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So I've posted on here about my ex. She left me for a chick, since then has been trying to get back with me (unbeknownst to the chick). Great human being right?
So as of late shes been going on and on about how shes in a dark place and shes always alone. Which anyone who knows her knows she can't be alone for 25 seconds. She would find someone like she always does. Anyways, we have a two year old daughter. I have her M-T, her grandparents have her Thursday night and Friday until about lunch time and her mom fills the difference. So my kiddo likes to play on the ipad. Word games, sesame street etc. During the pandemic the thing has really been helpful. Anyways, I see her flipping through photos of her grand parents, me and her mom. It is really cute for a while shes getting all happy and pointing to everyone and saying there naps and jumping around. Anyways after about 30 photos... BAM picture of her mom dildoing herself saying "I can't wait for you to fuck me Monday". I am in absolute disgust that this pig would let her kid have access to such things. I mean shes an adult, she can do what she wants, but she needs to keep it away from her kid. Anyways, I fucking LOSE it and text her. The ironic part is within a few texts she starts citing things I DID WRONG. She says fuck it I'm coming over there right now to fix this!! Now its about 620pm. My kid takes a bath and is bedded down by 730 usually. So you can see how this could cause a lot of disruption to things. We are still legally married so I can't boot her ass out because her names on the deed. Of course my kid wants to see her mom and shes confused because I had her Thursday night (which is not normal) so I know she was anticipating going somewhere. Anyways, this fucking dirt bag comes here and starts getting nasty with me and fiddling around on the Ipad. Now I don't know if she thought she was cleansing it of evidence or was worried I would do something with it (which i had no intention, enough people have seen her naked without me leaking it). Then she starts trying to argue with me and I have to repeatedly say not in front of my kid. She still goes on and on. Luckily my kid is only two and her understanding of everything is limited but I now she feels the negativity. However, she starts saying shit like I am two seconds from swallowing my bottle of seroquel ! Shes threatened in the past and when I had concrete evidence (like texts and VMs) I called the cops for a wellness check etc. However, her just doing it verbally is just my word versus hers and I know she will deny it. So I go check on my kid and she comes into the room with me and is crying so I say please go into the other room. Of course this attention seeking half pig half whore is crying like a wolf in heat so that we both can hear. I just get so sick of her lack of composure. She fails to realize that our kid doesn't need to be in the middle of this shit. She just doesn't give a fuck or understand. I went through that shit with my mom but she was an alcoholic. This bitches only excuse is shes entitled and selfish. Part of me to be vindictive wants to just email her current partner (she denies they're together but I am not dumb) al the voicemails, texts and emails I have received throughout the duration of their relationship but the girl left her spouse as well so maybe they deserve each other.
Sorry just a vent.
TLDR:Kid found my ex;s explicit photos on her ipad and the mom felt no remorse and deflect it onto me.
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These are some stories that I've written recently; most if not all are fantasy or have a fantasy element. Please let me know any ideas that you have for improvement and thank you in advance!
MINERVA’S LOVE The bridegroom was dead, but his wife lived. She had married him at twenty-one years of age, and she bore him seven children. They were all happy, and they enjoyed their lives spinning wool together for the local town. But one day her husband died suddenly of a fever. The death was sudden; it came on him like lightning, without warning or reason. The poor man died. She was heartbroken; she cried bitterly. Then she wiped her tears and prepared herself for her widowhood.
The children were little: four boys and three girls.
The first year was the most difficult. Her children were small, and they depended upon her for everything. They cried if they were hungry, thirsty or lonely; they needed constant attention and care.
But as time passed, she found that she missed her husband less and less. The children needed her more than ever, and she devoted herself to them. They grew older, more independent, more self-sufficient. They started to grow up. Her oldest son took over his father's farm. The others found apprenticeships in the nearby towns. Her daughters learned how to cook, sew and keep house. They were all happy.
One by one, her children married. They left home and started families of their own. She was happy. But she missed her husband. She lived on, alone, for many years.
When she was in her sixties, she saw a young woman running through the forest. The girl was frightened, tired and carrying a bundle in her arms. The girl approached her.
"Hello, child," the old woman said. "Where are you going? What's troubling you?"
The girl told her that she was running away from home. She was frightened and she didn't know where to go. The old woman told her that she would help her. She took the girl back to her cottage and they prepared a place for her to stay. The old woman made her a bed from straw, gave her some blankets and let her keep the bundle that she had carried with her.
The girl fell asleep. When she woke up, it was morning.
"I have a lot to do today, so you'll have to look after the house by yourself," the old woman told her. "Make sure you don't go outside. I'll be back this evening."
The old woman left, and the girl began to explore her new home. She wandered from room to room, staring at all the strange and wonderful things she found. Then, she noticed the old woman's spinning wheel. She sat down and gave it a try. Within minutes, she had spun a fine thread of wool. She spent the rest of the day spinning wool and preparing the wool for dye.
That evening, the old woman returned home. She was carrying a dead hare. "Look what I've brought for supper!" she told the girl. Then, she saw the girl's work. "What's this? Did you spin all this wool in one day?"
The girl was silent. The skill had come naturally to her, although she had never spun wool in her life
"It's time you knew the truth," the old woman told her. "I'm not just an old woman. I'm a goddess. But I haven't been called that for many years. Back in the old days, I was called Minerva. Now, people just call me Mom. And this is not the first time we have met. We also met in a dream when you were a little girl. You fell off a swing and broke your arm. Don't you remember?"
The girl remembered.
The next day, Mom made her a spinning wheel of solid gold and showed her how to use it. The girl learned how to use the spinning wheel quickly, and she and Mom spent many happy days together. She never did learn how Mom had entered her dreams or how she knew about the broken arm. But that didn't matter. The important thing was that they loved one another.
After a while, Mom took the girl to a big city. There, they lived in a beautiful house overlooking the sea. The girl never wanted for anything. Mom made sure of that. They lived there happily for many years.
Years later, Mom took ill and died. The girl grieved for a long time. But eventually, she returned to the cottage. She had it cleaned and prepared it as if Mom might just return home at any time.
The girl grew older, but she never gave up the hope that Mom might come back. One day, she found a letter from Mom in the attic, addressed to her.
"My darling and love of my life," it read. "I'm sorry I had to leave you. But if you are reading this, then I am gone and you are all alone. I want you to know that it was never my wish to abandon you. But I had no choice. If I could have lived forever, I would have. But eventually, the life force in my body faded away. Nothing could prevent that. So I did the only thing I could do. I chose to give you the gift of immortality. If you are reading this, then I have succeeded. You now live forever. You have already lived two lives. You will live more, many more. But there is one thing that you must do to keep the gift working. You must never lose hope. If you lose hope, then the immortality will fade away and you will die. Remember that I loved you. No matter what. Goodbye. Mom.
And so the girl lived forever. She had many adventures and experienced much in life. She traveled the world and saw more wonders than most people could ever dream of. She wore many faces and many names. But she never lost hope. And that is how it continued for eternity.
FAMILY ROOTS A tree looks longingly in the window of the house, watching the family within.
It would like to join them. But its roots are not deep enough and it is too small to reach the roof. So it stands on one leg, looking at the house with a longing in its eyes. One day, while gazing at the house, it sees a little boy sitting inside. He wears a red coat and carries in his hand a book called ‘The Adventures of Tom Thumb.’
'Hello,' says the tree. 'I am your friend.'
'You're my friend?' asks the boy, who is reading aloud from the book. 'What do you want to be when you grow up?'
'My name is Juneflower,' replies the tree. 'I want to be part of the family that I see every day.'
The boy looks at the tree for a long time, before giving it a small nod.
'I think you will make a very nice addition to the family,' he says.
And with those words, the boy shuts his book and gets up from his chair. He walks towards the window and reaches out to touch one of the tree's leaves.
'I think I will call you "Friend",' he says. 'You look like a "Friend" to me.'
The tree's branches rustle in the wind.
'Thank you,' it whispers to the boy.
The boy smiles at the tree, before turning away from the window. The tree watches as the boy walks out of the room.
The tree feels a warm glow inside itself. It knows that it will become part of the family one day. And it is sure that when that day comes, the boy will remember it as his friend.
A week later, the tree's leaves begin to turn yellow. It feels sick. A man in a green coat arrives and chops the tree down with one blow of his axe. He drags it to a hole in the ground and throws it inside. It lands on some soft earth.
The tree is scared. Surrounded by dirt, t has never been so far from the ground before. There are lots of other trees here too, all stripped naked and bleeding. The tree tries to reach out to them with its branches, but they are just too far away. It feels all alone.
Something wet trickles down the trunk of the tree. The tree knows that it is crying.
It doesn't know how long it waits down there in the darkness. Sometimes it feels like days, sometimes it feels like minutes. All the trees around it change as they are stripped and harvested, but it stays the same.
The boy appears at the edge of the hole. He waves at the tree and smiles sadly. The tree thinks about waving back, but it doesn't have any branches anymore. It can only watch sadly as the boy walks away.
It is so very sad that it begins to cry.
'Please,' it sobs, 'I want to be part of the family that I see every day. I want to be close to the boy that I love.'
But no one can hear a tree cry.
The tree lies in the pit, full of sadness and pain. It is so weak that it can do nothing as the weeks go by. Its wounds become rotten and bugs infest its bark. The tree feels ill. It knows that it will die soon.
One night, a fire starts not far from the pit. It slowly rages towards the trees, burning all in its path. The heat gets closer and closer, until eventually the flames reach the pit.
The tree feels the flames surround it. It feels scared.
'I don't want to die,' it sobs, 'I just wanted to be part of the family.'
But it is too late. The fire burns with a fierce heat, and the tree is soon nothing but ashes.
But the tree's spirit survives. It stays at the house. One day, the mother of the family becomes pregnant again.
It is a girl. The girl who is the tree now looks at herself. She is beautiful, but she is confused. She does not know who she is, or where she has come from. She does not remember anything.
The girl who is the tree wants to cry out with joy and for sadness, but all she can do is watch through her eyes and hope that one day she will understand what it is to be human.
The girl has joined the family she watches over. As the years pass, she comes to look almost exactly like her mother.
The girl falls in love with a kind boy, and marries him. The girl grows old with that boy, watching over their family just as the tree had always wanted to.
The tree feels happy.
The tree who was once a girl and then a woman is content to watch over her family forever more.
THE CHURCH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT On a world far away from Earth, a strange being known as a "hominid" dwells. These creatures have human bodies with heads that resemble birds and always walk upright. They are social animals, living together in groups for protection.
The hominids often fight over food, territory and mates. However, sometimes they cooperate to achieve a common goal. One of the hominids is especially clever. He develops tools to help him catch prey and protect his body. He uses these tools to gain status among his peers.
The clever hominid soon realizes that he can use his tools to manipulate the other hominids. If he displays a desirable object, such as a shiny stone, other hominids want it. He can then trade this object for something else he desires, such as an animal carcasse. Over time, he learns that by keeping his objects to himself, he can increase their value. Eventually, he trades his objects for something else of greater value.
The clever hominid enjoys exercising his power over others. He begins to enjoy manipulating the other hominids. He begins to enjoy the process of trading itself. Eventually, the clever hominid realizes that he can trade objects that don't exist. He invents numbers and begins to use math to make larger trades.
As the clever hominid gets older, he realizes that his peers don't respect him. He is weaker than most other hominids. He realizes that he can maintain his status by using force. He learns to make weapons from stones and uses these weapons to take the things he wants. As the clever hominid gets older, he realizes that his life will be much easier if he rules over others. He learns to manipulate others into doing his bidding. Eventually, he becomes like a king.
The king of the hominids rules over others. He has many possessions. He lives in a big hut and eats the best foods. Other hominids work for him and do his bidding. As the king gets older, he realizes that he does not have much time left. He will soon die and rot away like all hominids do. He fears death. He realizes that he has spent his life desiring things that do not matter and that he has done many immoral things to get what he wanted. He worries that when he dies he will be punished for his evil ways.
The king of the hominids decides to do something about his predicament. He has heard rumors of a powerful hominid that has unlocked the secrets of nature and the world. He learns that this philosopher is also a man of great morality. He decides to find this person and make him his advisor.
The king sends one of his servants to travel to the other side of the world. He has heard that the wise man lives somewhere over the sea. The servant is gone for a long time. When he returns, he tells the king that he found the man but he was dead. The king becomes angry and yells at the servant for being a liar. He sends the servant away.
The king is very upset. He has learned that the wise man is dead. He will not be able to learn from him. He wonders what he should do next.
Meanwhile, the servant who was sent away returns. He says that he has lied to the king. He says that he actually traveled very far to the other side of the world. He found the wise man. The wise man is not dead. He is very much alive. The servant learned all this information from the wise man's only student. He says that he can take the king to the wise man if he wants.
The king thinks about this. He knows that the servant has lied to him before. However, if he can meet with the wise man, he can learn what he needs to know and be free from worry. He decides to trust the servant and goes with him.
The servant leads the king far away to a hidden place. They eventually come across a well kept yard. In the middle of this yard is a beautiful garden. The king has never seen such a thing. In the garden is a small house. An old man is weeding in the garden. The servant calls out to the old man and he looks up. The king can't believe it. It is the wise man he has been searching for. He is surprised to see that the old man is so short and has a large grey beard. He is not at all what the king expected.
The servant and the king walk into the garden. The servant speaks to the old man for a moment. The old man nods. He gets up and goes into his small house. He comes back with a book. He gives the book to the servant. Then, the servant leaves. The king is very confused by all of this.
"What was that all about?" the king asks.
"I will tell you," says the wise man. "But first, let's go inside. I want to make some tea."
The king agrees. He goes inside the small house with the wise man. The wise man puts the kettle on to boil water. He sits down at the table.
"The book you have was written by my teacher," the wise man begins. "It contains all that he knows. You must be careful with it, because there is only one copy in existence."
"But who are you?" asks the king. "You are far from what I expected."
"I am the servant of God," the wise man answers. "I do not think it is important for you to know my name. It is enough to call me a servant of God."
"But what is important to you?" the king asks. "What do you believe in?"
"God, of course," answers the wise man. "We must believe in God first. Everything else comes after that."
The king begins to ask more questions. The wise man pours the tea. He offers the king some biscuits. They drink and eat together. The king has never had such a good time speaking with anyone before. It is as if the wise man can answer any question!
"Tell me, wise man," says the king. "What should I do with my life?"
"That is up to you, oh great king," says the wise man. "But I will tell you this: there is no greater work than serving God and your fellow human beings."
"I will devote the rest of my life to serving God and others," the king declares. "Just show me how."
The wise man smiles. "I knew you were the right person for this task," he says. "Let us begin."
The wise man asks the king to close his eyes. He takes the king's hand and puts it on his own heart. "Feel this," he says. "Do you feel that I am alive? And do you feel that you are alive?"
"Yes, indeed," says the king. "I am very much alive."
"Good," says the wise man. "Now open your eyes."
The king does so. He is in a huge cave. All around him are thousands of other people. They are all staring at him.
"Welcome," says the wise man, "to the Church of the Human Spirit."
The people start to cheer. The king is shocked.
"But I don't understand," he says. "What is this place?"
"This is a church for people like us," says the wise man. "For human beings. It is a place where we can share our ideas about the nature of being human."
"But... but... where are the benches? Where is the choir? Where are the stained-glass windows?" stutters the king.
"We have no need for such things," says the wise man. "We sit together in a circle because humans, by their nature, like to sit together in a circle. We speak about the things that matter to us because speaking about the things that matter to us is what human beings do. We light candles because humans, by their nature, like to have light. We enjoy having our candles around us. We make music together because we enjoy it. We paint pictures together because we enjoy looking at them. We have no idols, because we have no need for them. We have no leaders, because we are all leaders of ourselves. We are the Church of the Human Spirit. We are humans who follow the way of humanity. This is the future of religion. This is the future of mankind. And you, my friend, are now a part of it. Sit. Stay. And become a human being. A part of humanity. For that is your nature."
The king looks around him. Thousands of people are smiling at him. They are all so friendly, so welcoming, so human. He smiles back. He feels as if a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He sits down among the people. A woman passes him a candle and he holds it up in the air. The people cheer.
"I never knew there was a better way to live," he says to the wise man. "Why has nobody ever told me about this place before?"
"Because they do not know about it," says the wise man. "Only you can find the truth inside yourself. Only you can find the way to live. We can only show the way. You have to walk it by yourself."
"I am ready," says the king. "I am ready to become a human being."
The people clap their hands and cheer. The wise man smiles. The king feels happier than he has ever felt in his life. He is surrounded by thousands of friendly people. Everyone loves him. Everyone is happy. Everyone is celebrating the birth of a new way of life. A new religion. A new kind of human. The religion of humanity.
The Church of the Human Spirit.
THE COUNTRY OF TOTAL OBLIVION "A very long time ago, there was a country in which all people woke up every morning in a new body, and have no recollection of the past. They only remembered the past of their new body. No one knew when they would wake up in a new body.
You could not know who you would be after you wake up. It could be a boy, a girl, young, or old. You could be smart or stupid. You could be someone who is rich or poor. You could be anyone. All that you knew was that you were now someone new and that you had their memories and their life for the day.
All of the people in this country accepted this as normal. They did not know any better. It was just the way things were. Everyone in this country did not question the government or the monarch, for they would all likely eventually be the monarch. For a day. Everyone looked forward to it, for whoever was in the body of the monarch had great power over the country.
The day would end when the sun went down, and everyone would forget what had happened during that day. They would wake up in a new body the next day, and remember nothing of their previous day. But they would remember what their new body had done. For example, if the princess woke up the next day in the body of a boy thief, she would remember the theft and that boy's life.
This continued for centuries, no one knew how long it had been going on, or even how long it would go on. But one day, a stranger came to the country. No one knew where he came from. He was just there, standing by the castle. He proclaimed that he could tell people who they had been on prior days. He would go into a trance, and tell people who they had been. This sounded crazy to everyone, for everyone knew that when you woke up as a different person, you'd forget the past anyway.
Everyone avoided the stranger, and threatened his life when they caught him. He was sent to prison, for he had done nothing wrong, but people feared what he could do.
The king and the queen worried about what the stranger could do. They thought that he could upset the entire order of things in the country.
The king went to the man's cell. The man looked at him and said, "Lo! A peasant girl in the body of the king!"
The king was alarmed, but asked the man to explain more.
"She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was kind and generous, but firm. She enjoyed nature and art."
The king was shocked. He realized that the man must be a powerful wizard. He told his wife, the queen, and she too was frightened. They knew what they had to do. They visited the man in his cell. He looked up and said, "Ah, the king and queen. I expected you sooner."
The king asked the man if he could tell who they had been on other days. The man said that he could.
"I see....then...tell me...who...who was I..."
"Ah, yes. You were a blacksmith's apprentice. A commoner. You had a younger sister who died of hunger during winter."
The king fell to the ground. He was overcome with grief. He started to cry. His wife, the queen, comforted him.
They decided that they would not have the man killed or released. Instead, they would let him live out his days in the tower. There, he could do no more harm. They told him that he could roam the tower and the gardens, but not leave it. He would live there forever, until the day he died.
He accepted his punishment. They told him that they would provide for him, so that he would not want for anything. He thanked them, and said that he would be eternally grateful.
Everyday, the king and queen visited the man in his tower. Everyday, he told who they had been the previous day. They lived with the knowledge that they were once mere peasants, and that all people are equal, no matter what their status in life. They became better rulers as a result.
As for the man in the tower, he enjoyed the garden. And he enjoyed meeting the new people that became his old friends every day. But he never could answer the greatest question of all: who was he?
ON THE ROAD TO HEAVEN It is a bright summer morning, and the bus has just left the station. On board are fifty-two passengers, all of whom look as cheerful and contented as children do after their parents have gone to work. They sit quietly in rows, talking and laughing together. Everyone knows everyone else on board, for they all live in the same town. All are familiar with the road ahead of them and the towns they will visit along the way. They are looking forward to the next stop, when they will be served coffee and cakes, and some of them may have a drink at the tavern that is always located at the town square of each little village through which they pass.
On board the bus there is a gentle hum of conversation. You are sitting next to an elderly lady you have known since childhood, and she is telling you about the time her husband was injured in World War II. Your mind begins to drift...
Suddenly the bus stops with a jolt. The passengers are thrown forward in their seats, and there is some grumbling as they straighten themselves back up. Then, with no warning, the bus slowly begins to descend out of the sky. It falls downward for about five minutes and then stops suddenly once again. The lights in the bus go out, and everyone is silent with fear. Then, when the driver turns on the lights, the engine sputters and stops.
The driver tries to start the engine again and again, but nothing happens. The passengers are all silent, staring at each other with looks of panic on their faces. Finally, someone speaks up: "Maybe we should get out and push. I don't think the engine is working anymore."
"Are we dead?" asks a little girl.
Her mother reassures her that they are not dead, but the little girl is not convinced. "We're not moving," she says, "and we're definitely not in heaven. I think we're dead.
A discussion of life after death ensues, with most of the passengers expressing the view that they have in fact died and that the bus is indeed their means of transportation to heaven. They do not seem particularly happy about this turn of events. A few people argue that they are still alive, but this view is not popular. After some more discussion, a man stands up and says that since the driver does not know what is wrong with the engine, he should try to find the bus's manifest in the glove compartment.
The driver opens the glove compartment and finds a long list of passengers' names. He begins to read them out loud, and one by one the passengers realize that they are dead. "That's me," says one woman when she hears her name. She is so upset that she refuses to get off the bus.
"But we've already died," one man says to her. "You might as well go with the rest of us."
"I want to go back home," she says.
"We all want to go back home," says another passenger, "but this is our home now."
The woman cries at this remark, but finally gets off the bus. The rest of the passengers follow. A sign at the front of the bus reads, "Purgatory Bus."
"This doesn't look like heaven," says one passenger.
"It doesn't? asks another. "What were you expecting, pearly gates and a street of gold?
"Yes!" the man answers, "At least maybe a pleasant countryside or something. This is just a highway in the middle of nowhere.
"Looks like we got ourselves a philosopher," the first man says to the other passengers. "What do you think, boys? Does heaven exist?"
"Heaven exists for sure," says another passenger, "I saw it on a calendar once. It's got fluffy clouds and angels playing harps."
"We've got fluffy clouds and angels playing harps," says the first man, pointing to a pack of Camels in his hand. "That's heaven right there."
"Maybe heaven is a place you make for yourself," says yet another passenger. "Take my wife, Mary. She was the love of my life. When she died, a part of me died with her. But every time I think of her, it's as if she's still with me. She's my heaven. She always will be."
"That's a real nice story, Glen," says the philosopher, "but I still don't see any pearly gates."
"Neither do I," says another passenger, "and I'm sitting next to the window.
The passengers begin to argue amongst themselves about the location of heaven. Soon, they are all arguing. One claims that heaven is a giant cloud; another, that it's under the earth. One believes that heaven is in the sky; another, that it's underground. One says it's in the past; another, that it's in the future. All of the passengers begin to argue more and more. Soon, they're throwing punches at one another. The arguing becomes so violent that the bus driver has to intervene.
"Stop it!" he says. "Can't you see that you're all experts and that you're each describing a different part of heaven? The truth is, it's all around you."
The bus driver's words cause the passengers to quiet down. They are all silent for a moment.
"You're right," one of them says. "Thank you, bus driver."
"No problem," he says. "Now let's all go home. It's been a long day."
THE SAND IN THE MACHINE The man was a bureaucrat, but not in the way you were used to. He had no title and no job description; he just existed as an unimportant cog in a machine that did its work without him. He had no family or friends and did not seek to make any; he was alone in the world, although he was not unhappy.
His mind, as far as anyone could tell, was a barren plain. He did not think; there were no great intellectual challenges that he wished to solve. He had no lusts, no greed, no desires. He was content to eat when he was hungry, sleep when he was tired and continue on with his work.
He believed in his country, although he could not tell you why. He believed in God, although he could not tell you who he was. He believed in duty, honor and country, although he could not tell you what these things meant. He did not think, he just knew.
Then, one day, he realized that he was not at all who he thought he was. He did not live in the place he thought he did. He did not belong to the nation he thought he did. He did not serve the God he thought he did.
One night, he went to sleep in his office and woke up in a jungle.
He did not know where he was, or how he had gotten there.
He knew that he was still himself. He knew that he still believed in his duty and his honor. But the land itself was different, and the people who lived there were too. He fought in a war, serving his nation and defending the innocent from evil.
He was struck by an idea: perhaps he had been placed here to do more than serve quietly as a cog in a machine. Perhaps he was meant to be a warrior, and fight for good in this strange land.
He fought, and he won. He saved lives, and defended his nation. But the war was not without its costs: he lost friends, and witnessed death all around him. The idea that he might not return home weighed on him heavily.
Still, he knew he was doing the right thing. He could feel it in his heart.
One night, he went to sleep in his tent and woke up in his office. He did not know where he was, or how he had gotten there. All he knew was that he was still himself. He knew that he still believed in his duty and his honor. But the land itself was different, and the people who lived there were too.
He was alone in the world, and he knew it. There was no one around him that he could trust. He knew nothing of where he was or who he was supposed to be. The world was an incomprehensible place, and he could not make heads or tails of anything. He felt scared, lonely and lost.
He had a driving need to defend the innocent from evil, but he could not tell who was who. He felt as if he had known something once, but had forgotten it.
He had friends, but he could not tell if they were real or just phantoms of his imagination. He felt driven by a need to fight for something, but he did not know what.
The man had gone from knowing everything, to knowing nothing. He was a warrior with no war to fight, a soldier with no army, a knight without a lord.
But one thing remained the same: he still believed in his duty and his honor.
He picked himself up, and went to find his sword.
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2020.08.07 00:22 urlocaljanedoe need family advice on moving out when i have a disabled sibling and an unbearable mom.

