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Reddit's official streetwear community.

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Just started this scan a couple of minutes ago, check back and my computer thinks it’s been going on for over a year submitted by BWG10 to softwaregore [link] [comments]

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You can check my post history for the full story. Basic back-story: been off work (unpaid) for 5 months. Doing ok financially and told MB I would wait (we are in Covid hotspot) Was with NF 2+ years, since NK was 3mo. Busted my butt for this family, worked up to 54 hours a week (supposed to be 42), took NK on daily outings. I absolutely ADORE NK. I spent many hours in quarantine putting together craft and activity kits/ideas/supplies..on my unpaid dime and dropping them off (I even brought NPs this really cool pasta I found at a specialty store) MB suddenly asked me back out of the blue with two days notice. I had asked weeks ago, but she felt it was still unsafe, although nothing has changed between then and now. Both parents working from TINY home with no office. Found out I would have to wear a mask..even in the backyard and I'm now not allowed to take NK anywhere (even open areas) to play.
I sent a full page about how much I loved NK, but didn't think I could work under those conditions, that I liked them and it wasn't their fault (that they had to work from home, etc.) How lucky I was that I was chosen to work with them, and that I had made NK a bunch of things I hoped to drop off.
I made some really items, including a quiet book with her favorite characters
MB's reply was 1 paragraph: they are disappointed that I'm not returning, I can't see NK anymore because it would get her hopes up that I was coming back and "we wish you the best professionally" and hoped me and my family stayed healthy through all this.
...That's it. I saw NK 4 times durning quarantine, why would one last time be any different? I might be reading too much into it, but "wish you best professionally" sounds snarky, or cold, at the very least.
No thank-you's for all I did, nothing else. I haven't replied and I'm not sure I should(??) Really it just cements that I made the right decision, but that doesn't help the fact that I am completely DEVASTATED right now, and heart-broken that I won't be able to say goodbye to NK. It is an absolute slap in the face.
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2020.08.12 17:24 benjammink I want to produce my first synthwave album and I’d like some inspiration from some of the big artists in the genre. Need suggestions!

Hey all, I’ve mainly produced hip hop for the last 10 years and recently got into hardware synths. Bought the reface CS and a couple pedals to introduce myself to sound design, and it’s been so fun. I always knew synthwave existed but never looked into it much, but I love “old” and “vintage” sounds and that’s why I recently got into lofi hip hop. I’ve produced a couple tapes in the lofi world and now I want a new challenge!
So what I’m looking for are some of the most influential albums/artists that I can check out in the synthwave genre so I can get some ideas and inspiration before I start attacking my own tracks.
Thanks for the help!
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I can’t sing well and I wrote a doom style metal song… (I wrote a death metal song recently too.)... I can’t afford to hire anybody and this will likely be my primary vocal source going forward, I’m just unsure if it works for metal…
Check out the playlist below:
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This is long! TL; DR—good value cage for a dusky conure, at least 32 in wide? Are the $100-200 options on amazon decent quality? She’s 11 and I want it to be a lifetime purchase.
Longer: I am planning to transition my recently adopted dusky to a new cage—trying to decide what to buy. Unfortunately, a thousand dollar King’s cage is not in my budget (probably not even a used one although I’m looking). I currently keep her in the cage she came with. She seems quite attached to it but it is too small for my liking and also pretty flimsy. I will keep it for a travel, mobile cage because it’s easy to move and fits in my car without dismantling. It’s also perfect for moving her in and out to the patio or garden which she loves.
I was given a second very nice California cage, but it’s also too small (18 x 18), but I’ve been using it for a night cage because it’s very sturdy and secure, plus the size is such that I can put her in my room at night without taking up a ton of space (it’s a small room).
So...now I’m looking for a good quality, forever cage that will be her main cage. It will probably be in the living room or my office. Either way, I’m keeping the mobile cage mentioned above so that she can be with me/people most of the time.
What is the minimum size I should look for in a cage she will be in most of the time? Note—she’s not too crazy about being out of the cage yet. She’s 11, had her for about 2 months. She’s not super adventurous and usually makes her way back to her cage if given the chance.
If I keep her main day cage in my office, she will have more free roam because I can keep dogs and other scary things out, and allow her to explore at her own pace.
Is 32 in x 20 in adequate (w x l)? There’s a big price jump to 36 in width. I have seen A&E brand for $400 (and maybe lower) at the 32” and Prevue has a 36” for $450... This is the absolute top of my budget and still not sure if/when I can swing it. (Come on with that stimulus check, Uncle Sam!)
Thanks for any thoughts.
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After george gets the circle song in his brain ... check out da eboys podcast to understand submitted by Harriet_Reddit_ to Memeulous [link] [comments]

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