied choice on how to distribute their apps
Notice the disingenuousness here? App developers make their choice when they decide to develop for iOS. In the exact same way a developer makes their choice when they decide to develop for Nintendo or Playstation or Xbox.
Because Apple has a monopoly over the distribution of iOS apps, app developers have no choice but to assent to this anti-competitive tie; it is Apple’s way or the highway.
Again, the lack of choice is not only a false assertion - but they, subconsciously persumably, concede that the assertion is false: they can choose Apple's way or the highway. What the lawyers are trying to dance around here is, again, the freedom of a business to operate within the law. Now, of course, you're going to say but the complaint says Apple's practices are unlawful. To which I'd respond - which exact laws are they violating, and who reached that determination?
consumers, who are also denied choice and innovation in payment processing and suffer higher prices and inferior service.
Innovation in payment processing? Lolwut? Inferior service? Again - lolwut? I think Timmeh's lawyers are going to struggle to argue that Apple's customers are provided an inferior service - compared to who exactly?
Especially when Timmeh himself is arguing for an inferior service:
Recourse is between the parties involved in the transaction. That’s the case on all open platforms like Windows, on the web, and in the entirety of the real world. The operator of a platform isn’t the world police, but a facilitator of software creation and operation.
Here Timmeh argues that if his fantasy wonderland comes to exist on the App Store that if a customer is scammed by the payment processor, developer, or anyone else - then they're on their own, that Apple shouldn't play any part in helping the customer out.
Note how he uses terms like world police and real world while demonstrating that he doesn't even understand how much of e-commerce even works.
Apple’s anti-competitive conduct in these markets is unchecked
Again, demonstrably untrue - not sure when the complaint was drawn up - but just last month Tim Cook appeared before Congress. Apple is the subject of active investigations by the DoJ, the European Commission, and the State of Texas. It appears that Timmeh rather than wait for the outcomes of these investigations wants to get the Northern District of California Court to issue a judgment in his favour that could materially influence these investigations.
Then we get to the crux of the case, because a lot of commentators want to pretend the case is just about denying kids who want to play Fortnite.
It isn't.
But for Apple’s restrictions, would-be competing app distributors, such as Epic, could develop and offer iOS-compatible app stores, thereby providing consumers and developers choice beyond Apple’s own App Store and injecting healthy competition into the market.
Epic, 40% owned by Tencent (which charges a minimum of 45% on its app store), wants to build their own App Store for Apple's closed platform and to argue for the right to do so, they're inventing a market that they've already acknowledged doesn't exist. And consumers and developers already have that choice. They choose to buy an iDevice. Developers choose to develop for iOS.
What Timmeh wants is for the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions he agreed to and which have earned his company, at least, hundreds of millions of dollars - irrespective of what anyone else wants. And not just stop there, but to change the terms and conditions that Apple's 1-billion user base and tens of thousands of devs have also agreed to, and in the case of consumers, bought into as well.
Enough for now. I may add more. But Epic has also filed a similar lawsuit against Google - and that, imo, will make much more interesting reading (essentially the complaint is just a filling out of what Timmeh has been crying over for the past few months).
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2020.08.14 02:33 GD_mrperson Проект перепланировки ii 49

(I’m writing this as I do it)
Here we go!