hey guys. so i’m posting this here because i’m going through some shit right now. i know that moral dilemma judgement requests are not allowed here, idk if this is considered a moral dilemma thing. well, it is, but im looking for advice on how to proceed and how to handle this shit, not judgement on my current situation or things that have already happened. if this post breaks the rules, i’m sorry!
warning: a lot of venting. double warning: mentions of s**ual abuse as well as child abuse so please be careful.
to make a long story really short: i’m 20. i live at home with mom(in her 50s) (father not in picture) and my disabled sister(35 y/o). (i also have a little sister that i might mention in this, so “sister” is my disabled sister and “little sister” is my non-disabled sister.)
i want to move out. i want to move out because i cannot take living with my mom anymore. before i start, i just want to say that i truly do love her. but i suspect she is a narcissist. everything revolves around her, her needs and desires. i’ve noticed a pattern of if someone is not in one way or another contributing to her personal gains, they have no place in her life. she has no friends. she believes that her opinions and her beliefs are the correct ones. she criticizes the way i look, the things i do, and the way i feel. i know that even though i’m 20 i’m still not a “real” adult, but she treats me like a child. admittedly things have been calmer the past few months, but arguments that escalate to screaming are pretty much a daily thing. it doesn’t matter what it’s about, somehow there is always something. things were MUCH worse during my childhood years, now it’s just arguing but it used to be being beaten with metal spatulas, or being kicked outside in the middle of a Canadian winter (think -35 C, so -31 fahrenheit) in nothing but a flimsy coat and sneakers.
this is where my moral dilemma comes in: my sister. she was a victim of a criminal act as a baby and now, is 35 years old with the cognitive abilities of a 5 year old. she needs help to bathe and to dress herself. my mom has been receiving close to 3000 dollars every month since the accident to help with her needs. thing is, up until a few months ago, she lived with my grandfather for 20 years. (who never saw a penny btw, my mom collected it all). during those 20 years, my mom used that money as well as my little sister and i’s child support to buy a half million dollar home and a couple shiny new expensive cars. i lived in what most people would call “the mansion” despite having gone to school hungry and badly dressed for most of my childhood.
we (my little sister and i) grew up poor and i always thought it was because mom was dealt a bad hand in life, but now i know that she was making close to 4K a month (plus she was working in real estate) in government support, and spent it all on the house, the cars, and drugs. it actually slipped a while ago that my mom once calculated it, and she had spent twenty five THOUSAND DOLLARS on cocaine in ONE YEAR. i was getting free lunches from school and free clothes, hell there was even a program i was in where other parents in the school would buy christmas gifts for the low income children. i’ll never forget the bittersweet mix of excitement and embarrassment of getting that black plastic bag full of toys before the winter break, and trying so hard to not let the other kids know i was getting presents from school because mommy can’t afford them and daddy doesn’t love me.
sorry guys, i’m straying from my original point. everything is just spilling out now from years of holding it all in. last thing i will mention though, just to show how messed up things are (🛑this is where the SA warning comes in, skip this paragraph if this sort of thing bothers you🛑): during those years that my sister was with my grandfather, my mom once found a picture of a naked lady posed who looked exactly like my sister in my grandfathers wallet. my mom confronted him and obviously he denied it and she never pursued it further. she had suspicions of her severely disabled daughter being sexually abused and she did nothing about it.
ANYWAYS! so right now, my sister has been living solely with mom and i because my mom cut contact with her father (my grandfather that ive been mentioning). my mom has picked up a job to pay for a whole house revamping so she can sell the house. as i’ve said, i really want to move out but my mom has told me i “can’t” bevause i need to be here to look after my sister. now i already have my own mental health issues and honestly? i don’t want to have to look after her. i don’t want to be a babysitter. i work 2 days a week and i can’t even get more hours to save up to move out because of my moms work. i’m basically stuck at home, looking after a person that i have no connection or attachment to.
if i move out, my mom will be livid. and i will also be leaving her with no choice but to either hire a babysitter or quit her job to look after her daughter. she’s told me that she can’t afford a babysitter (should have thought of that before putting all of her money into a house and cars).
she told me “i can’t do this to her, i can’t do this to my sister.” and you know what, i feel awful. i feel awful that i would be leaving this vulnerable person in the care of someone who doesn’t give a shit about her. but lately i’ve been dealing with seriously dark thoughts thinking about what my life will be like if i don’t move out soon. i mentally cannot care for a disabled person as well as take care of my own mental health. i just can’t! my mom has told me before that the sole reason i was conceived was so my sister would have someone to take care of her when my mom is gone. my mom even, unbeknownst to me until a few weeks ago, put me in her will as the sole caretaker in case anything ever happened to my mom.
i don’t want that. i don’t want to be a caretaker. i don’t want to look after my disabled sibling. i’m sorry, this is going to sound so harsh and trust me i know i’m an asshole for this part but i don’t love her. i feel no connection or attachment. i never spent that much time with her during my life. and my mom made it clear to me through her actions that she didn’t truly love her either.
please ask questions if anything wasn’t clear, or if you need more info. i don’t know what to do anymore. i need to get out. by moving out, i’ll really struggle financially and i might even have to put schooling on pause until i somehow have enough time to be a student and a worker and have enough money to pay rent and food and utilities and classes. i’ve been trying to research government aid for finding a babysitter for my sister (i live in QC canada in case anyone happens to live here and has any knowledge) but idk how to even go from here, and i know my mom would probably never want to actually accept help from outside sources. then they would see how life really is.
i need advice. how tf do i move out? how can i try to keep a relationship with my mother after “betraying” her? where do i go from here? how can i keep up school plus work plus paying bills all by myself?
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2020.08.06 01:24 jw_mentions & daughter naked mom

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Submission I am a ex Jehovah’s Witness AMA
Comments I am a ex Jehovah’s Witness AMA
Author DabThoughts
Subreddit /AMA
Posted On Wed Aug 05 20:13:14 UTC 2020
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Wed Aug 05 22:06:31 UTC 2020
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My parents divorced when I was young and my mother left the organization and was disfellowshiped. When I was old enough to start seeing through some of the bullshit I told my dad I wAnted to live with my mom and I got a taste of what it was like on the other side. Around 18 or 19 I finally became genuinely interested in spirituality and starting asking questions and doing research on other religions and different philosophies. Today I’m agnostic and share the ideas of atheism and I’m very firmly against organized religion cause they all say they know the truth but the real truth is no one knows and we’re all just guessing lol
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Thu Aug 06 00:24:41 UTC 2020
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the closer objects are to each other, the stronger their gravitational pull is. Earth's gravity comes from all its mass. All its mass makes a combined gravitational pull on all the mass in your body. 👍 however if I were still a Jehovah’s Witness I might have said “it doesn’t matter how it works, Jehovah makes it work and that’s all we need to know” lol
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Author CALAZ1986
Posted On Thu Aug 06 00:41:31 UTC 2020
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Do you have a moment to talk about the benefits of being a Jehovah's witness
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Author the_real_Comus
Posted On Thu Aug 06 05:58:22 UTC 2020
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I wanna become a Jehovah’s Witness because there was a cute boy who said I should try it after he knocked on my door. Is it worth joining if it means having a chance with him? I don’t care about the god part I just wanna end up with a long schlong man, you know, if he had a boner and turned around too fast it and I was standing right behind him it could break my ribs kinda deal
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Author seductivestoat
Posted On Wed Aug 05 20:18:40 UTC 2020
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I grew up a few houses down from a girl my age. When we were around 10 or so she told me she was a Jehovah's Witness and she immediately apologized. I always wondered why she would immediately apologize for being one.
Guess this isn't really a question for you, but it reminded me of that incident and you said ask you anything.
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Wed Aug 05 20:31:11 UTC 2020
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We were taught that if your not in the organization then you are worldly and that we should not associate or be friends with worldly people. So just off your comment she may have apologized if y’all were friendly cause she can’t have a friend who is not a Jehovah’s Witness. Best guess anyway lol
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Wed Aug 05 23:07:29 UTC 2020
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Hmm Jehovah’s Witness for under rock.... stay in group, shun non believers, convert when you can, follow orders, live forever. Best off the top of my head lol
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Wed Aug 05 20:35:03 UTC 2020
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I was very fortunate in the regard that I was not baptized before I left. Otherwise I would have been forced to cut ties with friends and family alike due to being disfellowshiped by the congregation. So I’m thankful I’m not cut off from them, but they do still practice very seriously and it’s never wise for me to bring up religion when I do see them lol
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Author easycakesoulad
Posted On Thu Aug 06 03:00:12 UTC 2020
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Are the JWs the ones going door to door or the Mormons? What's the difference in their attires? Is is true JWs don't eat any crustacean seafood ?
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Author Davidsta_
Posted On Thu Aug 06 19:29:49 UTC 2020
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What was the worst reaction someone ever had of you door to door preaching? (I don't know what to call it)
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Thu Aug 06 03:22:18 UTC 2020
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I have seen it. Episode 1 of her season 3 has a speak already episode about Jehovah’s witnesses you should check out. She has about 8 ex Jw’s that talk about their experiences for about an hour and a half
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Wed Aug 05 21:49:16 UTC 2020
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Super religious, you could get disfellowshiped for sex before marriage and you can’t date without intent of marriage
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Author lBecquer
Posted On Wed Aug 05 22:41:29 UTC 2020
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Wow, I was waiting for this AMA so much!
First of all, nice! It takes a lot of courage for what you did. I have a lot of questions about the JWs. I'm from Mexico and I had a childhood friend in middle/high school and he never sang the national anthem, he never celebrated any birthday, Why is that?
For what I remember he just played soccer at school and nothing else.
Later I heard they are not allowed to transfedonate blood even if one of their relatives is on life/death situations. Therefore they are not allowed to have tattoos. They don't celebrate any holiday/special day. Is all of this true? If yes, why?
What was the most horrific thing you saw/lived when you were a JW? Another illogic/awful rule they have?
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Thu Aug 06 04:20:45 UTC 2020
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Jehovah’s Witness detach themselves from anything secula political/ pagan. Which results in no national anthem, no birthdays, no holidays, etc. there are two things celebrated. Anniversaries and the pass over. Nothing else. Blood is a big issue for witnesses. They will indeed deny all forms of blood even if a life is on the line. They do allow blood filtration and I think they updated the policy on plasma. Personally speaking the worst I’ve seen is my stepmother disowning her own daughter because she refused to be a witness. My grandmother also refused to speak to my sister when she married a man who was in the military
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Wed Aug 05 22:55:55 UTC 2020
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There is what they call inactive. In which your not shunned. But if you say I’m leaving cause I think it’s all bull then your gonna be disfellowshiped and all ties will be cut from you. But if you quit coming to meetings but never formally say one way or the other they list you as Inactive. If your inactive the elders will still try and reach out to you to come back. And by reach out I mean work, home, call, text, email, letter, etc. lol
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Thu Aug 06 03:19:29 UTC 2020
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Both do a door to door service and dress similar. Lol it can be hard to tell until they pull their literature. I have noticed the Mormons are most often on bicycles instead of driving . Never heard anything about seafood lol
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Author ama_compiler_bot
Posted On Wed Aug 05 23:31:50 UTC 2020
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Table of Questions and Answers. Original answer linked - Please upvote the original questions and answers.
Question Answer Link
I grew up a few houses down from a girl my age. When we were around 10 or so she told me she was a Jehovah's Witness and she immediately apologized. I always wondered why she would immediately apologize for being one. Guess this isn't really a question for you, but it reminded me of that incident and you said ask you anything. We were taught that if your not in the organization then you are worldly and that we should not associate or be friends with worldly people. So just off your comment she may have apologized if y’all were friendly cause she can’t have a friend who is not a Jehovah’s Witness. Best guess anyway lol Here
Are you still in contact with your family? If so are they still practicing? I was very fortunate in the regard that I was not baptized before I left. Otherwise I would have been forced to cut ties with friends and family alike due to being disfellowshiped by the congregation. So I’m thankful I’m not cut off from them, but they do still practice very seriously and it’s never wise for me to bring up religion when I do see them lol Here
Did you manage to witness jehovah Not once, figures... lol Here
Why are you no longer one? The more research and soul searching I did the more I realized that I neither believed or agreed with their teachings or policies Here
Do Jehovah's have big breasts Some do yea lol 😆 Here
Do you still believe in some sect of Christianity or are you outright atheist nowadays? Also what was the first thing that started to make you doubt? I have come to be very anti religion. I agree with a lot of atheist viewpoints but I believe anyone can claim the absolute truth so I would have to consider myself agnostic Here
Do they teach you the most efficient Knock possible, or does that just come with the trade? You develop your own style over time Here
Why are you a ex? In most cases once you leave there no going back Here
Have you ever gone door to door to people’s houses and if so, what was that like? It was terrifying to me. I was a kid when I 1st did it. The grown ups drilling you on conversation tactics and answers to certain questions. Having to watch as some people were less than friendly when they did answer the door. I hated it with a passion Here
I grew up in Flint, and I remember the day when I first met a non-black JW (my head nearly exploded). Granted this was in the 90s, but are the congregations pretty segregated in your experience? In my experience no, it was pretty well mixed. They did hold separate service for deaf and Spanish but that’s about it Here
Are you atheist? I agree with atheist ideas but I can’t claim that I know for certain that’s there is not some kind of higher power so consider myself agnostic Here
Is it actually a cult? Realistically yes. They toe a line with Christianity but a few of there core policies keep them in the cult zone Here
What made you leave? Is it really as cult-like as often said? How does your current belief look like, if you have one? My parents divorced when I was young and my mother left the organization and was disfellowshiped. When I was old enough to start seeing through some of the bullshit I told my dad I wAnted to live with my mom and I got a taste of what it was like on the other side. Around 18 or 19 I finally became genuinely interested in spirituality and starting asking questions and doing research on other religions and different philosophies. Today I’m agnostic and share the ideas of atheism and I’m very firmly against organized religion cause they all say they know the truth but the real truth is no one knows and we’re all just guessing lol Here
How many doors have you knocked on More than I care to admit lol I’m just glad I got out as early as I did Here
Can you explain what that is to someone that lives under a rock? Hmm Jehovah’s Witness for under rock.... stay in group, shun non believers, convert when you can, follow orders, live forever. Best off the top of my head lol Here
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Thu Aug 06 14:07:30 UTC 2020
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Body link
Lmao go for it, but he can only date you to marry you and you can’t have sex until your married or he risks being disfellowshiped. Then, once your married your expected to be subservient. If he a good lay might be worth it for you 😂
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Wed Aug 05 22:44:16 UTC 2020
Score 5 as of Fri Aug 07 20:09:03 UTC 2020
Conversation Size 5
Body link
As far as an introvert doing door to door, the congregation is extremely supportive and uplifting while your engaged an active in the organization. Dealing with being just an introvert after leaving the organization is really hard cause your used to getting that aggressive support then suddenly no one you know and have a bond with inside the organization can have anything to do with you. It can be really tough in some situations
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Author WombatInferno
Posted On Thu Aug 06 00:03:01 UTC 2020
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Body link
I'm sorry if I ever answered the door naked when you were going around the neighborhood trying to preach. Have you ever done the door to door preaching? If so what's the craziest thing you've seen?
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Author OoOh3lpOoO
Posted On Thu Aug 06 06:48:51 UTC 2020
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Body link
What’s Jehovah’s Witness
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Author DabThoughts
Posted On Thu Aug 06 04:22:49 UTC 2020
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Body link
This is extremely normal for people who leave. The policy of being disfellowshiped destroys family’s and holds you at emotional gun point
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Author Scalabrine44TheGOAT
Posted On Wed Aug 05 21:31:07 UTC 2020
Score 7 as of Fri Aug 07 20:09:03 UTC 2020
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Body link
Have you ever gone door to door to people’s houses and if so, what was that like?
--- --- Notes
Author DabThoughts
Posted On Wed Aug 05 22:13:45 UTC 2020
Score 4 as of Fri Aug 07 20:09:03 UTC 2020
Conversation Size 1
Body link
There are many ways to leave. If you choose to leave on your own it’s usually because you no longer believe and you make it formal with the elders and your disfellowshiped afterwards which means no one who is still a witness can speak to you ever again. You can also be disfellowshiped by breaking a laundry list of rules if you don’t “repent”. Either way once your out they keep you out unless you agree to fall in line
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2020.08.05 20:30 elvis6Aug Naked daughter & mom