1) Uprise (128): 1%
2) Lodgepace (289): 2%
3) Impetuous (424): 3%
4) Away (459): 4%
5) Hyperflux (70): 5%
6) Radioactive Demon (39): 6%
7) Anatomic (148): 7%
8) The Robotic Rush (38): 10%
9) Aquamarine (165): 11%
10) Astromium Dimensha (455): 12%
11) Theory of Every v2 (13): 13%
12) The Controller (560): 14%
13) NewVille (201): 15%
14) Traction (537): 16%
15) Ante Meridiem (244): 17%
16) Xstep v2 (6): 19%
17) Promptness Star (376): 20%
18) System Break (396): 21%
19) Twilight Darkness (285): 22%
20) Geometric Dimension (180): 23%
21) Flux (608): 24%
22) Ectoplasm (519): 25%
23) Necromantia (374): 26%
24) Ice of Dawn (52): 27%
25) GrindCore (168): 28%
26) Spark (41): 29%
27) Ice Cave (88): 30%
28) Electrodome (361): 32%
29) Revitalize (571): 35%
Gave up at Ecriptic II (430): 33%
Final score: 29
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Some Background
Anne Boleyn (born circa 1501) was the Queen of England from 1533 to 1536. After being educated in the Netherlands and France, Anne returned to England with the intent to marry her Irish cousin, James Butler. This union did not happen and, instead, Anne became a maid of honor to Catherine of Aragon, the first and current wife of her future husband, King Henry VIII.
Initially, historical records show that Anne had no interest in King Henry's pursuit of her. There were several reasons for this, including the fact that, though the movie The Other Boleyn Girl is historically inaccurate in many ways, it is correct insofar as that Anne's sister, Mary, had already been the King's mistress. King Henry remained persistent in his pursuit of Anne and, eventually, in November 1532, the two of them married in secret – even though Pope Clement VII declined to annul Henry and Catherine's marriage.
Several months later, King Henry and Anne had their official wedding on January 25, 1533; it wasn't until after the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer proclaimed Henry and Catherine’s marriage null and void in May of that year that Boleyn and the King's marriage was actually recognized as valid. The annulment also began England's historic separation from the Catholic Church.
Jewelry, Henry & Anne
Jewelry played a major role in the courtship between Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII. One of his very first known love letters to her was enclosed with a gold bracelet with a picture of him inside. Reports say that Henry continually showered Anne with jewels, including rings and pendants featuring their entwined 'H' and 'A' initials. He even allegedly took pieces away from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, while they were still married, to woo Anne - including a legendary collection of rubies.
The end of their relationship was said to involve jewelry, too. Legend has it that Anne discovered King Henry’s affair with his soon-to-be-third-wife Jane Seymour when she spotted a locket around Jane’s neck at court, with a picture of the King inside. Apparently Jane had a habit of constantly opening and closing the locket in front of Anne anytime they were in a room together.
Anne's Famous Necklace
It's worth noting that there are no 100% verifiable portraits of Anne Boleyn that exist today. After Anne was decapitated (on trumped up, false charges, cough cough, but that's a post for another day), King Henry ordered all portraits of Anne to be destroyed. Even the paintings or sketches that were labeled as being of Anne could not be proven to be so – even the sketches by famous portrait painter Hans Holbein were labeled years after his death, so their subject cannot be confirmed.
There are two supposed and well-known portraits of Anne Boleyn on display at the National Portrait Gallery, but these may not be of her, either – there is a possibility that, following her death, portraits of other noblewomen who bore a resemblance were re-labelled and had new details painted on to resemble Boleyn, presumably for historical purposes.
All this to say...
The most famous images of Anne Boleyn that survive today, whether accurate or not, tend to feature her wearing a very recognizable a pearl necklace with three drops from which suspends a golden initial “B.” [example image]. The necklace was reportedly a favorite of hers, and several of the surviving/supposed paintings of her feature a necklace of this same design.
This necklace of Anne's would be part of her selection of personal jewelry, which was not part of the official crown jewels. These personal jewels could include gifts from her husband during their marriage, or pieces she owned prior to her wedding. Therefore, Anne's personal jewelry would not have been considered part of the crown jewels, even after her death and her husband's acquisition of her property.
To this day, nobody knows what happened to the famous necklace. In fact, none of Anne's jewelry has survived to be officially identified. However, there are a few prominent theories...
Theory #001: The jewels survived, and passed to Elizabeth
One theory states that the necklace was part of a small collection of jewels saved and kept safe by loyalists who remained loyal to the memory of Anne and the wellbeing her daughter Elizabeth, England's famous Queen Elizabeth I.