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2020.08.05 20:11 Gracynvh Naked mom & daughter

So today I was waiting for my doctors appointment. While waiting over heard these two middle age moms chatting.
Mom #1
Mom #2
Mom #1 : “So you won’t believe what I caught her daughters name) and (other women’s daughters) doing yesterday!!
Mom #2 : “ Hmmm?”
Mom #1 : “I went over to their apartment yesterday for a surprise visit. I found them both naked in the shower!! TOGETHER”
Mom #2 does not seem phased by this
Mom #1 “I confronted my daughter and she said every girl does this with her girlfriends... so I got to ask. Did you do that when you were a teenager with your friends?”.
Mom #2 “No I did not”.
Mom #1 “I fucking knew it! I think it’s so disgusting. Why would they do that??”.
Then there was a brilliant long pause.
Mom #2 says deadpan “ I bet they are banging”.
Mom #1 kinda lost it at that and I did not get to hear anymore since it was time for my appointment.
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2020.08.05 17:06 CORPSEMAKERTALES Scary Story Open A Cold One

Scary Story Open A Cold One
Scary Story Open A Cold One
WARNING! If you are easily offended by explicit depictions of Necrophilia, DO NOT read this story. What you are about to view is based on true events.
This story contains graphic content.
Matt and Julie were your average High School sweethearts.
Matt was a sixteen year old football jock, and Julie was a fifteen year old cheerleader.

They were at their annual High School prom dance. They spent some time dancing and having a good time with friends. Then Julie could tell that Matt was already buzzed when he whispered a sweet something in her ear and they left the prom early to do some private partying of their own. They got into his car and they sped off. Gravel kicking high underneath the tires. Julie loved the rush of speed. She giggled as the wind blew through her hair. Matt turned to face her and gave one of those bad boy grins. He reminded her of one of the guys from the Twilight movies. As for Matt he knew that Julie was not shy when it came to boys. She was deflowered at the tender age of twelve. She had developed early. Already her boobs were huge and she hardly ever wears a bra. She had a nice brown tanned body that rode all the way up. Having already slept with many of the boys from school, she had experience when it came to pleasing guys. Julie was very proud of her body. "Did you bring the stuff?" she asked him. "Right here." he replied holding up a bottle of Jack Daniels that he had stolen from his father's liquor cabinet. They drove into a dark, wooded trail and parked. There they partied and made out.
After they were done they drove out of the wooded trail, got back out onto the highway and headed back into town. Soon they came upon a slow moving semi truck. Matt wasn't a patient person so he floored the gas pedal and tried to pass the semi. But he lost control and rammed the back of the semi. The sudden impact caused a belt on the semi bed to snap that was holding steel beams. A few of the steel beams fell loose and slid off the semi and crashed through the windshield of Matt's car.
Peter knew the accident was bad when he first heard about it earlier that week on the news. He worked at and owned the town's funeral home. He was at home with his wife Melissa and their two young daughters celebrating his fortieth birthday. But getting older really wasn't all that special. In fact, after you hit twenty one, life seems to go downhill Peter thought to himself. Peter was in the shower thinking back to when he was a kid and all the fun times that he had growing up.

The time when he was caught skinny dipping in the pool by his neighbor lady was one of his favorite childhood memories. Peter laughed to himself about that. He had just gotten out of the shower and walked over to the toilet to pee when his wife Melissa came in the bathroom and walked up behind Peter to give him the phone, and told him that he had a call and wrapped her arms around him. Peter put the phone up to his ear and answered. "Hello?" "April Fools" the female voice said on the other end. It was Jane the funeral home secretary. "We have a delivery tonight." she told him. "Its the two teenagers who were involved in that fatal accident with that semi. And Jeff is still out sick. Can you come in tonight and handle it?" she asked him.

Peter groaned at first but when he found out about one of the victims being a young teenage girl he agreed. "There are just some subjects that require his own special touched." He chuckled. "I'll be there soon." he replied back to her.

“Can't you call Henry to take care of this tonight?” Melissa said in exasperation. “It’s your birthday, and we are so looking forward to the party I planned for you.”

“Darling, I know you're disappointed, but we can have the party tomorrow night.”

“Day-old cake won't taste the same, I promise you.”

“Order a new cake if it makes you happy.” he said. Peter kissed her on the cheek and threw two kisses to his two daughters as he departed through the door that led to the garage and his Lexus.

When Peter arrived at the funeral home, Jane was typing a correspondence in the office on the first floor.

“When did the accident victims arrive?”

“Larry and Steve wheeled the gurneys into the lab about seven p.m. I called Henry, but couldn't reach him. I think he said he was going to the movies with Rachell. Do you want me to try again?”

“No, there’s no need. My fortieth birthday party has been ruined tonight, so I may as well let Henry enjoy the rest of his evening. I can get the ball rolling, and Henry can finish up tomorrow.”

Jane looked at Peter suspiciously, and after weighing his comments concerning Henry, she looked at the calendar on her Rolodex and said, “It really is your birthday…April first…how could I have forgotten?”

“I was about to blow out the candles when you called. Melissa and the kids are really mad at you for breaking up such a lavish affair.”

“You really didn't need to be here tonight. Henry could have handled it.”

Peter ignored this comment. “Why are you working overtime?”

“I'm not working overtime,” Jane retorted. “I need to take some personal leave, and I was cleaning out my inbox.”

“Did you call the temp agency?”

“Of course I did. she said. I wouldn't leave without getting someone to fill in while I'm gone. I would think you would know that by now.”

“Hey, I apologize,” Peter said as he paced back and forth across the office and poured himself a cup of stale coffee. “Do what you've got to do, and come back as soon as you can. You know I can't get along without you.”

“Look, I'd better get started.” Peter pitched the remnants of the coffee in the trash can. “As I've indicated in the past, I don't want to be disturbed once I start the embalming process. If you want, you may leave after your done typing out that paper work that you are working on."

With that being said, peter opened the door that led to the basement. She heard the bolt click before he descended the stairs.

He parked the gurney next to another one that had a badly decomposed, bloated corpse that was found floating in a nearby river by some fishermen earlier that week.

Peter began by grabbing a pair of shears and cutting off and removing the young girl's clothes. As he worked he thought about the many atrocities that mankind had afflicted on one another. In his many years as a Mortician, his eyes had played witness to such devices as Murder, Suicides, Rape, Torture, Fatal Accidents, ETC. But there was one case that still haunted him till this day. He recalled that It involved a charred diary of a young girl. Chills ran down his spine as he recalled what he had read from it.

My mom's boyfriend did it to me again. I'm writing this all bruised and bloody. He must have somehow found out that I finally told an adult that my mom's live-in boyfriend has been raping me for a long time. At least a few times a week. I was walking home alone from school, and he pulled up next to me and offered me a ride. But as soon as we got to his house he dragged me into a bedroom and handcuffed my arms and legs to the bed posts. Then he stripped, raped, and strangled me. He tried to cover up and hide what he had done to her by pouring gasoline on her naked body and setting her and the house on fire. The police found her charred remains handcuffed to a metal bed post frame, with the open mouth expression of absolute terror and agony on her dead face. Dying had stopped her screams and her tears.

Peter shook his head to try to get rid of the ghastly image. But he looked down and noticed that he had gotten an erection. "Down Boy." Peter chuckled to himself. After he was done undressing her he then stepped back and admired her beauty. He knew that she had been a cheerleader and could tell that she had gone tanning quite often. As he surveyed her he realized that she had gone through puberty early in life. She had firm, perky breasts, and was bald down there. Maybe she was trying to keep her youthful innocence, or perhaps she knew that it was what guys liked. Peter thought to himself.

The smell of rot emanating from the cadaver that was pulled out from the river sexually aroused him. Peter's sperm was still a stagnant pool in it's mouth. Maggots were squirming in the milky,sticky, substance like a grotesque soup. He walked over to a counter and pushed play on the music player. A Cannibal Corpse song called Stripped, Rapped, and Strangled boomed out of the ceiling speakers in the room. Peter couldn't remember when he had undressed himself as he walked back over. He swung the young girl's legs over his shoulders and mounted himself on top of her. Then he injected himself into her.

Meanwhile Melissa and the kids were driving on their way to Peter's funeral home. She thought it would be a great idea to surprise him while at work. She had a second pair of keys for the funeral home for in case of emergencies. Melissa pulled around back of the funeral home and parked the Mercedes next to one of the black hearses. The only lights that were on in the building were in the basement. There was a high drone of metal music throbbing from within.

Melissa shushed the kids and told them to be very quiet, as to not spoil the surprise. She quickly lit the candles and told her young daughters to hold the cake together. Cindy and Sally giggled excitedly as Melissa unlocked and opened the basement door that led to the lab.

They burst into the lab and screamed merrily, “Surprise!"

The threesome was blinded momentarily by the bright fluorescent lights and disoriented by an earsplitting sound of death metal music.

When their eyes adjusted to the lights, Melissa and the kids stood frozen in a state of shock at the sight they would remember until the day they died. Peter was nude atop the naked female corpse on the embalming table. His hands were squeezing her large breasts in unison with each violent thrust of his hips. His eyes were closed tight in a fit of ecstasy, unaware that Melissa and the kids had entered the room.

The right quarter of the young woman’s face was a hollow cavern of gore and the absence of her right cheek gave her exposed teeth in an insidious smile.
Peter always had a nagging question lurking in the darkest corners of his demented mind. Ever since he was a teenager. And in his many years as both a Mortician and a Necromaniac his question had been answered. Indeed dead girls can still get wet.
Peter had to admit to himself "Sloppy Seconds" was the best kind of sex.

When the police investigators asked why he had sex with corpses.
Peter simply replied, "I enjoy the peace and quiet."

Scary Story video Open A Cold One
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2020.08.04 16:50 soad4027 Naked mom & daughter

I can't really put a name to this feeling.
TW- child sexual abuse, incest, emotional abuse, violence
Some context: I live w my parents & brother at home. My dad groomed and used to sexually abuse me when I was little, for a few years many many times. He was also violent and emotionally abusive to my mom growing up. Also my mom would take out her frustrations on me- berating me, belittling me, neglecting me, just being relentlessly horrible and becoming physical occasionally. she treated me like i was her enemy and still does. My brother who's 4 yrs older is overall okay and a good brother but there have been times he's been violent to me and verbally berated me, and he conversely has always had a close and healthy relationship with my mom. honestly i've done some pretty bad things too and have acted violently many times. i'm not a good sister or daughter. i don't anymore and i haven't since i was 15. i'm 17 now.
Whenever i do things in this house i feel like i'm naked. i feel naked humiliation. especially when i'm forced to talk. i can't describe it any other way. that's why i find it so hard to do things at home, along with me being lazy.
an example is yesterday i got berated by my mom. i got upset and was being distant and cold, even to my brother. my brother started to confront me and kept asking me "what's your problem?" repeatedly and i started crying and curled up into a ball and shut my ears. then he forced me up physically even when i said don't touch me and forced me to talk because i didn't wanna answer. i then talked. the whole experience felt like the i was being touched. THAT kind of violation. it's so hard to explain but the only way i can describe it is i feel naked and abused. i feel so uncomfortable. does anyone understand this?
i just wanna go somewhere else and hide but i'm not allowed.
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2020.08.03 18:18 delta-201 Naked mom & daughter

Short Summary:
A young woman finds herself dead, and is given the chance to reincarnate in another world with cheat-like magic powers. She accepts, only to find that the world treats magic users the same way ours did— by hunting them down and killing them for heresy.
My name is MELAS?! As in Salem backwards? Oh my God, and my mother is a Witch. I am SO going to be burned at the stake!
[Chapter 1] | [Cover Art] | [RoyalRoad Index and Synopsis] | Tags: Isekai/Reincarnation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Weak-To-Strong Protagonist, Female Protagonist

Miracles. What were they?
Back in my world, I always thought miracles and magic were basically the same thing. Just that one was the power of God, and the other was the power of… something else?
Depending on who you asked, it was either some innate power people had, or it was the work of the Devil. Or both were fabrications, and neither magic nor miracles truly existed. Different people believed in different things, after all.
But that was back on Earth.
In this world, magic and miracles were as real as Demons and Monsters. I knew it was real: I had seen a Saint— watched him perform the miracles only he could do. So I knew it was real. And magic was something I was capable of. So there was no reason for me to doubt the veracity of both.
But just as they were real, so were the parameters that defined them. Magic was something anyone could do; it was the manipulation of mana to alter reality to how you saw fit. Or something like that.
There were also supposedly side effects in casting magic en masse. Apparently, magic slowly killed the world, since it drained mana from the surrounding environment. That was how Hell became what it was today.
At least, that was according to the Church. What Hell actually looked like, and whether that was limited to only certain types of magic, all completely evaded me. What I knew for certain was that magic was entirely possible by anyone. Miracles, however, was a completely different story.
Miracles were the manifestation of the Goddess of Light’s powers in the world. Before the Great Hero Xander came about, miracles were never recognized by the Church. They were random events which happened to a very small number of individuals, which could never be replicated by anyone; so they were thought to be either complete lies but said individuals, or a form of magic that came about accidentally.
But after the Great Hero Xander enlightened the world— after he performed his Seven Great Miracles throughout Soli to unite the continent— only then were miracles officially recognized by the Church. According to his teachings however, only truly good individuals could perform miracles regularly. Because they were so good, the Goddess would channel Her powers through them. Everything else was an isolated act of the Goddess
It was said he did not so much as teach the First Saintess Xanthe how to perform a miracle, as he did teach her how to be pure of heart. Allegedly.
So only Saints and Saintesses could perform miracles. For they were the ones cleansed by the Church’s teachings. Taught all of the virtues to uphold, and sent on all of their righteous tasks to accomplish.
And yet, last night, I witnessed the third person not affiliated with the Church or the Holy Xan Empire performing a miracle. The first was my mom, on the day she died. The second was myself, after I killed Victor. And the third was the Plague Doctor.
He told me he could not teach me how miracles worked, for he himself did not know. It was less defined than even magic— more of a feeling he unlocked one time when he was younger. And he could simply do it ever since. So I thrust a hand out, and—
Why isn’t it working!
I had done a miracle before. I knew I did. Or at least, I thought I did.
Unfortunately, I was exhausted. Too tired to even remember what happened. And a lot of things happened that night. I only remembered a swirling of emotions, feeling a lot of things inside of me, before I suddenly was fine.
So there was no frame of reference for me to work with; I could only throw my hands up and sigh, as I had wasted the last hour trying to perform a miracle. It was probably a few hours past noon by now. And I was feeling hungry.
I only took a few hours to nap after I got back from the orphanage— I quickly left after Ms Sharity thanked me, because I would have died of embarrassment if I stayed there any longer. Receiving their gratitude felt amazing, but it would have gotten overwhelming too soon. And now, it was time for me to leave.
I packed up my bags, grabbing my satchel from underneath the bed, and made sure I had everything I needed. Once I was certain I was fully ready to leave, I exited my room and made my way downstairs.
“Finally leaving, little Miss?” the Innkeeper asked, as I handed him some coins. “Going to miss you clearing out our pantry everyday at lunch.”
“Give your cook my commiscerations. His meals were always a treat.”
“Of course,” he said, reaching for something under the counter. “And here’s a meal for the road. Don’t eat it all at once, ok?” He handed me a container packed with dried meats.
“Thank you.” I gratefully accepted the box, and headed off.
Now to find that Plague Doctor.
When we parted a few hours ago, he gave me half of the gold we managed to find in the gang’s hideout. It was not much— around 9 gold total worth of coins for me; apparently they were falling on hard times since their only business model— selling slaves to the Free Lands— was not so profitable anymore.
Extorting poor people did not count, by the way; they specifically did it not expecting to make any money, using it as a method to support their primary income. But they did seem to be branching out to selling illegal drugs, which was a recent thing, and was probably the reason why they did not have as much money as I expected them to have.
But after the Plague Doctor handed me the gold and a weapon off of a dead body— just a pistol, to keep on me at all times— he said he had to settle some things and took off. We arranged to meet again later, although he did not exactly tell me where—
I walked out of the inn and was faced with a beak-like mask.
“Well then, took you long enough,” the Plague Doctor casually remarked.
Blinking, I raised an arm and pointed at him. “Wait, when did you get here?”
“About an hour ago,” he said, pulling out a small pouch from his coat. “Come. And here, this is for you.”
I heard some metallic clinks as he placed it on the palm of my hand. Loosening its strings, I peered inside of the pouch. “Coins?” I pointed out the obvious, as we started down the mostly empty street. “But didn’t you already give me my share of the loot?”
“That was what we took from the thugs. However, they are criminals. Wanted by the local government— and some townsfolk all over the area too, I presume. I went to the Mercenaries Guild in the next town over to collect the payment for their bounty. It’s not much. Not even a gold coin for each of us. But if they were actually worth something, they would have been wiped out long ago.”
“Oh, uh, thanks. You didn’t really have to give it to me.” I appreciated how fair he was being towards me, but there were a lot of coins. Mostly copper, with a handful of silver. But the weight of it all added up, and it was not even worth that much. “So where are we going?”
I was following him; he was not exactly leading the way, but the Plague Doctor was just ahead of me, tapping his cane on the cobblestone road with every other step. “To talk. Over a meal, of course. My treat.”
I nodded excitedly at that. We walked for a bit down the road, as I counted out the coins he had given me. It was, in total, worth less than a gold coin— not much, but I was not surprised.
We strode through the busy streets; it was not packed per se— there were just a moderate amount of people going about their business. People who lived in the town, merchants, refugees. I eyed the ragged men and women huddling in the corners and alleyways of the streets, some were begging, others were just laying down there doing nothing. “So you’re a Bounty Hunter?” I asked, handing some of the bronze coins as we passed by a beggar.
“Correct,” the Plague Doctor remarked, “even though that is simply a misleading term. Bounty Hunters are just those affiliated with both the Mercenaries and Hunters Guilds, since those are the ones more likely to accept bounties on people.”
“I see. And you don’t like that term because you didn’t go out of your way to kill them for the money, right? You were just helping the orphanage, and earning money while doing so is the practical thing to do.”
“That is one of the reasons,” he said. “Another is that it helps in clearing things up with the local authorities, of course. I did not just go to get paid— I also went to make a report to those that need to know about the destruction of a wanted gang in the vicinity.”
“And if they aren’t wanted?” I knew the answer to the question, but I still felt the need to ask it.
“Then no one needs to know about it, now do they?”
“Thought so,” I sighed. “So what did you want to talk about? You said you had to speak with me earlier.”
“Yes I do,” the Plague Doctor said as he led me into a tavern. I followed him in, greeting the tavern wench as I did. “And before you ask— no, I already told you, I can not teach you that. I simply don’t know how,” he added.
“I wasn’t going to ask!” I lied.
The Plague Doctor gave me a blank look. Well, with his mask, he always had a blank face on. But this was somehow especially blank. After a moment of awkward silence, where I could only shift uncomfortably in my seat, he continued.
“I needed to speak with you, to ask you what you were going to do now.”
“What am I going to do now?” I parroted him.
“What are you plans,” he elaborated, waving his gloved hand up in the air. “From what you told me yesterday, you are not a Dark Crusader, no?”
I hurriedly cast a glance around the room, but no one was anywhere close by. And he said it soft enough that even I could barely hear him; so it was unlikely someone heard it. But I still raised a finger to my mouth and gave him a glare.
“I am not. Because of complicated reasons. What does it matter to you?”
“For the same reason I am the Plague Doctor— I want to help you like I help everyone else,” the Plague Doctor stated simply.
I scowled. “And how are you going to help me? I told you last night, didn’t I? I’m never going back to the Free Lands.”
That was right; before we separated last night, we had a brief conversation. The Plague Doctor told me he was heading to the Free Lands after this, to help all the people there dying from the Noxeus. He asked me to join him, and I turned him down, of course. I left the Free Lands for a reason— I hated just being there. There were too many unpleasant memories, and too much trauma.
“I am aware. Which is why I’m asking you for your plans. You’re not just planning on wandering the world aimlessly, are you? Because from what you have seemed to imply, I don’t think you’re exactly liked by a lot of very powerful groups.”
“The Holy Xan Empire doesn’t even— oh thank you,”— the tavern wench plopped our orders down on the table, and I began to dig in— “they don’t even… mm this is delicious, you sure you don’t want some?”
“I’m good,” the Plague Doctor said, indicating his mask.
“More for me, I guess. But listen,” I said, chewing on a piece of meat, “if they knew I was alive, they would want me dead. But they don’t even know that… yet.”
“And it’ll only be a matter of time before they find out and send some Inquisitors to kill you. After all, you are not very… subtle.”
“It’s not my fault I have black hair and silver eyes, and no other Human in the world but my mom had it!” I threw up my arms in protest.
“I was talking more about the fact that you’re a child traveling by yourself. But your similarities to the Fiend is quite conspicuous too.”
“My mom is not— wait, how did you know she was my mom?” I asked stupidly.
“It was a guess. Since you mentioned your mother, and basically told me that she was rather famous. I listed the only woman I know of who has that appearance. Although black hair is not exactly unique, either. Everyone in your mother’s family shares that trait.” The Plague Doctor hesitated, then he bowed his head. “I’m truly sorry for your loss. I heard the news a few months back. And the Holy Xan Empire keeps on broadcasting it— trying to distract from all the criticisms they have been receiving for keeping their war against the Abominations secret.”
“I… thanks. I was devastated when it happened, but I’m... better, now,” I said it, and I meant it; even if my mom’s death still hurt me, some time had passed, and I no longer felt like breaking down at just thinking about her.
I continued eating my meal in silence for a bit, before the Plague Doctor finally spoke up again. “But that is the reason why I need to know what you’ll be doing. If they come after you—”
“They’ll kill me,” I finished his sentence for him. “And I don’t want that to happen, of course.”
“Right,” the Plague Doctor said. Then he leaned his head forward, and whispered. “And if you can’t find protection from anyone, then your death would become an inevitability. You are going up against an empire, Melas. The greatest one the world has ever seen in its entire history. And it’s backed by the Church, an institution that has been around for thousands of years. Since the First Holy War. You can not run from them forever, nor can you fight against them alone.”
“How about you?” I asked, frowning. “You’re obviously running from them too. Otherwise you’d be a...” I mouthed the word ‘Saint’.
“My situation is… complex. If the Holy Xan Empire found out about my abilities, they would not hunt me down like they would if they found out about yours. They would seek me out, yes. But they’ll do so to recruit me— by force, if necessary.”
I raised an eyebrow at that. “And that’s a bad thing, because…?”
I did not see what was so bad about being made into a Saint; they were, from what I knew about them, treated incredibly well and almost even worshipped within the Church. Like celebrities. Except they slayed all evil and protected those in need. Remembering Saint Theron, I was pretty sure that depiction was a lie.
“I have my reasons. First and foremost, I would no longer be who I am if they indoctrinated me into the Church. They would force me to…” The Plague Doctor sighed, then gave me his usual response when he did not want to give me a proper answer. “More than that— no comment.”
I expected that reply. In fact, I did not expect him to even tell me as much as he did; so I decided not to press him any further and let him continue.
“Regardless, I have survived thus far, but not on my own. I have made my fair share of enemies, of course. However, I made many allies too. And from my experience, I can tell you that if it were not for those allies, I would be long dead by now, or kidnapped to Soli.”
He was making a good point. Really, I knew from the start of this conversation that he was keeping only my best interests in mind. I took a deep breath and acquiesced. “I don’t really have a plan. I mean, I have thought about it a little. I was considering… becoming a Hunter. To survive— put my skills to good use. And it’s not something that tied me down to a place. If anyone searching for me showed up, I could always just run away.” My eyebrows arched darkly over my eyes. “But beyond that? I don’t have a concrete plan.”
“And neither do I,” the Plague Doctor said, surprising me a little. “I noticed this when we met last night. You and I are kindred spirits. Outcasts. But even outcasts have someone to turn to. No one is ever truly alone in the world.”
He placed a hand on my shoulder, and I felt my lips curl into a slight smile.
“I would have suggested you join the Dark Crusaders, Melas. I am familiar with them, and I know they have connections in the underworld almost anywhere you go. They would have offered you protection. But now that I know you can’t…” The Plague Doctor drummed his gloved fingers on the wooden table. “Have you ever heard of the Taw Kingdom?”
“Yes. They’re that big Dwarf Kingdom up north, right?”
“They are. And I feel like you could find yourself something of a home there, if that’s what you’re searching for.”
I blinked. “But aren’t they allies with the Holy Xan Empire? That’d be even worse than hiding out in some random town in the middle of some random country!”
“Traditionally, the Holy Xan Empire and the Taw Kingdom are allies. However, their alliance was born from their cooperation against the Demon Lord during the Final Holy War. Since then, their pact has maintained little more than in name. The last time the Taw Kingdom helped the Holy Xan Empire was during the Free War. And that was more because of their own personal distaste of the Free Cities, than out of their friendship with the Holy Xan Empire.”
“But still, that doesn’t mean they’ll like me or anything. They were against the Demons for magic.” I let the implication hang in the air, as I finished up my food.
“Yes they were. And they also currently have a Dark Crusader problem, which is one of the main reasons why they have not ended their treaty with the Holy Xan Empire. But, in that same vein, they do not see magic users as evil because the Church says so. Their issue lies more in the spellcasters that bother them, rather than spellcasters in general.” The Plague Doctor shook his beak-like mask. “If you, a spellcaster, offer your services to them in exchange for protection, I am certain they would be willing to accept.”
“And how can I guarantee that happens?” I inquired, wiping my mouth.
“It would not be the first time they’ve offered asylum to an enemy of the Holy Xan Empire, and neither would it be the first time they’ve worked with magic users. Both are rare, but both have happened before,” he explained, not exactly instilling any hope in me. Then he pulled out a piece of parchment from his coat. “And their current King owes me a favor.”
I jerked in my chair. “Their King owes you a what?!”
The Plague Doctor looked up at me for a moment, as if he was winking at me from underneath his mask. “I told you, I have made many allies in my time.”
“How did you get a King to owe you a favor?” I asked in disbelief.
“I saved his daughter’s life,” the Plague Doctor said nonchalantly. “And other such deeds when I was there.” He began scribbling down something on the piece of paper.
After he was finished, he folded it and inserted it inside an envelope. He took out a vial of green mixture, and poured a single drop of it over the flap. Taking out a stamp, he pressed it over the liquid, sealing the letter.
“Here,” he said. “Ask for an audience with King Adilet. Have this letter delivered to him, and he will summon you to his court personally, and give you a response. And if they won’t send this to him, say it’s from the Plague Doctor. That will ensure it reaches him.”
I took the envelope, and looked over it. “What happens if he refuses? Or if I lose this somehow?”
“I send a message to him telling him that I have sent a friend his way. So even if you lose the letter, it does not matter. That is simply a formality. And no matter what happens— even if he chooses to turn you away— I have made it abundantly clear that he is not to let word a single word about you slip to the Holy Xan Empire. So if he rejects you, he will reject you in silence. That, I am certain he will follow through with no matter what happens.”
I leaned back in my chair, and sighed. “You know, I just met you yesterday, right?”
The Plague Doctor nodded. “We did.”
“And I have very little reason to trust you, since we barely even know each other, right?”
“And because of that, I should be suspicious of you, right?”
“You should,” the Plague Doctor agreed. “And please stop asking me rhetorical questions.”
“Alright, I’ll stop.” I stood up, holding the envelope in one hand, and my staff in the other. “I don’t know how much I should trust you, Plaguy,”— I ignored the odd look he gave me at his nickname— “but I don’t even know your name, nor do I know much about this King. I am not just going to waltz into what could possibly be a trap you’ve set up for me, and even if you’re telling the truth, neither am I going to simply trust you, a complete stranger to me, when you tell me to trust another complete stranger to me.”
“That is a fair assessment.”
“However,” I said, holding a finger up. “It’s not like I have anything else planned in mind. So while I’m not going to just do as you say, I am going to scope this place out. Make my own judgement on whether to approach this King. And decide what to do from there.”
With that, I slipped the envelope into my bag.
“I see,” the Plague Doctor stood up as well, following me out into the streets. “So would you rather me withhold my message telling him of your arrival?”
“No, then I’d be screwed if I lose this letter you gave me.”
“Then what am I supposed to say, Melas?”
I chewed my lips for a moment, hesitating. Then I shook my head, casting aside my worries.
“Tell him— instead of telling the King of my name or appearance, tell the King that… the [Witch] might come to him. And that she’ll need his help.”
I almost felt embarrassed saying that; but I had already decided that that was what I was going to call myself from now on. I even bought the clothes to match and everything too!
It was better than just telling everyone my name— especially if the Holy Xan Empire decided to do just a little bit of investigation about me. Ask anybody in Villamcreek what my name was, and they would have made the connection in an instant.
“Very well,” the Plague Doctor said. “I will let King Adilet know that my friend, the Witch, might seek him out for sanctuary.”
“I— yes. Thank you, Plaguy.” I smiled.
I heard a muffled snort underneath his mask, and he retorted. “My name is Felix.”
“Alright, Felix,” I said. “Thanks. For doing this for me. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t really know what to do after I leave this town.”
“And I am glad to have met you, Melas. I don’t know your story, and neither do you know mine. But that is the beauty of secrets, is it not? It makes you curious. It makes you want to learn more about others. And maybe one day, we will meet again.”
“Is this supposed to be a goodbye?” I asked, my smile withering away. “I’m not good with goodbyes. I don’t think I’ve said goodbye to any of my friends when I left them.”
I thought of the people I had met in this world. All the friends I had made— however briefly we knew each other. From Rin, to Ihsan; Gessitt, to Theodore; or Karna, and Adrian. Even someone like Mr Walden, whom I barely even knew anything about, was included in that list. I never had the chance to say anything to any of them before I left, and I felt a tinge of regret about it.
“Perhaps that’s a good thing. Some believe that goodbye is final. That you only say it to people you’ll never meet ever again. If that’s the case, then by not saying anything to them, it means that you’ll eventually see them again. Whether that means sometime long in the future, or tomorrow, is something that only you’ll find out.”
“That’s a nice way of putting it,” I said, leaning onto my wooden staff. Still not smiling. But not feeling as bad as I did about it.
The sun stood high in the sky. Our shadows were mere specks on the ground. I watched as people came and went, passing us by every second. I saw faces I had never seen before, and names I would never get to know. I held my breath for a moment. And when I opened my mouth to speak—
I smacked a hand on my head.
“I forgot to collect my hat!” I exclaimed.
“Your hat?” the Plague Doctor asked, quirking his head to the side.
“My pointy hat— my [Witch’s] hat.” I spun around, briskly making my way for the hat shop.
“...pardon? Do you need it now?”
“No,” I said. “But it’s important for the mood of this scene! I mean, look at you.”
I gestured at the Plague Doctor, dressed in his full plague doctor outfit. Meanwhile I was….
“You look cool in your costume, while I’m not even wearing mine! It’s the same as if I’m half naked, talking to a fully clothed man!”
“...I don’t think that’s equivalent?”
“Yes it is,” I insisted, walking around a group of people blocking the way. “The hat is the most important part. And I want to look cool too!”
“Most important part of what? You being a Witch?”
“Mhm,” I made a sound in agreement. Then I stopped, and pointed at him. “And by the way, it’s pronounced [Witch],” I corrected him.
“That’s what I said?” the Plague Doctor— Felix— just stared at me in confusion.
“No, no. You said Witch.”
“But I’m saying [Witch].”
“What’s the difference?”
“You’re pronouncing it wrong! Look, you need to move your mouth like this— see? [Witch].”
“No, start with an ‘O’ shape—”