It’s possible that the necklace was given to Elizabeth as a memento of her deceased mother. Additionally, it's possible that the very same pearls were worn by Elizabeth as she sat for an official portrait when she was thirteen years old. (Portrait by William Scrots, c.1546)
Another clue is provided slightly earlier: in 1544, King Henry had a portrait, The Family of King Henry VIII, commissioned to reiterate his Act of Succession issued that same year. The portrait featured his then-wife Jane Seymour and his children: Mary Tudor, Edward VI, and Elizabeth, shown wearing a pendant in the shape of an "A" around her neck.
Initial pendants were popular in Tudor times; in addition to her famous "B" necklace, Anne also had an "A" pendant commissioned, as well as one with the initials "AB" as seen in a Nidd Hall portrait which is likely of, or based on, her.
Theories state that the "A" necklace worn by Elizabeth is either one saved and passed down from her mother, Anne, or is a melted-down-and-remade version of one or several pieces of Anne's jewelry.
She may have repurposed the jewels in other ways, as well, if she had them: by joining the pearls to the long ropes she wore across her bodices, and by recasting the gold into brooches or rings.
If Elizabeth was in the possession of the jewels when she died in 1603, they would have passed to her heir, James I. From there, his wife, Anne of Denmark, would likely have had the pieces melted down and re-set again, as was customary. Most of the pieces in royal hands from that point on were sold off during the civil wars and the Commonwealth era and could not be traced from that point in history.
Theory #002: The jewels were melted down and lost to the ages
After Catherine of Aragon's marriage to King Henry ended after 26 years, she was ordered to return her jewels. Most were melted down, or disassembled in order to be remade for the new Queen Anne. It was customary to make and remake pieces for the next Tudor ruler and, in Anne’s case, tradition stated that items specific to her would have been almost immediately broken up.
However, some of Anne’s belongings, including her two Books of Hours, survived the ‘coup’ following her death - it's possible other belongings survived, as well.
Theory #003: Henry repossessed the necklace
There is strong evidence that King Henry VIII personally bought back several treasures associated with Anne’s court, several of which were adorned with jewels and emblazoned with their entwined initials.
Despite ordering portraits of her destroyed and her personal possessions to be broken apart, there were several items that King Henry repurchased from a man named Thomas Trappers, including a gold bowl ‘having Queen Anne’s sapphire upon the top of the cover.' Additionally, once Henry passed away (four wives later), his post-mortem inventories included a dust bowl of gold for blotting ink with a crown on the lid and ‘H’ and ‘A’ in enamel’ and a gold tablet bearing the monogram ‘HA’ set with small emeralds, pearls and diamonds.
Theory #004: The jewels famously live on in plain sight
There is a persistent rumor that a handful of the pearls from the famous "B" necklace remained with the Crown - whether through Henry or through Elizabeth - and that they now are among the stones in the Imperial State Crown, set against the Black Prince’s Ruby and the Stuart Sapphire. This is the very same Imperial State Crown which anointed the current Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation. The Imperial State Crown has four pendant pearls suspended beneath the junction of its arches. Two or more of those pearls are rumored to have been worn by Queen Elizabeth I.
However, this is likely a myth. There is no documentation or evidence to back this story up, and many have pointed out that if Anne’s pearls were to end up in any crown, it might have been the Tudor crown worn by Henry VIII himself, which was melted down in 1649.
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So... Valorant is my first ever FPS on PC and my first FPS general in 6-7 years (last ones were Battlefield 4 and COD BO II) and I've been hardstuck on Bronze I and II for as long as I can remember, and I've been playing for like 2 months. Is this expected or should I be ranking up faster?
For more context, I main Cypher and rarely top frag, but I actually play better with my Silver & Gold friends (playing against Silvers and Golds, obviously)
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