We arrived at the hat shop after we finished our entire discussion on the pronunciation of 'Witch'. I gave up trying to correct Felix after he inquired on how he should spell the word in his letter to the King of Taw; I obviously did not know what to tell him, so he ended up settling on sending an audio transmission via radio when he got the chance. It was better for him to pronounce it wrong, than for me to try and spell out a word that did not exist.
After we decided on that, we moved on to a different conversation as we stepped into the small building.
“...and the merits to getting a mask far outweigh the cons.”
“But it’ll be stuffy and difficult to breathe!”
“And your identity would be better protected,” Felix said, voice flat.
“I…” I cast a glance at the young woman looking at us from the counter. “I’ll think about it. Just let me do this for now.”
“Hey, you’re back! Here to collect your hat?” the milliner asked.
“Yes, is it ready?” I politely inquired.
“Yep. Have it in the back. My apprentice will get it.” The milliner turned around, and called to a room at the back. “Hey, Jay! Fetch me the purple hat on my desk, will you?”
Jay? I exchanged a look with Felix; it could have been another boy named Jay, but when I remembered what the Jay from the orphanage mentioned the day before…
And my suspicions were proven correct. Jay— the boy who tried to rob me a few days ago— walked out carrying a purple hat in his hands.
“Is this it, Ms—” He blinked at me. “Melas? Is this supposed to be yours?”
The milliner paused, pulling out a receipt. “You two know each other?”
“Yeah, we’re…” the boy trailed off, glancing at me uncomfortably. “Uh…”
“Friends?” I suggested with a shrug; that was the closest descriptor I had for our relationship.
I reached into the coin pouched Felix gave me, and handed the milliner the rest of my payment to her. As Jay handed me my hat, I asked him. “You’re… apprenticing here?”
“Oh, yeah,” he said with a bit of apprehension in his voice. “I just have been a bit of a troublemaker, y’know? I had been thinking for a while. If maybe I got out of Ms— my mom’s hair for a while, I could come back more grown and she’d be proud of me.”
“Come on, Jay. I’ve spoken to Ms Sharity. She showed me all the things you’ve made. She’s proud of you.”
The boy looked like he was about to retort, but he bit back his tongue. “...maybe. But I just wanna be better, y’know? I’ll just be living here, working and learning how to make hats and sew in general. I’ll go back and visit whenever I can. But I wanna be an adult. Help out, and not just be a nuisance.”
“It’s good that you’re trying to improve,” I said, putting on my purple pointed hat on my head. You were a bit of a jerk before, I left the words unsaid.
“Hey, uh—” Jay shifted uncomfortably where he was standing. “Thanks. For helping save Hannah.”
“I— you’re welcome.” I recalled what happened this morning; before I could get overwhelmed with embarrassment again, I took a step back and began excusing myself. “Now if you’ll…” I began.
“Wait, are you leaving?” Jay asked, calling after me.
I stopped right at the door. Not because I wanted to, but because a gloved hand grabbed me. Felix— the Plague Doctor— was motioning at Jay with his beak-like mask. I frowned. “You want me to— fine.”
“Melas, what’re ya talking about? Why’re you with the Plague Doctor, anyways?”
“Listen, Jay. I’ll be leaving town today. No— not today. Right now.” I took a deep breath, then turned around to face the boy. “So, uh, bye?”
That’s absolutely horrible! You can’t just say bye to a kid without any buildup to it! That’s too sudden!
Unfortunately, the damage had been done; Jay took a moment to register my words. Then he took a step forward. “Wh— but you can’t—” the boy caught himself from grabbing me. He looked me in the eyes. “Do you need to go right now? You can’t stay?”
“I’m sorry, but I only ever planned to stay here until I got this,” I answered his question truthfully, lifting the brim of my purple hat as I did. “I enjoyed meeting you, Jay. It was fun… maybe. But I have to go.”
“Where are you going?” he asked meekly, distraught by the news.
“Uh—” I wanted to lie, and tell him that I was going with the Plague Doctor. However I decided against it. “I don’t know, just— anywhere that isn’t in or near the Free Lands. Maybe the Taw Kingdom. Or maybe somewhere else. We’ll see.”
“Oh… ok.” Jay looked disheartened, and I felt bad about it too. “So this is… goodbye?”
“Maybe,” I hesitated. It probably was; I had no reason to ever return here. However, it was always nice to leave things open ended, right?
So I gave the kid my most gentle, reassuring smile.
“But, hey, if we ever do meet again, I’ll be sure to buy my hat from you. And tell Ms Sharity and the others I said goodbye, too!”
“I will,” Jay said, resolving himself.
I gave him a farewell hug, and he froze. When I let go, I did not rush off to leave; I slowly walked away, waving at him and the milliner as I did. And he waved back, even until I exited the hat shop.
For a while, I continued heading down the road without saying anything. It was only when I was a bit aways from the hat shop, did I breathe a sigh of relief.
“That was difficult.”
“But it felt good, didn’t it?” Felix remarked, popping up beside me.
“I guess?” I cast my gaze heavenward, as I stopped at an intersection. “It definitely made me feel something. But I don’t know if I liked the feeling.”
“Well, whether you liked it or not doesn’t matter. You’ll have to get used to it.”
“Mhm.” I clenched and unclenched my fist. “Thanks for helping me with that, Felix.”
“It’s not a problem, Melas. I am the Plague Doctor, after all. That’s what I do— help people.”
“I know,” I laughed cheerfully to myself.
I shook my head, and glanced down at my hands. Opening and closing my palms as I did.
“Say, are you sure you can't come with me?”
I felt a sense of deja vu; as if this happened before. And it did. Just a few minutes ago. Except now, my role was reversed. But unlike Jay, whom I politely let down, I never got my response.
I looked back up, and just as I expected, the Plague Doctor was gone.
He was nowhere to be seen. Not anywhere in the emptier street than before. He had left before I even asked my question, as if he knew the question was coming. And he did so without saying even a single word.
“Stop being so cool,” I muttered under my breath.
It would have been nice if we could have hung around each other for a bit longer. I had only just met him, but I liked him a lot. It would have been nice to get a companion; to have someone whom you knew and could talk freely with. And I was going to get one, eventually. It just was not Felix. Not now, at least.
Because this was a passing encounter. We met at a crossroads for a moment— and only a moment. Now we had to continue down our respective paths. There was a chance we could meet again in the future. But this was not the future; it was the present.
And the present held one thing, and one thing only for me:
To begin my adventure.
With a goal in mind and a place to go, I started down the road ahead of me.
[Next Chapter]

Author's Note:
The theme of Book 2 is Adventure. While Book 1 focused more on the darker aspects of the story, Book 2 will be more of an adventurous thrill.
Sorry to everyone who wanted to see more of the Plague Doctor. You'll get more of him in the future. Just not now. This was the first arc to Book 2. A short arc. Inconsequential beyond developing Melas' character and giving her a goal to work towards for now.
I understand the importance of a recurring cast of characters for a story, and I have plans for it. This arc was just a setup arc, if anything. Unfortunately, the next chapter is an interlude. Which is more setup. But I promise you, after that, there'll be a lot of good shit going down.
PS: Felix has a secret. Can you guess what it is? Winner gets bragging rights whenever his secret is revealed.
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2020.08.03 13:24 SweetSorcery Daughter naked mom &

Are stepdaughters always harder than stepsons as far as building relationships are concerned? I have noticed a lot of the posts in subs on the subject of step parenting are about stepdaughters...preteens and younger teens in particular. Especially when the step parent in question is a stepmother. Is there always some level of possessiveness when it comes to girls and their fathers in step parenting/family blending type situations? I never knew mine and my own mom stopped dating before I have any clear memories so I have no reference at all to consider.
My stepson is 14 and he and I text and Facebook message all the time and have built a pretty decent friendship over the last couple of years and when he is here he is friendly and kind towards all of the girls pretty equally and doesnt do a whole lot of playing favorites towards his biosisters. In fact, he seems a bit more protective of my daughter versus my stepdaughters. I think because they have a tendency to be openly "catty" and do a bit of ganging up on her and have said and done things that cross the line into bullying territory and he is very anti-bullying. There have been some hurt feelings here and there because of it and also some open fighting (not physical) over ss and my husband "choosing our side" over stepdaughters' in disagreements.
My stepkids have been spending some time recently at their Mom's because they have been here the majority of the time since the schools closed down and she wanted some time before they have to go back to school to be able to spend time doing fun things rather than have her time always revolve around school.(their Mom lives like 6 hours away and they go to school where she lives so they spend the majority of the schoolyear with her and we end up with half of some school holidays and most to all of others depending on work schedules and plans. No firm schedule. We just kind of do what works).
As of now, they won't be going back to school until the first week of September IF they end up doing in person school at all in their district which is still iffy so my husband is planning to go get them next weekend for at least one more week before we have to start thinking about school routines. He took a full 10 days off work and has booked a cabin on a lake and we are planning to spend that time camping and swimming and cooking out and focusing on being a family. With the issues we have all been having recently, my husband feels that all of us taking this time to get away together without a ton of outside distractions is very important. He wants to make it a cell phone and computer free trip and focus on building and repairing relationships that have been suffering so much lately.
Stepson is all about it. He has expressed his excitement and has been calling and texting often to ask questions about what we will be doing and the sort of things he needs to bring and wanting to help with meal planning and learning to grill and his Dad has promised to teach him how to drive the boat. My daughter has also been getting excited at the prospect of the trip and has been trying to pack already (lol) and is thrilled because Im going to take her to get a couple of new swimsuits just for the trip.
Unfortunately, my sds are not as excited and have begun to ask if they can please just stay home with their mom instead. Sd12 is unhappy about being away from her electronics that long and out of communication with her friends and has decided she hates being outside and that there will be bugs and sleeping in a tent "sucks" and it will be boring...this is a child that up until now has loved camping and has been bothering us about when we would be able to camp this summer since before the summer even began. Sd10 has asked to stay home also because she "will miss mom too much" and "mom will be sad" and has decided that she doesn't want to wear a swimsuit she "feels to naked" and they "show how fat she is" and she is afraid of boats and doesn't like camping and it just sounds "boring".
We have gone camping for a long weekend every single summer at least once since my husband and I have been together. They did camping weekends with their father during his time with them before that. They have never not wanted to go or complained about any of those things before and sd10's concerns about showing "her fat" is apparently the exact words her mother would say when anyone suggested swimming. My husband thinks they are echoing what their mom would say about a camping trip rather than their own feelings.
My husband has made it clear that not going is not an option. He feels strongly that we need to get away somewhere all together and work on building relationships and having fun as a family away from distractions in the form of electronics and social media and texting with friends. He is firmly convinced that this trip will put the focus on being a family all together and help the kids to feel more like one big group of siblings rather than the "us and them" mentality that has been creating so many issues (and no, this isn't "instead of" family therapy. Its "as well as". Because of the distance when they are with their mom, my husband is seeking a way to do family therapy effectively maybe in some sort of hybrid in-person and online combined or something...BUT I can see that he is still skeptical about therapy and isn't taking finding a way to do as seriously as I feel he should be) .
To be honest, I am really nervous. After all of the issues we have been having and the giant blow out that almost ended our marriage this seems very...scary to me. Being so far away from everything with no way to "get away" from each other and being basically forced to have all of this unrelieved togetherness (especially stepdaughters and my daughter and myself and stepdaughters), with no real way to get a break and no distractions for a full week...I am very VERY nervous. I don't feel like I can do anything to shorten this or stop it because my husband is so sure we will have some break throughs and will end up having the best vacation ever that he is not opening his mind to any other possible outcome. It almost feels like I have to let him try this and if it crashes and burns maybe he can actually accept that fixing this is going to take more than just some elbow grease and duct tape and start taking getting us all some help more seriously. And on the off chance that it miraculously goes well maybe it will turn out to be a good step in the right direction towards being a real family.
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2020.08.03 00:01 mharrington86 First time watching the Marvel movies

Legit never watched any of these movies. So I saw I picture of the chronological order to watch them. After each movie I typed up a synopsis and some thoughts about each one.
Capt America- skinny dude becomes buff soldier. Punches bad guy in face. Guy rips his face off and is like the devil? Never explained. Fights over a blue ice cube. Crashes a plane and wakes up 70 years later not aged and never explained how survived crash.
Capt marvel- laser tag meets butterfly effect meets time travel. Bad guys are good guys fighting over I think the same blue ice cube and she’s never actually called captain marvel.
Iron man- basically Batman. Rich dude big company and buys/makes himself a super hero. No blue ice cube but blue gem like thing in chest to help his heart. I think he and pepper Potts will become a thing.
Iron man two- turns out the blue gem wasn’t the same blue ice cube and it was killing Tony. He watched an old home movie to find a new element to make a new blue/white triangle. His friend stole his silver suit and they fight off a Russian guy with lightning ropes. He makes more army suits and they fight them. ScarJo is assistant, and secret badass and Already an avenger with eye patch Sam Jackson. Pepper and tony kiss. Confirms initial thought of romance.
Thor- army of the dead are fighting Vikings and the Night king guy hasthe blue ice cube. Vikings win and take the ice cube and go to a different world. Thor and his brother leave and run across the rainbow road to fight against the kings word. He has a hammer and clubs everyone and wins. His friends fight off the army of the undead and then Thor gets banished like monsters inc. he ends up at earth and the men in black come and take all the scientists equipment. Thor finds out his hammer is here on earth and said it’s name is Miramar. Thor’s brother finds out he’s part ice giant and yells at the king and he dies. The half ice brother becomes new king. Thor finds his hammer but he can’t pick it up. Thor fights a metal terminator guy, dies and his kinda dead dad cries a tear, and then the hammer boomerangs to him and he is alive again and fights it off. Then he goes back to the rainbow road breaks it and can’t return to earth. The original king has an eye patch...maybe it’s linked to nick fury?
Incredible Hulk- white guy works at Mountain Dew factory and goes on aim to get a flower. He does crazy parkour through Brazil and gets mad. He fights everyone and ends up shirtless in Guatemala. Shows up in Virginia and sleep at an old pizza place. When his heart rate is 200 he becomes the hulk. Maybe he can get what iron man has for his heart rate? Confused why his shirt rips every time but his pants somehow stay on. Even after he buys the new stretchy kind. He becomes bulletproof too as the hulk...and only roars...why can’t he talk? Gives off a King Kong kinda vibe. The army guy is getting shots for muscles not sure why they don’t just use what they did for capt America. The army guy turns into his own hulk and first hulk fights new bad hulk. Good hulk wins.
Avengers- blue ice cube is called tesseract. Capt America survived in ice. And Thor’s brother stole the tesseract. Each avenger goes and collects another avenger. The navy boat becomes a plane and everyone starts chirping each other “you’re nothing without your suit” “everything you are is from a bottle”. Loki is in a cell but all hell breaks loose on the plane. Hulk is pissed and breaks everything, iron man becomes a plane engine and Thor is thrown off the plane. The main men in black guy gets killed and captain America is a dick and never signed his baseball card. Hulk always ends up naked when he wakes up. ScarJo has red in her permanent record and wants to white it out for some reason. All avengers are turning on each other. Probably what starts a “civil war” in future movie. Some metal fish come out of a portal and avengers win and Thor and Loki take the blue ice cube to their world. Everyone else go their own separate way. I have a feeling that men in black guy Phil isn’t dead.
Iron man 3- Tony and pepper are for sure a thing now. His friend becomes the iron patriot (looks a lot like capt America in a iron man suit). And there’s like an al queda video of terrorists. There’s a flashback to 99 where tony meets a geeky guy and blows him off a meeting on the roof to wheel some broad instead. He now looks like a GQ model and runs this terror group. The broad tony wheeled works for him. She goes to see tony and he blows up his house. Tony flies to TN and gets a sidekick. Side note that kid is the same loser kid from Jurassic world. It would be pretty cool if he becomes iron kid...if that’s a thing. The GQ model guy takes injured veterans and grows their arms back but they become like lava people and then they blow themselves up. They’re kinda like terminators but with fire. They find the terrorist guy in the videos and he’s like a homeless bum actor. And then they put a fire guy in the capt America iron man and steal the president. Tony saves all the people without even being in the suit. Then he basically calls all his iron man army and they fight the fire terminators. Iron patriots flies the president out. Then tony has pepper dangling over fire and he doesn’t catch her. I doubt she’s dead though. Tony puts the fire guy in a suit and blows it up. Then the lava guy comes up and pepper is a fire guy and hits him with a bat. Kicks a bullet at him and blows him up with her iron man arm. Then tony blows up all his iron man army and gets his blue light in his chest fixed.
Thor dark world- honestly chalk this one up as an L. This was brutal to get through. Night elves are battling Thor’s grandpa I think over an Ethernet power source. The Viking people beat the elves and bury the Ethernet power in a tomb. Probably powers all light or something since it’s called the dark world. Anyways Loki is in prison then they get him out. Go and fight the bad guys. And Jane somehow gets the Ethernet thing in her and they start warping through worlds. They need to stop malachi from lining up the worlds. Kinda like Hercules where the planets align. Loki cuts off Thor’s arm like in Star Wars. Loki dies and then they kill the night elf king Malachi. At the end Loki is actually oden the dad. Thor returns to Jane and is completely blowing off Stan.
Capt America winter soldier- capt America is trying to find his place and fights off pirates on a ship, then he meets his old gf and goes to his own museum and no one notices him. The police commit a hate crime on nick fury for some reason. Black widow keeps trying to set him up with people and I have a feeling she likes him. Nick dies but I suspect something’s up. The usb is behind the hubba bubba!!! Widow and capt get a black dude to be a metal eagle or something and fight a metal arm long haired guy. Then they get captured by the men in black. The metal arm guy is capt America’s friend from army camp. Also nick fury is still alive. I guess no one dies in these things. Like everyone survives catastrophic events. Shield people are basically nazis too. Metal arm and capt America are technically two 90+ yr olds lol Metal arm and capt America fight and then metal arm saves him from drowning. Capt america drops his shield. Does he have extras? That one guy is burned pretty bad but could still be alive. Cause like I one seems to die maybe he comes back as a bad guy again. Fury commits arsen and burns his eye patch.
Guardians of the galaxy- Andy Dwyers mom dies and get abducted by aliens. I have a feeling she was an alien. Why else would the kid just get abducted? Maybe that box had something important in it. He meets a raccoon and tree and fights a green avatar. They are trying to find and acquire a blue Christmas ornament. There’s a blue guy with a bigger hammer like Thor, he talks to the big purple rock guy I think that’s Thanos. The tree only says “I am groot” Kinda like Wall-E and Hodor. Maybe there is a back story there. Hope he learns more words. I can’t tell who the bad guy is. Ronin? He sounds just like kylo ren. Everyone is fighting over the ornament and it has a purple stone inside. Apparently all the stones make one big power. And the blue ice cube is one of them. I guess that’s what thanos wants is all the stones. Blue avatar girl blows up green avatar girl cause she had the ornament. My guess is that she doesn’t die cause no one dies. And that ornament goes to ronin and it’ll be empty. So someone switched it out. Andy Dwyer has iron man boots and goes to save her. Yep she’s not dead. Kylo ren puts the ornament in his hammer and thanos hangs up on him. Thanks looking a lot like Zordon from power rangers. A different blue avatar guy with a magic wand that’s connected to his Mohawk stabs Andy Dwyer in the neck. The blue avatar fights the green avatar again and there’s a huge battle. Groot sacrifices himself and saves everyone. Andy Dwyer holds the purple stone and doesn’t get blown up and finds out he’s only half mortal. Maybe we find out his dads identity in gog2. He tricks the blue guy with the Mohawk and they blast off. Groot regrows himself.
Guardians of the galaxy 2- visit gold people planet and steal batteries. The gold people play a video game to fight them. Blue Mohawk guys is in the red light distrust with some robot whores. He wants to sit at some table with rocky and rocky said no. Andy dwyers dad comes back and takes him. Blue avatar girl shoots off blue Mohawks Mohawk. Baby groot gets him a new Mohawk and his magic wand breaks them out of the prison cell. Blue avatar crashes a ship trying to kill green avatar. Andy Dwyers eyes turn to a galaxy and finds out his dad has been banging something on every possible planet. There’s a lot of blue lightning. Maybe it’s connected to the blue ice cube? The gold people are back playing their video games. The laser balls kill the gold people’s video game blue avatar terminator arm powers their ship. Blue Mohawk sacrifices himself.
Avengers age of ultron- the avengers fight hydra and Hawkeye never seems to run out of arrows. The internet’s fight. Avengers get drunk and try to lift Myanmar Thor’s heavy hammer. Ultron kills Jarvis and makes himself into a terminator. The terminator wants to eliminate humans. He takes a yellow marble from Loki’s stick. If ultron runs on the internet can’t they just turn off the WiFi? The avengers start fighting each other...maybe this is what leads to their civil war later. Jarvis becomes a red man. And has a yellow marble. Ultron makes a city float up and all hell breaks loose. The really fast guy dies trying to save Hawkeye who was trying to save an idiot kid. Widow likes the hulk and the hulk goes missing in the plane after throwing ultron out of it. He’s basically awal Jarvis uses the yellow marble to blow up ultron.
Ant man- looks like this one is going to be about some red kool aid that makes you small. Some guy Pim makes a particle. Paul Rudd gets out of prison. Oh of course Pim is spelled Pym. This bald dude just turned a distinguished guest into a red mush and flushed him down the toilet. Thought this was ant man, why’s there a yellow jacket? Isn’t there already a green hornet? And a future movie with a wasp? Crazy insect movies. He breaks into a safe to get into another safe and takes the ant man suit and stuff. He can shrink and can control ants. He goes to get a harmonica from the avengers place. The wasp was pyms wife so maybe she comes back or Hope somehow becomes wasp later. Ant man sneaks in to destroy the yellow jacket. Pretty standard stuff.
Capt America civil war- big fight scene with a biker who looks like the punisher. Man he’s hideous. Oh wait it’s that hydra agent from before. Again no one dies! Winter soldiers mind is erased again. Maybe he causes the civil war amongst the avengers. Some avengers want to sign this paper some don’t, black panther pretty sure was in this. I have a feeling captain America is going to wheel that lady’s granddaughter from the cia. Crazy parkour in this one. Big fights going on the black panther guy is there and the government takes away the super suits and they still seem to kick ass. Winter soldier has some blue liquid that makes him pissed off d bag who kills everything. Maybe it’s the blue liquid from the blue ice cube? Woah Spider-Man is in this one, and ant man? It’s basically super hero team iron man vs team cap America. Iron man fights cap America in end battle cause winter soldier killed Tony’s parents. No one dies and they kinda seem to make up. They must get back together cause pretty sure there’s two more avengers movies. Also where the hell is hulk and Thor? They didn’t want to help out this one? And how did stark find out who peter Parker was?
Black panther- this one starts off with a lion king kinda vibe. African country king is dead and the prince is a super hero? Out of nowhere the wachootoo tribe from ace ventura shows up to challenge for the throne. After beating the wachootoo member..he becomes the black panther? Wasn’t he already that? Seems like wakanda has this blue power source vibranium. Linked to the blue ice cube? Creed comes in and kills the guy the black panther wants. Finds out creed is his cousin. All the black panther does is whisper, lots of whispering going on. Then creed tosses black panther off the cliff (probably isn’t dead) and becomes the new black panther. His family takes a purple plant to the wachootoo tribe. The bad black panther fights the good black panther and the wachootoo tribe fight all other tribes. A rhino licks the bald girl and good black panther wins.
Spider-Man man homecoming- Peter is already spider man and it takes place right after the civil war. Iron man makes him a new suit. So did he not get bit by the spider? Is MJ in this? Ahh okay yeah he tells his friend he got bit. Michael Keaton shows up and is the bad guy in this garage with blue lightning guns. Spider man gets a purple glowing rock. Spider man suit works like the irons mans suit but with no iron. The bad guys have hulk hands with lasers on it. Woah the girl that Spider-Man likes dad is the iron captain falcon guy. They fight spider man wins and tony offers him a spot on the avengers and he turns it down. The weird girl at the end says her name is MJ. Thought MJ was Mary Jane but I guess In this one it’s Michelle. I have a feeling that captain falcons daughter finds out about Peter and become bad.
Ant man and the wasp- rescue mission for wasps mom. Hologram mummies messing shit up. Stealing mini building and cars. The hologram mummy is a girl who somehow survived a huge tunnel explosion (again no one dies). Hank Pima coworker looks after her. And she becomes a spy for the men in black called shield. A bad guy keeps trying to take the mini building and hank goes to the subatomic level to find his wife. She’s probably not dead either. Ant man gets huge and then really tired and passes out under water. His belt needs updated cause it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe a Bluetooth pairing issue? Yeah the wife isn’t dead and somehow survived in a subatomic quantum realm for 30 years. The hologram mummy comes and steals the lab again. The missing lady touches the holograms temple and makes her not a hologram and everyone escapes and no one ever dies.
Dr. Strange- karate class runs along sideways folding building and a pompous doctor speeding down the road and crashes over a cliff and doesn’t die. Obviously. His hands are messed up and he goes to this weird country and becomes like a ninja wizard and he noticed some pages stolen from the restricted library book. The bald lady who runs the dojo is the queen from narnia. A lot of weird loud noises and magic going on. The bald lady gets her power from the dark evil world and helps the good normal world. Strange and his friend run around fighting the guy with mascara and fold buildings and stuff. Then they jump in a ring of fire and rewind the city from collapsing. And strange puts himself on a time loop with a big purple guy called Romoomoo. There’s no ice cubes in this one but there is a jewel in the compass looking thing. This one is green. Maybe linked to the blue cube and the one on Jarvis forehead? The bald people turn to dust and It ends with him putting on a broken watch. Probably significant with time...but this one kinda sucked.
Thor Ragnarok- Thor has to beat this molten lava guys crown off to prevent Asgard from burning down. His dad is Loki in a disguise then dr strange comes up and throws them in a ring of fire and they find his dad. Now the dad tells them about this sister of theirs and she appears and the dad goes away. The sister breaks Thor’s hammer Myanmar and Loki and Thor fight on the rainbow road. I remember seeing trailers for this movie and I thought it was like some tournament. Woah this is where hulk has been? Reminds me of gladiator. Hulk becomes regular again and they fly in the devils butthole. Thor fights his sister and all of the townspeople are crossing the rainbow road when Clifford the big crazy dog comes running. Then hulk drops down and fights it. Loki was good then bad then good then bad and back to good? Guy has some serious issues to work out. Still kinda confused...Thor is the god on thunder...but he seems to generate bolts of lightning. Thor sends Loki to ingnite the big devil guy to destroy Asgard. And he passes the blue ice cube. I’m guessing he took it. Oh ya and Thor loses an eye. The whimsical rock friend is the best part of this movie.
Infinity war- guessing this is a war about infinity stones. That purple guy is thanos and he has a big metal glove and is collecting stones like Pokémon badges. He has a purple one and breaks the blue ice cube Thor had and now has 2. Said 2 more are on earth. One I think is on Jarvis forehead and that’s yellow. Loki is choked out and dies. All these super heroes are teaming up. Jarvis and his gf get jumped. Tony and Spider-Man hang out and then this old looking guy lifts his fingers and creates chaos everywhere. Thanos keeps finding stones to put on his knuckles. And Andy dwyers girlfriend has a secret. The blue avatar girl is being ripped apart and each team of heroes is off doing something else. Woah Tyrian Lannister is in this and he’s a giant! He makes a new hammer for Thor and couple of the teams meet up. Thanos and green alien girl garmora go to this place and meet a phantom guy who looks like darth maul. Wait hold up. Is this the guy from capt America who rips his own face off and the red skull dude? He said he got banished like in monsters inc. Wow. Really coming full circle here. Thanos throws gamora off the cliff and wakes up in a puddle with the yellow or orange stone. Thought Jarvis had a yellow one. Hulk gets an iron man suit. Andy Dwyer pinches thanos when they almost got his glove off. And I like it that Wanda is in Wakanda. Tony gets stabbed and dr strange gives him the green stone. Then dr strange says the next movie end game. Yeah pretty cool foreshadowing there. All he needs is the one stone on Jarvis forehead. He was so close to it and Wanda shatters it and I think kills Jarvis. But he’s probably still alive somehow. Thanos goes back in time and plucks it from his forehead like a pimple. Thor comes flying down and stabs him with his new hammer. He goes to this red area with baby gamora. And everyone turns to dust. Then thanos is looking at the sunset.
End game- half the people are dust and gone. Tony is losing his mind and capt marvel comes back. They find thanos in like 30 seconds and strangle him and Thor decapitates him after finding out he used the stones to destroy the stones. Jumps 5 years later. Ant man comes back cause he was too tiny to turn to dust. And tony figures out time travel. Arrow guy is killing so many people even kenji from rush hour 3. They all get 1 shot to go back in time and redo what went wrong. Hulk convinces bald lady to hand him the green stone. Cool how those colors lined up. I have a feeling they’ll undo all the bad stuff and it’ll be like nothing ever happened. And no one will die ever. Thanos uses his robot daughters future memory to figure shit out. Yep that darth maul nazi guy is for sure the guy in the first one who rips his skin off. Hawkeye and widow fight each other to die over the cliff for the yellow stone. They make a glove for hulk and he turns back time. Oh forgot Tony meets his dad when he goes back a second time and pretty cool that the limo driver was named Jarvis. Then all hell breaks loose and somehow captain America holds Thor’s hammer. They fight and all the portals open up and legit every super hero shows up. Capt marvel comes down and does prob the most damage. Tony ends up getting the stones snapping his fingers and turns everyone to dust. Thanos drifts away just like Voldemort. Tony dies and everyone is at his funeral, even nick fury somehow? the timeline is fixed and captain America goes back in time to replace the stones. He comes back as an old man and ended up with Margaret. He gives the shield to the falcon guy.
Side notes/things I learned A lot of alliterations. No one dies. No one uses guns to kill people. No one is monitoring these freak science experiments. My favorite two characters are the only two good guys who end up dead
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